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C# HTML to PDF 2021.3.1 Jean Ashberg & The C# HTML to PDF Team    

C# HTML to PDF - How to generate PDF files from HTML in C# .Net Applications and websites. This developer software download contains a C# PDF generation and editing library in addition to a full tutorial on how it may be used. PDFs may actually be rendered from HTML with full .... Free download of C# HTML to PDF 2021.3.1

BALKAN OrgChartJS 7.8.03 BALKAN App    

... flowcharts using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Using server-side components, developers can implement a specially crafted editing interface. ... also install your own export service. OrgChart JS component consists of nodes and connectors. You can use nodes of some particular type: just textual, with an image or any other custom HTML and .... Free download of BALKAN OrgChartJS 7.8.03


... regression (linear, logistic, nonlinear), multivariate data analysis (Principal Component Analysis, Discriminant Analysis, Correspondence Analysis, Multidimensional Scaling, Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering, K-means, K-Nearest Neighbors, Decision trees), correlation tests, parametric tests, non parametric tests, ANOVA, ANCOVA, mixed models and much more. Field-specific solutions allow for advanced multivariate analysis (RDA, CCA, MFA), Preference Mapping .... Free download of XLSTAT 2021.2

The ApPHP Calendar is a powerful PHP calendar script (Free) 1 ApPHP CodeMarket    

The ApPHP Calendar is a powerful PHP calendar script (Free). The ApPHP Calendar is a powerful PHP calendar script that may be easily integrated and used with various PHP projects, such as schedulers, event processors etc. The calendar is very simple to install, implement and use. ApPHP Calendar has a user-friendly .... Free download of The ApPHP Calendar is a powerful PHP calendar script (Free) 1

Guiffy eXpert Windows 11.14 Guiffy Software, Inc    

Guiffy eXpert is a visual file compare Diff tool, Merge tool, and Folder compare tool all-in-one that makes comparing, merging, and upgrading sources as easy and reliable as possible. Guiffy comes with: command line interfaces, an API package, Eclipse and NetBeans integrations and Explorer integration. Guiffy recognizes over 150 source file .... Free download of Guiffy eXpert Windows 11.14

PHP DataGrid - Data-Bound Grid Control (Free) 1 ApPHP CodeMarket    

PHP DataGrid - Data-Bound Grid Control (Free). Description: ApPHP DataGrid script is a simple, innovative and powerful tool for generating data-bound grid control. It was specially designed for web developers. The ApPHP DataGrid is excellent for all PHP database-driven web sites and online-based data administration; it is also useful for dynamic .... Free download of PHP DataGrid - Data-Bound Grid Control (Free) 1

Active@ Data Studio Active Data Studio Tools    

... more about the software package and each individual component here. .... Free download of Active@ Data Studio

Net Core PDF Generator 2021.3.1 .Net Core PDF Generator    

... standard, however, is a standard we use for component library development. It allows deployment on any platform, not just .Net core, it integrates with .Net framework, and anything written in .Net standard will work in any up to date version of .Net. IronPDF and all of its PDF functionality or .... Free download of Net Core PDF Generator 2021.3.1

ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor 2021.870 ActiveXperts Software BV    

... phone using ActiveXperts Web Access. The Web Access component is hosted on a Windows Web Server (IIS). The software is capable of monitoring the following topics: Temperature - Humidity - Wetness (water leaks) - Dewpoint - HeatIndex - Power - PowerState - Voltage - Switch (On/Off) - Light - Motion .... Free download of ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor 2021.870

PHP DataValidator 3 ApPHP CodeMarket    

... and off for every specific value. The DataValidator component accepts an array or an object as data ... validation process is running on a server-side. This component may be used For database data validation For check of function parameters or returned values validation For web forms data validation etc. .... Free download of PHP DataValidator 3

VanDyke ClientPack for Windows, Mac and UNIX 9.0.1 VanDyke Software Inc.    

... routine administration and configuration tasks. VRALib, a key component of the ClientPack, is a COM and .NET API that enables custom scripting of SSH2 connections in Windows. ClientPack command-line utilities include: vsftp, an interactive SFTP command-line utility for secure file transfer; vcp, a command-line file transfer utility; vsh, a command-line .... Free download of VanDyke ClientPack for Windows, Mac and UNIX 9.0.1

Virtual Data Access Components 11.4.1 Devart    

Virtual Data Access Components (VirtualDAC, formerly known as VirtualTable), is a library of components that extends data processing capabilities in Delphi and ... both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. VirtualDAC consists of components that allow creating in-memory data storage and executing ... when developing Delphi applications. Key features: * TVirtualQuery component for SQL queries to in-memory data * VirtualTable .... Free download of Virtual Data Access Components 11.4.1

Oracle Data Access Components 11.4.1 Devart    

Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC) is a library of components that provides native connectivity to Oracle from Delphi ... database applications. Key Features: * Basic Oracle connectivity components * Support for Windows, macOS and Linux development * Support for all .... Free download of Oracle Data Access Components 11.4.1

1D Barcode VCL Components Han-soft Corporation    

The 1D Barcode VCL components is a set of components designed for generating and printing barcode in your Delphi or C++ Builder applications. Developers use the components set like any other VCL component. This effective and powerful components set extends your applications with barcode technology. Most ... FIM, IATA etc. Also, The 1D Barcode VCL components can be used together with 2D Barcode VCL .... Free download of 1D Barcode VCL Components

PHP FormBuilder - HTML Form Builder Script 1 ApPHP CodeMarket    

PHP FormBuilder - HTML Form Builder Script. Description Easy-to-use HTML form builder script that provides simple and flexible way to create HTML forms and also validate different types of fields, using embedded Data Validator. You can easily add text fields, radio buttons, check boxes, single boxes, text areas, buttons and many .... Free download of PHP FormBuilder - HTML Form Builder Script 1


... of having enough for the project? - Which component configuration gives me the greatest chance of achieving a certain operation time before a failure occurs? Features Overview - Simulation: Monte Carlo simulation, Multiple simulation runs for scenarios, Unrestricted speed, and more. - Reporting: View simulation results statistics in spreadsheet, Export .... Free download of XLRISK 2020.1

Alternative to itextsharp 2021.1.29 iTextSharp Alternative    

iTextSharp offers AGLP licensing for open source or commercial licenses. Enables engineers to Create, Edit and Read pdf documents with iTextSharp in C#. iText is a Java first library. The .Net version is perceived by engineers to have a Java flavor to the code interface. IronPDF provides commercial project Licensing. C# .... Free download of Alternative to itextsharp 2021.1.29

VeloFull EliteBytes Limited    

... It consists of VeloSSD, VeloRAM and MaxVeloSSD. Each component is separately available and on the market for ... unlimited times. Also free lifetime updates for all components. This software accelerates the complete system: Any Windows Operating System and all applications. Games, Databases, Video and Photo editing, any app that relies on .... Free download of VeloFull

Vue Injector 3.3.1 Scand Ltd.    

... Also, it includes the following: Dependency injection for components Construction of the injected services Accessibility of Vue application from service Utilization of decorators for convenient operation The main benefits of Vue Injector: Provides developers with the ability to utilize dependency injection an important design pattern that is not included in .... Free download of Vue Injector 3.3.1

ASPX to PDF Converter 2021.1.29 IronPDF ASPX to PDF Team    

ASPX to PDF Converter - How to convert ASPX to PDF documents and files in C# .Net Applications and websites. Convert ASPX to PDF with IronPDF. An embedded chromium rendering engine converts ASPX and HTML documents to PDF files in a similar manner to Chrome. IronPDF makes it easy for developers .... Free download of ASPX to PDF Converter 2021.1.29

Flowrigami 1.0.1 Scand Ltd.    

... visualize diverse workflows and configure them using graphic components. It works in two modes: View Mode and ... different diagram types: flowchart, BPMN, UML etc. As component has both data format and settings format, the user can customize settings for his component online. .... Free download of Flowrigami 1.0.1

ASPX to PDF 2020.12.3 Jacob Müller & The ASPX to PDF Team    

In the tutorial we learn how to use asp.net to generate and convert PDF documents. Essentially it is an ASPX to PDF converter for the .Net platform. The project uses ASPX + C# code (although VB.Net is just as compatible) to render a web page using HTML 5 and CSS with .... Free download of ASPX to PDF 2020.12.3

Comprehensive Complete File Security SDK EaseFilter Inc.    

... EaseFilter file system filter driver is a kernel-mode component that runs as part of the Windows executive above the file system. The EaseFilter file system filter driver can intercept requests targeted at a file system or another file system filter driver. By intercepting the request before it reaches its intended .... Free download of Comprehensive Complete File Security SDK

fsMediaLibrary.NET 2019.11 FitzSoft    

... artwork and Lyrics. Having looked at the .NET component market place, there seems to be no library ... we believe there is a market for a component like this. MediaLibrary comes installed in 2 versions ... help files with this product. This one and component API documentation. This document will be updated as .... Free download of fsMediaLibrary.NET 2019.11

VaxVoIP SIP Server SDK 5.2.0 VaxSoft    

... provides tools, demo application, sample codes and software components to accelerate the development of SIP (Session Initiation ... Kit). It contains sample codes, technical manual, COM component and demo application. It is a complete package ... Server SDK contains single COM (Component Object Model) component, and can be used with any application development .... Free download of VaxVoIP SIP Server SDK 5.2.0

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