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RISAFloor 14.0.1 RISA Technologies, LLC.    

... for building design. RISAFloor will manage loads, design beams and columns, create quality CAD drawings, and constantly serve RISA-3D the ... load distribution and calculates LL reductions per code. Create unlimited user-defined design rules – depth/width, deflection, rebar, .... Free download of RISAFloor 14.0.1

HeWoP for Free Space 6.6 AM Photonics    

... Helmholtz, scalar wave equation so that a laser beam of your choice can be propagated to a ... almost real time. Use one of five different beam propagation methods: FFT-BPM, FD-BPM, HE-BPM, Fraunhofer or Fresnel approximations. Use the source aperture structure tool to create the beam shape with a single beam or .... Free download of HeWoP for Free Space 6.6

RISAConnection 11.0.2 RISA Technologies, LLC.    

... unit conversions Instant synchronization between spreadsheets and graphics Create new connections by copying existing Unlimited Undo option ... One-click connection creation with pictures and descriptions Automatic beam coping (web and flanges) .... Free download of RISAConnection 11.0.2

RISA-3D 18.0.4 RISA Technologies, LLC.    

... the analysis and optimization of all types of structures and all common structural materials, including steel, concrete, wood, aluminum and masonry. It’s a tool no structural engineer should be without! .... Free download of RISA-3D 18.0.4

RISA-2D 16.0.0 RISA Technologies, LLC.    

... minutes, not hours. Quickly analyze everything from simple beams and trusses to shear walls with openings. Break ... analysis and design software that makes engineering 2D structures quick and easy. RISA-2D’s powerful graphical modeling capabilities, ... spreadsheets help you rapidly model, solve and optimize structures with any combination of materials. A State-of-the-Art .... Free download of RISA-2D 16.0.0

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