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Don't Sleep 6.51 Nenad Hrg    

... Don't Sleep has a timer that allows time control unblock, or shutdown the computer for a specified time. Don't Sleep does not have to be installed and can be executed easily from the desktop, and can be carried on a small usb-stick or other memory device. .... Free download of Don't Sleep 6.51

CASH Interface2 keystroke edition Bernd Karle Hard-Softwareentwicklung    

... and pay out change via hopper possible. External control via separate remote.exe and parameter possible. With a CASH-Interface2 and the "keystroke edition" it is possible to carry out a cash payment system for the Social Booth Photo Booth Software from Photo Booth Solutions! .... Free download of CASH Interface2 keystroke edition

AlwaysUp 12.0 Core Technologies Consulting, LLC    

... Windows Services architecture to provide robust, low-level application control in a secure environment. Your application can start without someone having to log on, survive user logons/logoffs, and run entirely without user intervention. No programming is required. And best of all, after years of constant refinement based on client feedback and .... Free download of AlwaysUp 12.0

ABC-Update 2.2.2 ABC-Deploy.Com    

... a command line version that sets you in control of MS Update operations. With ABC-Update you get ... KB Articles and update categories. You are in control. No more waiting for Automatic updates. Pick targets from AD and push updates This gap between what Microsoft is offering out of the box, .... Free download of ABC-Update 2.2.2

Advanced Macro Recorder MacroClicker    

... most powerful yet easy-to-use automation tool. It can control your mouse and keyboard automatically. And it can find a picture on the screen, this feature makes it very smart. Key Features: Simulate a lot of mouse and keyboard actions. Record all mouse and keyboard actions and repeat accurately. Edit the .... Free download of Advanced Macro Recorder

Hot Keyboard Pro 6.2.108 Imposant    

... on often; get to folders including My Documents, Control Panel, Network places; enable/disable network connections; arrange windows on the desktop and move them between displays; control media player and sound volumes even separately for each sound device. Assign macro to a hot key (keyboard shortcut), text shortcut, scheduler, window popup .... Free download of Hot Keyboard Pro 6.2.108

Volume Concierge 2.0.10 Softorino    

... volume? Forget no more! Sound concierge will automatically control your computer’s volume by the rules you set. .... Free download of Volume Concierge 2.0.10

Clikka Mouse Free 1.8.0 Elefant Software    

This handy application allows physically disabled people to control the functions of the mouse. This can be done both in Windows and in any other program which requires the use of a mouse device: left or right click, double click, scrolling, selection, etc. Clikka Mouse Free should be used together .... Free download of Clikka Mouse Free 1.8.0

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Advanced Macro Recorder MacroClicker    

... most powerful yet easy-to-use automation tool. It can control your mouse and keyboard automatically. And it can find a picture on the screen, this feature makes it very smart. Key Features: Simulate a lot of mouse and keyboard actions. Record all mouse and keyboard actions and repeat accurately. Edit the .... Free download of Advanced Macro Recorder

VoiceMacro 1.2.7 FSC-SOFT    

... VoiceMacro your computer, application or game can be controlled by voice commands and/or by the press of a keyboard, mouse button or combinations of it, additionally you can start any of your macros by scheduler, by a macro action, or from an external program In VoiceMacro you can create unlimited .... Free download of VoiceMacro 1.2.7

Volume Concierge 2 2.1.0 Softorino    

Imagine you forgot to turn your PCs volume down and its sound blasted out late at night. This can definitely disturb people nearby. With Volume Concierge you no longer need to worry or even remember about reducing sound on your computer. Its all done automatically without you involved. Meanwhile, the app .... Free download of Volume Concierge 2 2.1.0

Licht24 Pro Bernd Karle Hard-Softwareentwicklung    

Licht24 PRO - Controller software for relay boards and digital IO cards. Licht24 PRO gives you the control of arbitrary equipment, quick and comfortable with your ... partyrooms or home automation use. It's a universal control desk for your PC with various features. Supports ... USBOPTOREL32, all Deditec devices, Velleman K8055 USB. To control the outputs you will find these functions ready: .... Free download of Licht24 Pro


... LAN domain/workgroup or large corporate network. Key Features: Control all the computers in a LAN domain at once. Immediatelly or scheduled at specific time; Shutdown, restart, log off, hibernate, suspend or lock down computer; Built-in scheduler allows different ways to schedule such as daily, weekly, etc.; Saves time and work .... Free download of RSHUT PRO 2.9.2

FastKeys 4.03 FastKeys Software    

... complex actions. Hundreds Ready-to-Use Presets, including: AUDIO - Control volume with a mouse wheel, switch audio device, mute, control audio or video players, search and play songs... WINDOWS - Double Esc to close, minimize, maximize, make always on top, Alt-drag, auto resize, zoom, .... Free download of FastKeys 4.03

Autoitlauncher 1.0 Arnold Burg    

... replace text for example from kbc into keyboard control - remap a whole keyboard - or run any kind of application. In the command editor from Autoitlauncher you have insert code buttons push these and it will automatic put the code example for you in the editor change it a .... Free download of Autoitlauncher 1.0

Auto Keyboard Presser by Autosofted 1.8 Autosofted    

... keyboard button pressing program which enables you to control which specified keys you want to keep getting pressed repeatedly. You can also control how any times you want the keys to get pressed and how long you want to wait between each key press. Instructions (Easy) 1. .... Free download of Auto Keyboard Presser by Autosofted 1.8

Auto Mouse Clicker by Autosofted 1.9 Autosofted    

... auto clicker mouse program which enables you to control where your mouse moves, when to click on something and how often to repeat the whole process. Instructions (Easy): 1. Select a Start/Stop hotkey and click Set 2. Select a Play hotkey and click Set 3. Press your selected Start/Stop hotkey .... Free download of Auto Mouse Clicker by Autosofted 1.9

PCTuneUp Free Auto Clicker 5.1.8 PCTuneUp, Inc.    

... This free auto clicker software lets you fine control over mouse clicking. You can set the interval at which the clicks will occur, set pauses between clicks & automatically stop after a desired amount of clicks and time, with the count displayed. Equipped with a coordinate calculator, getting the accurate .... Free download of PCTuneUp Free Auto Clicker 5.1.8

PCTuneUp Free Auto Shutdown 5.1.8 PCTuneUp, Inc.    

... shutdown software that provides an innovative way to control the hows and whens of computer shutdown. Now, shutdown your computer automatically at a time period specified so that you can fall asleep while listening to your favorite music without having to worry about shutting down computer. Rebooting a computer allows .... Free download of PCTuneUp Free Auto Shutdown 5.1.8

AutoMe 7.0 Asoftech    

... schedule it to run automatically. Moreoever, you can control the speed of robot running. .... Free download of AutoMe 7.0

Power Plan Manager 1.01 Hamilton Engineering    

... Windows power plans, multiple user sessions and remote control via scripts. Power Plan Manager is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. .... Free download of Power Plan Manager 1.01

Automize 11.16 Hitek Software LLC    

... browsing, ZIP file viewer, extensive logging, remote task control and more. It supports dynamic variables to achieve ... command-line utilities are available to remotely and programmatically control tasks and the scheduler. The program is written in Java and therefore Multi-platform compatible. .... Free download of Automize 11.16

Comfort Keys Lite 7.5 Comfort Software Group    

... language and case of the typed text. + Control the sound volume in a quick and convenient manner. + Record key press sequences and play them back as many times as you need. + Block some keys or simulate the press of a specific key when another one is pressed. .... Free download of Comfort Keys Lite 7.5

WinParrot DPC    

... conditions or data from Excel spreadsheets. You can control the tolerance of an image recognition, shapes or texts, change the speed of typing or moving the mouse.... In order to avoid slowing down your computer WinParrot is optimized to use the least possible of memory and CPU. WinParrot requires no .... Free download of WinParrot

VisualCron 8.2.1 NetCart    

... automation tool for Windows. Client/Server architecture. Remote, secure control across the Internet. Define jobs with tasks that ... files, execute remote scripts and send keystrokes. "Conditions" controls internal flow of tasks based on errors, last task result, if a file exists or contains a certain text. "Triggers" that starts jobs can .... Free download of VisualCron 8.2.1

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