FastPaste 3.18 Dextronet     update

FastPaste does save your time. Paste formatted text, frequently used text and images with custom hotkeys! Makes it easy to enter frequently used text ... 30 clips in every project. You can set hotkeys to clips or just click on icon every ... will be copied to the clipboard and automatically pasted (you may turn off auto paste). FastPaste have .... Free download of FastPaste 3.18

ArtSage 2.00.0001 Rick Xavier     update

... icon, decor, bg colour, center/roam, corral, draggable, show/hide hotkey, single instance) * Presets (save/restore 5 window positions) ... clear, restore) * Shell (view, explore, open with, copy file, move/rename, save as, copy image, copy view, paste, recycle, confirm, view with, explore with, blackbox) .... Free download of ArtSage 2.00.0001

Clipboard Magic 5.05 CyberMatrix Corporation, Inc.     update

... include drag and drop, clip management and serial paste hotkeys. Many options exist including color-coding, hotkey pasting, drag and drop, search and replace and .... Free download of Clipboard Magic 5.05

ArsClip 5.28 B7065-4768 Jackass JoeJoe     update

... keeps track of the entries. Press a configurable hotkey and select an item (or items) to quickly paste into a program. ArsClip used to be ... Multiple permanent items groups - Picture, RichText, File Copy, Unicode, HTML support - Keypress emulation - Form .... Free download of ArsClip 5.28 B7065-4768

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MemPad 3.65 Horst Schaeffer     update

... The program offers standard editing functions including cut, copy, paste, undo, date/time insert, drag&drop, and supports Web links ... can be modified by buttons, context menu or hotkeys. Cut&paste functions and quick node moving. MemPad ... Selectable font, Background color, Minimize to System Tray, Hotkey, Always on top, ESC shortcut to quit or .... Free download of MemPad 3.65

software pick Clipboard Organizer 3.00     new

... years. Though there sometimes is a need for copying and pasting different text from and to different ... ones with text by a simple shortcut and paste it from there directly as well with another ... default clipboard, you only have to use other hotkeys than CTRL+C / CTRL+V. On the screen for .... Free download of Clipboard Organizer 3.00

Clipboard History Pro 3.40 Outertech    

... called stickies can be added to the global paste menu. Pressing a configurable hotkey, a tray icon, or the usually idle and useless CAPS LOCK key will bring up a paste menu of last clipboard items and saved text snippets. When using the hotkey or the CAPS LOCK key the clipboard history .... Free download of Clipboard History Pro 3.40

ClipAngel 1.29 Tormozit    

... filter for clip list Stores last used for paste text filters Marking used (pasted) clips Marking filter ... text Marking filter matches in list Allows to paste clip as original or plain text selected or all Repeated external copy of any previous clip raises it to top ... stored encrypted on disk Setting 'Hotkey to incremental paste' Switch 'word wrap' Switch 'move just pasted clip .... Free download of ClipAngel 1.29

sChecklist 1.1.7 Build 1 Skwire Empire    

... system tray and be used with a hide/show hotkey - Cut/copy/paste entries from one list to another maintaining checked state - Paste entries in from the clipboard - Customizable list font - Sort checked items to top or bottom - Check all and uncheck all buttons .... Free download of sChecklist 1.1.7 Build 1

Task List Guru 4.516 Dextronet    

... task-independent notes in the tree ("memos") - Global hotkey to activate the program - Global hotkey to add new task - Customizable fonts, colors, and more - Easy database backup As you can see, whether you need just a simple .... Free download of Task List Guru 4.516

Input Director 1.4 Imperative Software Pty Ltd    

... (similar to a multi-monitor setup) or via a hotkey combo. Input Director also lets you share clipboard contents, so you can copy from one machine, switch over to another and then paste. This also works for files that are in .... Free download of Input Director 1.4

Tree Notes 4.522 Dextronet    

... and emails) to your notes. Features include: * Hotkey for easy activation * Export/import plain text, rich ... and manage them efficiently. The ability to easily copy paste your notes allows you to create and use .... Free download of Tree Notes 4.522

Key Manager 1.10 ATNSOFT    

... menu with a list of user-defined actions - paste user-defined text to any application with an option to insert current time, date and other information from a template - press and block keys, key combinations, press mouse buttons and emulate mouse wheel rotation - launch any application or open a .... Free download of Key Manager 1.10

Cok Free Auto Typer 3.0 Cok Free Software    

... text you need to reply and its corresponding hotkey, when you need to input this text, press the hotkey your have set, and then text would be ... can be called up and hidden via certain hotkey; third, it can auto copy to clipboard by double click the text line, then you can paste text to any input boxes; fourth, it can .... Free download of Cok Free Auto Typer 3.0

Keyboard Express Insight Software Solutions    

... to each repetitive email question, just press a hotkey. Create boilerplate text for price quotes, job orders, etc. Copy and paste data from one application to another. Run macros .... Free download of Keyboard Express

Text Paster 1.7 ATNSOFT    

... of typing the same text multiple times, Text Paster can help you! Text Paster is a program for instantly pasting into input ... You can also do the following with Text Paster: - Group the text clippings you regularly paste and display them as a popup menu. - Paste text or display a popup menu with a .... Free download of Text Paster 1.7

Key Remapper 1.8 ATNSOFT    

Intended for remapping keys, mouse buttons and mouse wheel actions, Key Remapper allows you to: - Remap keys, mouse button presses and the mouse wheel rotation to different values and even to non-existing keys and mouse buttons. For example, you can replace CapsLock with "Middle mouse button", F11 - by "Mouse .... Free download of Key Remapper 1.8 Hotkey Organizer 4.00    

... website again and again or you have to paste the same text with the need to copy it first 10 times per day. Would it not be much better to execute or paste what you like with a global key combination (also called hotkey or shortkey) which was created by yourself? .... Free download of Hotkey Organizer 4.00

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Keyboard Extensions 1.0.0 Build 142 Saleen Software    

... time Shortcuts manager, tasks scheduler, alerts, custom system-wide hotkeys and many other. Features: General: · ... searchable history · Create global or application-specific keyboard hotkeys · Integration with Windows Explorer, to compare directories/files, copy file names, launch command prompt, backup folders etc ... · Task scheduler (one-off / recurrent tasks) Hotkeys: · Define your own global keyboard hotkeys (shortcuts) .... Free download of Keyboard Extensions 1.0.0 Build 142

Clipboard Calculator Clipboard Calculator    

Copy a mathematical expression to your clipboard and calculate it. Paste it back to where you want the result. .... Free download of Clipboard Calculator

Text Accelerator 1.1 Tordex    

... insert text chunks in any applications with 1-2 hotkeys. Write your own modifiers in JavaScript or VBScript ... or text fields support these keys combination to copy/paste text. .... Free download of Text Accelerator 1.1

Prevent 1.0 The Windows Club    

... You may set it as Ctrl+Pif you wish. Hotkeys Win+F8 kills Pre_1 and Win+F9 kills Pre_2, too. But the single hotkey set by you will kill all Prevent processes ... Prevent : 1. Stops Cut 2. Stops Paste 3. Stops Copy 4. Stops Delete 5. Stops Copy To 6. Stops Move to 7. Stops Send .... Free download of Prevent 1.0

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HovText 2.0 The Hovgaard Klan    

... manager. Any text in the clipboard will be pasted as raw text without any HTML code, font ... regular expressions. A typical scenario is to copy a qoute from Internet Explorer and paste this quote into Outlook or Word. In the most cases it will paste the formatting along also and that is often .... Free download of HovText 2.0

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