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NEWT Professional Network Inventory 2.5.363 Komodo Laboratories LLC    

... database to generate detailed queries. Scannable information includes CPU (type, speed, cores, etc.) CPU temperature, operating system, Windows product keys, IP address, ... number, asset tag, video adapter, audio card, computer monitor info (serial number, size in inches, type, etc.), .... Free download of NEWT Professional Network Inventory 2.5.363

Smart Game Booster Smart Game Booster    

... games for smoother gaming. Furthermore, Super Boost overclocks CPU&GPU for optimal visual effects in gaming. At the ... Game Booster can detect the real-time temperature and CPU/Disk/Memory usage more accurately, and offer timely alarm for ... and ensure game security. What's New: + NEW Monitor Tune - Adjust settings of monitor quickly + .... Free download of Smart Game Booster

RAM Saver Professional 21.0 WinTools Software Engineering    

... access time; - increasing the efficiency of your CPU and Motherboard caches; - recover memory leaks from ... old computers. Main program features: - System Tray monitor; - Desktop RAM monitor; - Desktop CPU Usage monitor; - specialized Control Panel; - professional memory monitoring; - flexible memory optimization with complete statistics output; .... Free download of RAM Saver Professional 21.0

RAM Saver Pro 21.0 WinTools Software Engineering    

... access time; - increasing the efficiency of your CPU and Motherboard caches; - recover memory leaks from ... old computers. Main program features: - System Tray monitor; - Desktop RAM monitor; - Desktop CPU Usage monitor; - specialized Control Panel; - professional memory monitoring; - flexible memory optimization with complete statistics output; .... Free download of RAM Saver Pro 21.0

loxx 1.00.969 mommos-software    

Loxx is a smart tool for everyone dealing with text based log files as they are written by setups, debug traces etc.. Main features are: - Fast load and display of large files. - Real time refresh of running logs - Line number display and colored line highlighting - Content filters .... Free download of loxx 1.00.969

Chris-PC RAM Booster 5.10.31 Chris P.C. srl    

... will get a boost, since RAM Booster will monitor the RAM (Random Access Memory) usage and when ... the freeing up process, setting for full-screen applications, CPU usage for which memory should be freed etc. - Is useful also on server machines (idle or in use), with no user logged in, .... Free download of Chris-PC RAM Booster 5.10.31

Rainmeter 4.3.1 B3321 Rainy    

Rainmeter is a desktop customization platform. Through Rainmeter, you can enhance your Windows computer at home or work with skins: handy, compact applets which float freely on your desktop, much like Windows Sidebar gagdgets, or dashboard widgets for the Mac. Rainmeter skins provide you with useful information at a glance. .... Free download of Rainmeter 4.3.1 B3321

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NetTraffic 1.66.1 venea    

NetTraffic is a simple-to-use application that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic, catering to all ... connection. Features: Network traffic, network monitoring, network data rate (sent / received), network bandwidth, ... rate (download / upload) - instant view. Traffic monitoring, traffic counter, traffic usage, traffic monitor. Bandwidth speed, bandwidth monitor, bandwidth usage, bandwidth meter, .... Free download of NetTraffic 1.66.1

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OCCT 5.5.7 OCCT    

OCCT is the most popular CPU/GPU/Power Supply testing tool available. Free to use for ... 13M downloads since its creation in 2003. It monitors your computer while the test is in progress, ... Octo-Conroe ) · Customizable tests ( Duration, Priority, CPU or RAM, ... ) · CPU and Motherboard detection · Monitoring support through 3rd .... Free download of OCCT 5.5.7

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Moo0 SystemMonitor Portable 1.83 Moo0    

Moo0 SystemMonitor is a smart free program that shows what is going on with your computer. The program uses a minimal amount of ressources, and you can learn from it where your computer "hangs". You can see your computer under many perspectives, and with the features you can diagnose your computer. .... Free download of Moo0 SystemMonitor Portable 1.83

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ServersCheck Monitoring Software 16.0.0 ServersCheck    

ServersCheck Monitoring is a tool running on Windows based systems for monitoring, reporting and alerting on network, servers and other IT systems availability. In addition to monitoring regular network devices, the program can also can monitor environmental devices like temperature, humidity, flooding. ServersCheck Monitoring Software runs as a local service and is .... Free download of ServersCheck Monitoring Software 16.0.0

Corner Bowl Server Manager Corner Bowl Software    

... an affordable enterprise Event Log Management and Server Monitoring software suite enabling both large enterprise and small business IT professionals to proactively monitor and manage their networks, fulfill PCI DSS and ... archive Event Logs, includes a Windows Syslog Server/Daemon, monitor disk space, automatically delete old log files and ... Features at a Glance Consolidates, archives and monitors Windows Event Logs, Syslogs and Text Log files. .... Free download of Corner Bowl Server Manager

Bochs 2.6.11 Volker Ruppert    

... platforms. It includes emulation of the Intel x86 CPU, common I/O devices, and a custom BIOS. Currently, ... to emulate a 386, 486, Pentium/PentiumII/PentiumIII/Pentium4 or x86-64 CPU including optional MMX, SSEx and 3DNow! instructions. ... displaying a window on your workstation, simulating a monitor on a PC. .... Free download of Bochs 2.6.11

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SnakeTail SnakeNest    

... to use application specially designed to help you monitor text log files. You can monitor Windows event logs; multiple window modes are supported ... process statistics in window title bar (RAM + CPU usage + TRX/Sec); stop and start Windows service .... Free download of SnakeTail

System Monitor II 27.6 Bushyn SOFTWARE    

System Monitor II - Windows Gadget To Display System Health In Real Time. It shows you all core CPU usage (supporting up to 40 cores/threads) and RAM ... Writing data to a log file. Supports multi CPU systems. It combines the most important hardware information ... you to run the Task Manager or Resource Monitor by double clicking on it: you can terminate .... Free download of System Monitor II 27.6

SysGauge Server 6.8.12 Flexense    

... background as a service and allows one to monitor the CPU usage, memory usage, disk space usage, disk activity, ... ability to display various charts and save system monitoring reports into a number of standard formats including ... notifications when one or more performance or status monitoring counters rise above or drop below a user-specified .... Free download of SysGauge Server 6.8.12

PerfectDisk Professional 14.0 B895 Raxco Software    

... and optimization Space management recovers disk space S.M.A.R.T. monitoring of physical drives Free centralized management console ... These alerts can then be detected by 3rd-party monitoring programs such as Microsoft System Center and HP ... This integration allows customers to use their existing monitoring/management tools to monitor for performance degradation caused by .... Free download of PerfectDisk Professional 14.0 B895

RAD Studio 10.2.3 Tokyo 25 Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.    

... the best app performance with native GPU and CPU support all from a common and shared code base. RAD Studio enables developers to harness the power of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions. Developers can seamlessly add new capabilities to existing desktop and mobile applications by integrating devices, sensors, enterprise .... Free download of RAD Studio 10.2.3 Tokyo 25

DEKSI Network Administrator 8.7 DEK Software International    

An advanced, powerful, and feature rich network mapping, monitoring, management, and administration software solution. DEKSI Network Administrator ... hosts, place them on a network diagram, and monitor their state! DEKSI Network Administrator can export a ... diagram automatically and export it to Visio, Network monitor: Monitor hosts, servers, and services, Alerter: Be notified .... Free download of DEKSI Network Administrator 8.7

SIW 2020 10.2.0322 Gabriel Topala    

... Codecs, Passwords Recovery, Server Configuration. Hardware Information: Motherboard, CPU, Sensors, BIOS, chipset, PCI/AGP, USB and ISA/PnP Devices, Memory, Video Card, Monitor, Disk Drives, CD/DVD Devices, SCSI Devices, S.M.A.R.T., Ports, ... lost passwords hidden behind asterisks), Wake-On-LAN, URL Explorer, Monitor Test, Shutdown / Restart. Real-time monitors: CPU, Memory, Page File usage and Network Traffic. .... Free download of SIW 2020 10.2.0322

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Portable EF System Monitor 20.02 Emil Fickel    

The Portable EF System Monitor application was designed to be a comprehensive tool ... running on your network. The Portable EF System Monitor application was designed to be a comprehensive tool ... on your network. The Portable EF System Monitor can not only show you the data from ... can do much more. With the EF System Monitor Server (included in the package) you can collect .... Free download of Portable EF System Monitor 20.02

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Dr. Hardware 2020 20.0 Peter Gebhard Software    

... of file and memory management, VCACHE statistics, system monitor; also provides benchmarks for CPU, video adapter, harddisks, CD ROM/DVD, ASPI and net drives. This new release detects the latest processors, PCI devices and mainboard chipsets. Extra info about .... Free download of Dr. Hardware 2020 20.0

ManicTime ManicTime    

... your projects. With ManicTime you'll be able to monitor the PC usage and track the most often ... people maximize their productivity during work hours, by monitoring PC usage and generating a large number of ... comprehensive and well-organized Help contents, minimal usage of CPU and memory, good response time, backup and restore .... Free download of ManicTime

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MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe Mitec    

... and I/O utilization, active terminal sessions, autostart entries, cpu usage, frequency and other advanced stats, memory map ... process or service. There is powerful process monitor with graphs and detailed process information. You can watch multiple processes simultaneously. Also there is Window explorer enumerating all windows of given .... Free download of MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe

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System Monitor II 28.0 Bushin SOFTWARE    

System Monitor II will shows you all core CPU usage (1 Core, 2 Core, 3 Core, 4 Core, 6 Core, 8 Core, 12 Core or 16 Core) and RAM (physical, page file and full, includes virtual) usage. It also displays .... Free download of System Monitor II 28.0

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