Vov Screen Recorder 1.1 VOVSOFT     update

... how-to video to demonstrate working of a program, compile a products demo video for some client, record gameplay to post on social networks or record any other activity on the screen to share with friends or stakeholders, or to upload on video streaming services like YouTube. .... Free download of Vov Screen Recorder 1.1

jOOQ 3.10.4 Lukas Eder     update

... Between columns and members. jOOQ allows for writing compile-time typesafe querying using its built-in DSL. .... Free download of jOOQ 3.10.4

Makagiga SDK 5.8.3 Konrad Twardowski     update

SDK allows you to create, compile and package Makagiga plugins. Makagiga SDK package includes: Makagiga runtime libraries and source code Makagiga Platform libraries (see below) Plugin wizard and templates Makagiga API documentation (see Help menu) Support for Ant and NetBeans IDE .... Free download of Makagiga SDK 5.8.3

PHPFlexer 1.00.2508 DKellner Solutions     new

... There is a tool called phc-win that can compile a PHP program for you and create an ... All you need to do is this: phpflexer compile myprogram.php ...and you have your EXE file in ... it's more than enough. I've made a LESS compiler, a file change watcher, a backup tool and .... Free download of PHPFlexer 1.00.2508

devFlowcharter 5.11 B124.432 Michal Domagala     update

... program flowchart, generate source code, as well as compile and execute the results. The utility can also ... a straightforward software solution for helping you create, compile, generate and execute programming codes. .... Free download of devFlowcharter 5.11 B124.432

PDFCreator OS Development     update

... work You may access the source code and compile it on your own, as long as it stays under the AGPL Please note that we display advertisements during the setup to cover our costs. If you do not like advertisements, we also offer PDFCreator Plus, which gives you access to .... Free download of PDFCreator

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Armadillo 8.300.3 Conrad Sanderson     update

... A delayed evaluation approach is employed (during compile time) to combine several operations into one and reduce (or eliminate) the need for temporaries. This is accomplished through recursive templates and template meta-programming. This library is useful if C++ has been decided as the language of choice, due to speed .... Free download of Armadillo 8.300.3

EJE 3.5 Claudio De Sio Cesari     update

... a complex IDE. FEATURES: · Compile & Execute directly from EJE in the simplest way · Java syntax highlighting · Code Fragments Template · Shortcuts complete set · Look and feel personalization (Nimbus included) · Members introspection popup · Notification Timer · Javadoc support · Printing support .... Free download of EJE 3.5

ReSharper 2017.3 JetBrains inc.     update

... C# 3.0) while you type, without having to compile it first. It also helps you solve problems instantly, by suggesting quick-fixes for most errors. You can analyze your code both in a current file and throughout the entire solution. Coding Assistance: · To increase your productivity and save your .... Free download of ReSharper 2017.3

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Lazarus x32 1.8.0 Mattias Gaertner     update

... feature rich visual programming environment for the FreePascal Compiler. It supports the creation of self-standing graphical and ... that emulate Delphi. Free Pascal is a GPL'ed compiler that runs on Linux, Win32, OS/2, 68K and ... is designed to be able to understand and compile Delphi syntax, which is of course OOP. Lazarus .... Free download of Lazarus x32 1.8.0

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LoriotPro Free Edition 8.0 LUTEUS     update

... snmp requests, perform snmp get and set requests, compile mib files, browse mib tree, receive events and traps, discover networks and hosts. This free manager is and ideal product for testing purposes, snmp tests and validation, snmp concept learning. This software is available for private and professional use. It is .... Free download of LoriotPro Free Edition 8.0

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Stunnel 5.44 Michał Trojnara     update

... such as OpenSSL or SSLeay in order to compile stunnel. This means that stunnel can support whatever ... code (and any modifications) with the software. Your compiled Stunnel binary is 'restricted' by whatever license your chosen SSL library is under, however both OpenSSL and SSLeay are open source and similarly liberal .... Free download of Stunnel 5.44

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CMake 3.10.0 Kitware, Inc.     update

... process in an operating system and in a compiler-independent manner. Unlike many cross-platform systems, CMake is designed ... can generate a native build environment that will compile source code, create libraries, generate wrappers and build executables in arbitrary combinations. CMake supports in-place and out-of-place builds, and can therefore support multiple builds .... Free download of CMake 3.10.0

Geany for Linux 1.32 Enrico Tröger     update

... lists * Code navigation * Build system to compile and execute your code * Simple project management * Plugin interface (see Plugins) Geany is known to run under Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, MacOS X, AIX v5.3, Solaris Express and Windows. More generally, it should run on every platform, .... Free download of Geany for Linux 1.32

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Geany 1.32 Enrico Tröger     update

... lists * Code navigation * Build system to compile and execute your code * Simple project management * Plugin interface (see Plugins) Geany is known to run under Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, MacOS X, AIX v5.3, Solaris Express and Windows. More generally, it should run on every platform, .... Free download of Geany 1.32

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Silverfrost FTN95 8.10 Silverfrost Limited     update

... .NET applications. Silverfrost FTN95 application is the only compiler that can produce Microsoft .NET applications that can ... It provides you with usage details about the compiler and the Plato IDE. The user can also ... checking · Very fast compilation speed · Excellent compile-time diagnostics · Full souce level debugging · Builds .... Free download of Silverfrost FTN95 8.10

Altova MobileTogether Designer 4.0 Altova, Inc.     update

... name, splash screen, and home screen logo, simply compile the code generated by MobileTogether (for one or all platforms) and submit it to the app store(s). This option still saves an incredible amount of time, because you only need to create one app design in MobileTogether Designer. Rapid cross-platform mobile .... Free download of Altova MobileTogether Designer 4.0

Simply Fortran 2.40 B2514 Approximatrix, LLC     update

... GNU Fortran. Simply Fortran delivers a reliable Fortran compiler on Windows platforms with all the necessary productivity ... Simply Fortran package includes a configured GNU Fortran compiler installation, an integrated development environment, a graphical debugger, ... both the integrated development environment and the Fortran compiler. Users can quickly access documentation from the Help .... Free download of Simply Fortran 2.40 B2514

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PhotoFilmStrip 3.1.1 Ba1856f7 Jens Gopfert&Markus Wintermann     update

... Python (Version 2.5). It is not neccessary to compile the code to run the application. the folder named "src" in the source-tarball contains the start script "photofilmstrip-gui" to run the GUI front end. .... Free download of PhotoFilmStrip 3.1.1 Ba1856f7

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DotFix NiceProtect 6.2 DotFix Software     new

... called external because it is set upon a compiled application and it does not require any modifications ... a registration check in any way and then compile and publish this software on a website, any hacker can disassemble the program, find the registration check and crack the protection mechanism. To avoid .... Free download of DotFix NiceProtect 6.2

VB Decompiler 10.7 DotFix Software     new

... you know, programs in Visual Basic can be compiled into interpreted p-code or into native code. .NET assembly always compiled to just in time compilable IL code. Since ... And after some modifications you may try to compile generated code. If a program was compiled into the native code, restoring full source code .... Free download of VB Decompiler 10.7

Scite 4.0.1 Neil Hodgson     update

... editing pane. SciTE can perform commands to compile or run source files with the output from these commands directed into the output pane. .... Free download of Scite 4.0.1

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Multivariable calculator - SimplexCalc 4.1.25 Institute of Mathematics and Statistics    

... problems with ease and fun. Even you can compile formula once and then calculate the result many times with different variable values. With the brilliant designs and powerful features of SimplexCalc, you can bring spectacular results to your calculating routines. SimplexCalc is an indispensable calculator designed for math teachers, scientists, .... Free download of Multivariable calculator - SimplexCalc 4.1.25

Soft4Boost Video Studio Sorentio Systems Ltd.    

Video editing becomes much easier. Create unique videos with Soft4Boost Video Studio. Join, split and delete unnecessary scenes, rotate video files. Edit audio directly in the video. Add audio background to video, insert titles. Use cache video technology and edit your HD-recordings fast and efficiently. All key HD-formats are supported: AVCHD, .... Free download of Soft4Boost Video Studio

VBReFormer 6.4.5 Qiil.io    

... your VB5 or VB6 application, without having to compile it again ? VBReFormer Professional will make you ... cosmetic design on the fly (without having to compile it again). VBReFormer disassemble all functions and methods ... complete Visual Basic source code than possible (if compiled with the native code option). Furthermore, thanks to .... Free download of VBReFormer 6.4.5

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