Contract Bridge X 4.00 Bibase POS Software     new

Contract Bridge X is a random deal contract bridge simulation for Windows 10 Features include Acol or .... Free download of Contract Bridge X 4.00

Multiplayer Belote 1.4.1 Novel Games Limited    

Can you work according to the contracts and win the necessary tricks for your team? ... Each player can choose to bid for a contract or pass. The contracts from lowest to highest are clubs, diamonds, hearts, ... If the previous player has bidded for a contract, the next player must bid a higher contract .... Free download of Multiplayer Belote 1.4.1

Bridge Poursuite Patrick A.    

Bridge Pursuit is a Contract Bridge COMPETITION among FRIENDS. It's really Contract Bridge: it's SERIOUS. It's more fun than usual tournaments: ... You just have to know the rules of Contract Bridge, as well as the basic scoring of a .... Free download of Bridge Poursuite

XContractBridge 16.00 Bibase POS Software    

Linux Contract Bridge simulation software with random deal, Acol bidding, score to rubber, Blackwood, Baron, Jacoby and Stayman conventions. .... Free download of XContractBridge 16.00

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