Hauberk Firewall 1.12 Hauberk    

Hauberk Firewall protects your computer and your data from spyware software; allows to monitor your Internet traffic in very convenient way; provides visual information about your network connections; has an ergonomic and stylish design; has beneficial price compared with other Firewalls. Hauberk Firewall is the best choice for computer protection and .... Free download of Hauberk Firewall 1.12

Terminator 8.1 GKC ElectroSoft    

... System, installed on any computer within the network, controls the information on all hard drives of the network, whereas other devices for data removing have to be installed on each hard disk. .... Free download of Terminator 8.1

WebWatcher Awareness Technologies    

... just seeing the finished product. Monitor and control laptops no matter where they go! WebWatcher is the ONLY software that makes accessing recorded activity available through a web-based user interface. Be notified when "alert words" you choose are used in any communications. Also, take a picture of the .... Free download of WebWatcher

1st Security Agent Pro 10.0 Ixis Ltd    

... Security Agent Pro offers an administrative support for controlling access to your PC and changing user access level. Password-protect and restrict access to Control Panel applet functions, including Display, Network, Passwords, Printers, System, Add/Remove Programs, etc. Assign separate system profile folders to each user, providing each with their .... Free download of 1st Security Agent Pro 10.0

Faronics Core 3.70.3220.3900 Faronics    

Faronics Core is a multi-tool for IT professionals. It’s a simple remote management tool that makes it easy to centrally manage your endpoints. Equipped with enterprise-level deployment and management capabilities that can be customized for your organization, Faronics Core will save you time and money. It’s hard to believe, but Faronics .... Free download of Faronics Core 3.70.3220.3900

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Advanced Security Administrator 14.0 Ixis Ltd    

... deny access to each individual component of several Control Panel applets, including Display, Network, Passwords, Printers, System ... and restrict users to running specific applications only, Control Internet Usage, view statistics of computer use by your kids or employees. Security restrictions can be applied universally or to specific computer users. You'll .... Free download of Advanced Security Administrator 14.0

ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 2012 Zonelabs    

... Trojan horses, worms, bots and rootkits. Parental Controls Filters and blocks inappropriate websites and chat rooms ... Mode makes you invisible to hackers. * Kill Controls instantly disable malicious programs. Advanced Firewall No ... programs can even detect the threat. * Application Control uniquely shields your operating system during start-up, before .... Free download of ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 2012

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KioWare Kiosk Basic 7.0.0 r1006 KioWare    

... revoke lists Custom navigational toolbar skins Pop-up window control Virtual keyboard Attract screen generation Clearing of cookies, cache, and print queue at session end Application resetting Can run the OS as a shell Remote XML configuration User session management Run automatic logoff script Automatic printer retraction Hardware/Software watchdog Handles mechanisms .... Free download of KioWare Kiosk Basic 7.0.0 r1006

Quick Restore Maker 3.0 The Windows Club    

... system restore point, you have to, via the Control Panel, open the System Protection box and then open the System Restore utility (rstrui.exe) to create a restore point. Quick Restore Maker allows you to create one in a single click. The restore point so generated is named as ‘QuickRestoreMaker .... Free download of Quick Restore Maker 3.0

uHook USB Disk Security Personal 2.5.3 Dataresolve Technologies(P) Ltd.    

... all authorized and alien USB Storage devices to control unauthorized storage device access and files copy attempt on USB Storage devices. .... Free download of uHook USB Disk Security Personal 2.5.3


It’s a simple yet powerful software app that allows you to very easily block specific types of USB device on your PC. This is useful in a variety of scenarios were you might prefer certain USB devices not to available to the OS. For example, in a small office were .... Free download of GIGABYTE USB Blocker B12.0807.1

Prevent 1.0 The Windows Club    

... the Prevent folder, or uninstall it via the Control Panel or simply delete its Program folder. .... Free download of Prevent 1.0

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NeoGuardian Business 0.8 Neo NetWise    

... what is happening on your computer thereby giving control back to the parent, teacher, or guardian. NeoGuardian ... up allows you to be proactive and in control. Parents and teachers can be sure that children do not have access to harmful websites, monitor who our children are talking to online, what .... Free download of NeoGuardian Business 0.8

NeoGuardian 0.8 Neo NetWise    

... what is happening on your computer thereby giving control back to the parent, teacher, or guardian. NeoGuardian ... up allows you to be proactive and in control. Parents and teachers can be sure that children do not have access to harmful websites, monitor who our children are talking to online, what .... Free download of NeoGuardian 0.8

MTE Desktop Locker MTEbyte Software    

Lock your desktop with one mouse and prevent anyone from accessing your programs and your importand data, no one can access your locked desktop without the valid password, mte desktop locker provide the following features: - lock your desktop with virtual desktop, - you must enter valid password to access the .... Free download of MTE Desktop Locker

MotOrBAC 2.2 Beta Telecom Bretagne    

... security policy using the OrBAC (Organisation Based Access Control) model. It is developped using the OrBAC API, an implementation of the OrBAC model. Features: Full OrBAC model implementation Full AdOrBAC administration model implementation .... Free download of MotOrBAC 2.2 Beta

SurveilStar Professional 1.2.3 SurveilStar Inc.    

... can use Console to review the data and control the computers with flexible controlling policies. FEATURES: Screen Monitoring: · Take ... Tools Like MSN, ICQ, Skype, GTalk, etc. · Control Suspicious IM File Transfer · Backup Files Sent ... Record Document Actions (Create, Copy, Move, etc.) · Control Access to Sensitive Documents · Backup Confidential Documents .... Free download of SurveilStar Professional 1.2.3

Proxy Goblin 2.3.1 rev 1 Molura    

... users can use PCRE flavoured regex for more control. These are just some of the features that I’ve included. .... Free download of Proxy Goblin 2.3.1 rev 1

RRT Sergiwa Antiviral Toolkit Personal iSergiwa Software    

... disabled (System Restrictions) and gives you back the control over your own computer, common behavior of a virus is to make some changes to the system restrictions in order to hide itself from easy detection. Sergiwa Antiviral Toolkit protects you from any further infections that come from removable media .... Free download of RRT Sergiwa Antiviral Toolkit Personal

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IM Lock Home Edition 2011.3.35 Comvigo Inc.    

... the web? IM Lock Home gives you control and peace of mind. IM Lock is quickly ... your business's computer workstations to effectively block and control the most widely used instant messaging programs. You ... Block Selected Windows Functions (Regedit, etc.) Anti Hacker Controls P2P (Peer To Peer) Blocking Streaming Media Blocking .... Free download of IM Lock Home Edition 2011.3.35

KeySnitch 1.0 Milan Stezka    

... isn't completely hidden. KeySnitch's sole interface is a control panel that is used only for configuration. Novice users can rely on the default settings, or there's a wizard for more advanced users. Setting KeySnitch to send the log files by e-mail or FTP is easily accomplished by intermediate to expert .... Free download of KeySnitch 1.0

CodeMeter Control Center Win 32 4.30 Wibu-Systems USA    

Version 4.30 of CodeMeter Control Center from Wibu-Systems is needed on all client machines running CodeMeter. This release fixes bugs and adds new features to protect software. If you are running an application protected with either a CodeMeter CmStick or CmAct you should install this update. Win 32 only; you .... Free download of CodeMeter Control Center Win 32 4.30

Filseclab Internet Guardian Angel 3.6.4 Filseclab    

... a high anti-rate over 98%, it can also control Internet-usage time. It has LiveUpdate, Multinational-language filtering, Web sites blacklist, keywords blacklist, anti-uninstall and more good features. It is your first selection for Internet purification. Features: * Anti-porn, Anti-Chat, Anti-Game, Anti-Popup. * Custom black-list and white-list. * Live update. .... Free download of Filseclab Internet Guardian Angel 3.6.4

iAlertU 0.73 Beta Edgar de Graaff    

Introducing the remote controlled motion sensitive alarm system for the MacBook Pro. ... sensor technology, iSight camera and the infrared remote control your MacBook Pro can now be turned into a high tech alarm system. iAlertU is aimed at being a tamper/theft deterrent system for those times when you need to .... Free download of iAlertU 0.73 Beta

XP Utilities 6.32 xp utilities    

... internet browser history, cache and cookies. you can control startup programs that load automatically with windows, find duplicate files, fix broken shortcuts and uninstall unneeded software. other features include secure file deletion, recycle bin shredding, cleaning tasks scheduling and undelete deleted files. .... Free download of XP Utilities 6.32

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