JYL Visitor 1.21 JYL Software     update

... intended for the registration of visitors in your company. Place a PC or tablet PC at the ... visitors. You can change the way visitors register. Company, Contact, Request a Signature, Comment, Select the person visited, You can add photos to Company Contact and Service (Commercial, Marketing, Technical...) The Software .... Free download of JYL Visitor 1.21

JYL Order Suppliers 1.21 JYL Software     update

... eMail, the execution of the inventories of the company and the counting of the losses. In the statistics you will find all the realized actions. By Downloading the software you have available a trial period of 2 months. You can create as many Vendors and items as you want. You .... Free download of JYL Order Suppliers 1.21

JYL TimeClock 1.32 JYL Software     update

... allows you to have multiple points in the company. In the statistics, you can send reports by email, to your accountant for example ... You can create as many employees as you want. You can set the software with or without a password for pointing. Create time for meals, activate .... Free download of JYL TimeClock 1.32

AutoDalle AutoDalle     update

... paving slab. You are an individual or a company? You are looking for patio ideas? AutoDalle is the software you need to create all tile patterns for your terrace. .... Free download of AutoDalle

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Manager 19.7.48 NGSoftware     update

Manager is free accounting software that runs on Windows. It features an intuitive and innovative user interface with modules such as cashbook, invoicing, receivables, payables, taxes and comprehensive financial reports. For your convenience, Manager has been designed to be very easy to work with. The program is so intuitive, you .... Free download of Manager 19.7.48

Raymond Azar Crime and Conviction 0.1 Weapons Trade Tracker     new

... matter. After retirement, Raymond Azar founded a construction company—Sima Salazar Group—to help military forces deployed in the ... SIMAINT and it has headquarters in Afghanistan. The company was awarded 150 million dollars' worth US contracts ... completion of the papers. The wrongdoings of the company were exposed in 2009 when the special team .... Free download of Raymond Azar Crime and Conviction 0.1

australiamypostshippingformagento2 1.0.0 AppJetty     new

... package weight as defined by MyPost, because the company will not ship it. An extension that adds value to your customer experience by streamlining your shipping process.With this extension, you automate the tedious parts of your shipment process and control the necessary parts like rates, parcel creation, etc.You can add .... Free download of australiamypostshippingformagento2 1.0.0

MAME 0.212 The MAME Team     update

... which are still being sold new by the company that produced them. MAME is not intended to be a platform that competes with arcade games that are still being actively sold. * Do not provide a means of generating a list of games that specifically identifies those games for which .... Free download of MAME 0.212

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Mathcad Prime 5.0 Parametric Technology GmbH     update

... and highlight can be changed to suit personal, company or industry standard documentation expectations. You can now do things such as direct reader focus by highlighting important results, separate specific calculation elements by assigning them different colors and match text formatting to produce a more coherent reading experience for users .... Free download of Mathcad Prime 5.0

IIF Transaction Creator for Mac OS X 10.62 Big Red Consulting     update

... Transfer FEATURE SUMMARY Integrate with your company’s lists for a smooth and reliable import. Automatically handle new list records such as new names, account, and items. Options for handling different transaction layouts including single row, multi-row, and variants of these. Create just one or thousands of transactions in .... Free download of IIF Transaction Creator for Mac OS X 10.62

IIF Transaction Creator 10.62 Big Red Consulting     update

... Transfer FEATURE SUMMARY Integrate with your company’s lists for a smooth and reliable import. Automatically handle new list records such as new names, account, and items. Options for handling different transaction layouts including single row, multi-row, and variants of these. Create just one or thousands of transactions in .... Free download of IIF Transaction Creator 10.62

CleverPsych 11.1 The Clever Company     update

CleverPsych is free software for psychologists and other allied health professionals who run their own practices. The system enables you to record your clients, appointments, services, organisations and referring doctors, and has the aim of making operations like generating standard letters, claiming from the government and insurance companies, and reporting income, .... Free download of CleverPsych 11.1

CleverClients 3.1 The Clever Company     new

CleverClients is software for small businesses that need to manage their clients (customers) and the appointments clients make for the services the business provides. The software is suitable for businesses whose clients come to their premises (such as mechanics workshops, psychology practices, hairdressing salons and educational providers), and for businesses whose .... Free download of CleverClients 3.1

SmartCallMonitor JAM Software GmbH     update

... for further information about a call (e.g. the company's website). The detailed view shows you all information about the selected entry at a glance.With SmartCallMonitor you always know who is calling. In the integrated journal, you can filter missed calls or specifically search for a contact or a number in .... Free download of SmartCallMonitor

Checklist Templates 2.45 VIP Quality Software     update

... Management Checklists give you guidelines to help your company to provide customers with great services and earn ... defines the amount of the profit of your company. Company Activity Checklists show you how to plan, coordinate and control your company, how to make your business profitable and liquid .... Free download of Checklist Templates 2.45

CentriQS 2.1.743 VIP Quality Software     update

... single integrated business management software that centralizes your company data, resources, operations and core business functions into all-in-one solution customized for your specific requirements and industry-related needs. Start using CentriQS with a complete solution for effective managing of tasks in your projects, business processes and employee schedules. Enhance CentriQS usage .... Free download of CentriQS 2.1.743

Net Monitor for Employees Professional 5.6.18 EduIQ.com Employee Monitoring     update

... the activity of all the PCs in your company remotely. Plus you can share your screen with your employees PCs, making demos and presentations much easier. Easy Step-by-step installation takes only 5 minutes! No registration is needed. Start tracking employee activity today to improve productivity. Here are major benefits of .... Free download of Net Monitor for Employees Professional 5.6.18

Product Key Explorer 4.1.7 Nsasoft US LLC     update

... from network computers and allows to protect your company from having pirated software on your network. With Product Key Explorer you will be able to track the number of software licenses installed in your business, find and recover a lost or forgotten product keys. You can backup product keys to .... Free download of Product Key Explorer 4.1.7

Directory Lister 2.36 KRKsoft     update

... information (EXE, DLL, OCX) like file version, description, company. Also multimedia properties (MP3, AVI, WAV, JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, MP4, MXF) like track, title, artist, album, genre, video format, bits per pixel, frames per second, audio format, bits per channel can be listed. Another set of columns you can .... Free download of Directory Lister 2.36

AnyVid – HD Video 3.3.1 AmoyShare Technology Company     new

AnyVid is the best video downloader for Android to download HD video from 1000+ video streaming sites. Easy to search You can search for a video by name or simply paste a video URL to the search box. 1000+ sites supported There're over 1000 sites embedded on AnyVid, such as YouTube, .... Free download of AnyVid – HD Video 3.3.1

AnyMusic Downloader 3.3.1 AmoyShare Technology Company     new

AnyMusic is the best music downloader for Android to download any music from 1000+ sites quickly and easily. Search any music - You can search for an artist, song, album, and even lyrics to get the song you want. Also, you can search for music by pasting a URL. Hi-res music .... Free download of AnyMusic Downloader 3.3.1

Service Master 8.8.53 Service Master Software, Inc.     update

... work order. · Change application colors to your company colors. · All work order records entered during free trial period remain after registration. .... Free download of Service Master 8.8.53

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USB Drive guard 3.5.9 Service Master Software, Inc.     update

... thumb drive and insert it then extract any company documents and take it with them. Another issue is employees bringing in Smart Phones, IPODS's and other MP3 players, or virus infested drives. You now have a way to block or allow this type of access all from one easy to .... Free download of USB Drive guard 3.5.9

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Outlook4Gmail 5.1.4 Scand Ltd.     update

... Outlook and Google contacts with maximum details: Name, Company, Phones, Emails, Addresses, Dates, Persons, Notes, Contact Picture, Categories and Google Groups, etc. Outlook4Gmail provides various ways of syncing Calendars: Import a calendar from Google into Outlook, Export an Outlook calendar to Google, Syncing existing calendars, Creating new calendars, etc. In .... Free download of Outlook4Gmail 5.1.4

Free Twitch Download FreeGrabApp     update

... spyware, no registration or other unwanted software. FreeGrabApp company highly respects the copyright terms, but at the same time, we consider unacceptable any limitations by copying free video content for personal use, which is established by Twitch video service. Using our programs is totally legal only for personal needs and .... Free download of Free Twitch Download

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