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Comparator Cutter 2.1 Canadian Mind Products    

... Cutter is an Applet that generates custom Java code to implement Comparable/Comparator. The Applet lets you provide a few facts about the Comparable or Comparator you want and the ComparatorCutter generates you well-commented Java source code to include in your own programs. It ask ... ascending/descending order for each field. If you want code that will handle null sort keys, tick off .... Free download of Comparator Cutter 2.1

CRM Business Machine 02-27-2012 LMR International, Inc.    

... version), a multi-award database programing language with performance comparable to Oracle. A Full Contact Management (full-fledge CRM) ... Account Payables Check Writing Bank Reconciliation Integrated Survey Generator Trouble Ticket System Online Virtual Contacts with SIP ... Passwords Manager - Advertising Places Manager - Zip Code Manager - Website Competitors Analyzer - Website Prospecting .... Free download of CRM Business Machine 02-27-2012

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