AnkiApp Flashcards 1.7.3 Admium Corp.    

AnkiApp is a simple, efficient, flashcard app that lets you study at your own ... of Mac OSX. Key Features: * Prioritizes your flashcards, automatically, based on how well you know them. Has you spend the most time on flashcards you know least well, for maximum time efficiency. ... on an airplane; syncs automatically when you’re back online. * Free web client for reviewing and editing .... Free download of AnkiApp Flashcards 1.7.3

ProProfs Flashcard Maker 9.7 ProProfs    

Creating flashcards with ProProfs is a very simple and easy ... your students learn better by sharing with them flashcards that make learning a fun activity. Using ProProfs online library of flashcards, you can create your own flashcards by copying from a bank of over a thousand pre-made flashcard templates. You can use your own graphics and .... Free download of ProProfs Flashcard Maker 9.7

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