SendLater for Outlook 3.39 4Team Corporation     update

... path to CSV file and recipients will be loaded from that CSV file automatically. SendLater examples of use: - No more reminders needed. Schedule repetitive emails at comprehensive intervals. - Direct marketing letters and reports - Routine company meetings follow-up reminders - Never miss birthdays or other events. .... Free download of SendLater for Outlook 3.39

ImgV64 1.63 Miller Cy Chan     update

ImgV64 is a Windows Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 graphics viewer for GIF, JPG, PNG and other formats. It is designed for those who want a solid, easy viewer but who still want powerful features, without the complexity of a complete paint or thumbnailing program. ImgV64 has many powerful features available, but they won't get .... Free download of ImgV64 1.63

CertFromExe PA-SOFT e.U.     new

... context menu. The program-file (i.e. exe-file) can be loaded e.g. by drag&drop (e.g. from the Windows Start-Menu or from the desktop), or from the command-line, or with a file-open dialog. The data decoded from the Certificate can help you to verify the security of the program file. Also, the result .... Free download of CertFromExe

Pocket Programming Language FREE 1.62 ArianeSoft Inc.    

... goals. - Save hundreds of dollars, PPL is loaded with profesionnal tools that would cost you hundreds of dollars with other programming languages. - Finally be recognised as a master programmer without being one. .... Free download of Pocket Programming Language FREE 1.62

STOIK Imagic 5.07 STOIK Software    

... rich collection of artistic effects. The program is loaded with a comprehensive collection of tools for creative design with your photos: photographic frames, edges, greetings cards, calendars, and more. Decorate your images using powerful drawing tools. Create from your photos and play visual puzzle games. Imagic Browser offers a one-click .... Free download of STOIK Imagic 5.07

SideTick 2.0 Celetrade Corporation    

... track of your favorite stocks. This application is loaded with many features including: a stock tracker to help you keep track of your holdings and the current profit/loss, a stock ticker that allows you to view price updates of your favorite stocks, an index ticker to keep track of the .... Free download of SideTick 2.0

Online Chat Centers Agent Motava Corporation    

... requests, but have an actual desktop application running loaded with useful features. Upon this setup you will be given HTML code to add to your site where you wish for the Live Chat logo to be present. You may choose the default logos from OCC, or you can create your .... Free download of Online Chat Centers Agent

BroadWave Free Streaming Audio Server 2.00 NCH Software    

... on one PC. * Static recordings can be loaded in a number of formats including wav, mp3, aiff, au, wma, aac and over 20 other formats. You can use the full version of BroadWave free if you link to us on your site. If you can not link to us .... Free download of BroadWave Free Streaming Audio Server 2.00

AHD Subtitles Maker Professional 5.21.23 Ala Hadid     update

... !!. Ability to generate and show WaveForm of loaded media to line subtitles perfectly with media audio. Include AHD Customized Subtitles format, which allows to export and import user customized subtitles formats. Edit subtitles using the mouse !! don't enter numbers if you want and edit subtitle timings using the .... Free download of AHD Subtitles Maker Professional 5.21.23

Abyssal Metal Player AbyssalSoft    

... you like. The playlist can be saved and loaded easy, optimized for maximum speed. Playback mode Metal Player can be set to playback the files randomly, or to play only the songs that you like the most (Intelligent playback). Top 20 Metal Player will make you .... Free download of Abyssal Metal Player

Free DVD Ripper Ultimate 5.5.5 MaxDVDSoft    

... the DVD discs you insert may not be loaded, even recognized). It provides the most detailed list of DVD titles, chapters, audio tracks and subtitles, which enable users to precisely select any part to rip with or without audio/subtitle (Some other DVD rippers are not able to load all the .... Free download of Free DVD Ripper Ultimate 5.5.5

AutoFEM Analysis Lite 1.7 AutoFEM Software LLP    

... so called as a "Study". The model is loaded into the preprocessor AutoFEM which is fully integrated into AutoCAD. By using the Preprocessor the user specifies the external and internal parameters of the simulated physical phenomena (finite-element mesh, boundary conditions, materials, etc.) and transmits the "Study" in Processor of AutoFEM .... Free download of AutoFEM Analysis Lite 1.7

CU3OX 1.7.3    

... color! Add hyperlinks to text! * Images are loaded on the fly - no loading times in between. * No limit on number of images. * Real 3D transitions. Left, right, up, down direction. Visual Interface: * Windows version of Visual interface. * Use photos directly from Flickr, Picassa or .... Free download of CU3OX 1.7.3

Free MP3 Cutter 10.3.1 FreeAudioVideoSoft    

... can also increase/decrease the volume and mix the loaded audio with another audio file. Preview the effects in real-time if you want & creating music piece of your choice is no longer a problem! .... Free download of Free MP3 Cutter 10.3.1

Free Nokia Video Converter Factory 6.1 Video Converter Factory    

Free Nokia Video Converter Factory is a professional converting tool for Nokia.It supports nearly all popular video formats such as AVI, MPEG, WMV.MOV, RM, and VOB to format viewable on over 150 Nokie phones. It also converts audio like MP3,AC3,WMA, MP2, OGG, RA, AC3 and even extract audio from videos to .... Free download of Free Nokia Video Converter Factory 6.1

BitZilla 3.6.0 ShareZillas    

BitZilla is an advanced Java based BitTorrent client loaded with powerful configurable features and options bound to ensure a most reliable downloading process. In addition, BitZilla includes plug-in capabilities able to tweak the download experience depending on the user's needs. The app which is very viable with regard to CPU .... Free download of BitZilla 3.6.0

FeyPlayer 3.5.0 Fey Tools     update

... running into your taskbar. Additionally, this player is loaded with codecs sparing you of the effort and time of searching for new codecs every time you download a new film or clip you want to watch. FeyPlayer supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. .... Free download of FeyPlayer 3.5.0

CU3OX MAC 1.7.3    

... color! Add hyperlinks to text! * Images are loaded on the fly - no loading times in between. * No limit on number of images. * Real 3D transitions. Left, right, up, down direction. Visual Interface: * Windows and MAC versions of Visual interface. * Use photos directly from Flickr, .... Free download of CU3OX MAC 1.7.3

FreeSweetGames X Puzzle 1.0.40 FreeSweetGames    

... the title window displays reduced copy of the loaded images and five levels of complexity. When choosing photos to puzzle avoid images with large homogeneous surfaces. Its will turn into visually identical fragments, but will be considered only at certain locations. The game does not recognize visually similar fragments. .... Free download of FreeSweetGames X Puzzle 1.0.40 Search FireFox Plugin 1.0    

... for images, enhancing the way images are currently loaded and, allowing you to stretch and play with the image search results. * Twitter searching is enhanced, by using the Fast Preview button, you can not only see live updates as they happen, you can see actual accounts and pictures of .... Free download of Search FireFox Plugin 1.0

MJ Registry Watcher Mark Jacobs     update

... stop a new association attempt, after Outlook had loaded, say. The key that stores this association is hkey_lmussoftwareclassesmailtoshellopencommand, and you could protect other associations by changing "mailto" to the desired type, for example, "jpegfile". It assumes write access and directory create rights for the path the .exe file sits .... Free download of MJ Registry Watcher

Light Alloy (build Vortex Team    

... (brightness, contrast, saturation, sound volume level, the currently loaded subtitle, the currently selected audio track) that are reapplied next time the file is opened. * Ability to specify a folder to save screenshots, for creating thumbnails and full-size screenshots from the movie. .... Free download of Light Alloy (build

The CQvis MultiGradient Palette Tool 1.2 CQvis    

This program is the result of the author's desire for some years to see a hexagonal color gradient display that was more useful, when it comes to viewing and selecting colors, than the color-space illustrations in hexagon form usually seen in print. The concept of all of the program's functions started .... Free download of The CQvis MultiGradient Palette Tool 1.2

DiffPDF 2.1.3 RubyPdf Technologies     update

... can try it out. PDF files can be loaded from the GUI (by pressing the File #1 and File #2 buttons), or by specifying them on the command line. I use the tool regularly to compare different versions of my books (which are typically 500 or more pages), e.g., comparing .... Free download of DiffPDF 2.1.3

Net-SNMP 5.8 NetSNMP     update

... information modules, and can be extended using dynamically loaded modules, external scripts and commands, and both the SNMP multiplexing (SMUX) and Agent Extensibility (AgentX) protocols. A library for developing new SNMP applications, with both C and perl APIs. Net-SNMP is available for many Unix and Unix-like operating systems and .... Free download of Net-SNMP 5.8

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