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OCR Translator 2.4 Macrosize    

... OCR Translator translates only words, and delegates the contextualization of their meanings to the user. With no need for internet connection, and with a clean, highly configurable and hassle-free interface, OCR Translator offers a translation service without losing focus on what matters most, your reading, your work. .... Free download of OCR Translator 2.4

Object Contextualization Model 1.0 MBBSoftware    

The Object Contextualization Model extends the Object Oriented Paradigm by appending ... by attaching context to function parameters, the Object Contextualization Model removes the limitation of one function overload ... achieved only by means of inheritance. The Object Contextualization Model also promotes a more structured class model of the software, and helps .... Free download of Object Contextualization Model 1.0

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