HardLink ShellExtension x64 Hermann Schinagl     update

... hard links (referred to herein as Hardlinks). Hardlinks x64 provide the ability to keep a single copy ... (directories). They can be created with the POSIX command ln included in the Windows Resource Kit, the fsutil command utility included in Windows XP or my command line ln.exe utility Thus, using standard Windows facilities .... Free download of HardLink ShellExtension x64

TCC/LE 64-bit 24.02.49 JP Software     update

... are frustrated by the limitations of the Windows command prompt, TCC/LE 64-bit is the one tool you ... of features that Microsoft omitted, TCC/LE makes the command line easy to use, giving you more power ... ever imagined. TCC/LE replaces CMD.EXE, the Windows command processor, and adds features such as extensive context-sensitive .... Free download of TCC/LE 64-bit 24.02.49

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ExamDiff Pro x64 10 B10.0.1.8 PrestoSoft LLC     update

ExamDiff Pro x64 is a powerful, intuitive and easy to use ... and directory comparison tool for Windows. ExamDiff Pro x64 features unique functionality that distinguishes ExamDiff Pro x64 from other comparison programs. You will find that ExamDiff Pro x64 offers much more efficient and user-friendly way to compare files and folders. ExamDiff Pro x64 comes with advanced features such as syntax highlighting, .... Free download of ExamDiff Pro x64 10 B10.0.1.8

TortoiseSVN for 64-bit System The TortoiseSVN team     update

TortoiseSVN x64 is a really easy to use Revision control ... user interface for Subversion.Since TortoiseSVN is a Windows shell extension, it integrates in the file explorer. That ... tool you are most familiar with. TortoiseSVN x64 1.6 no longer supports access to BDB repositories ... svnadmin tool which is available in the SVN command line client. Please follow the instructions in .... Free download of TortoiseSVN for 64-bit System

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FastCopy 64bit 3.54 SHIROUZU Hiroaki     update

FastCopy x64 is the Fastest Copy/Delete Software on Windows. ... not become heavy easily. It also supports Windows command line. Read/Write performance is a near the ... etc. and using it. (In this case, the shell enhancing cannot be used. ) Uninstall It ... the installed directory. (Removing short cut and Uninstalling shell extension.) When the shell extension is installed, a .... Free download of FastCopy 64bit 3.54

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MediaInfo (x64bit) 18.08 Sourceforge     update

What is MediaInfo for Windows x64? MediaInfo supplies technical and tag information about ... information as text, CSV, HTML... * Graphical Interface, Command Line, or DLL * Integration with MS-Windows shell (drag 'n' drop, and Context menu) * Internationalisation: Any language .... Free download of MediaInfo (x64bit) 18.08

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WinRAR 5.50 RARLAB    

... support, strong AES encryption, support of multivolume archives, command line and graphical interface, drag-and-drop facility, wizard interface, ... 3.90 is also a WinRAR version for Windows x64 is available. If you use Windows x64, it is strongly recommended to install 64 bit ... version. It provides a higher performance and better shell integration than 32 bit version. Designed to work .... Free download of WinRAR 5.50

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WCD for Windows (x64 bit) 6.0.0 Erwin Waterlander    

Wcd for Windows x64 is a command-line program to change directory fast. It saves time ... written by Brad Kingsbury. Features of WCD x64 bit: Full screen interactive directory browser with ... directories. Ban directories. Exclude directories. Alternate stack per shell or terminal. Multi user: Jump to folders of ... 16 bit, DOS 32 bit, DOS bash Windows Command Prompt, Windows PowerShell, WinZsh, MSYS, Cygwin Unix/Linux: all .... Free download of WCD for Windows (x64 bit) 6.0.0

Cygwin 64-bit 2.8.0 Red Hat, Inc.    

... to any PC, fix problems within a Posix/Linux/UNIX shell on any Windows machine, and run shell command scripts. Sophisticated shell command scripts can be created with standard shells, such as sed or awk. Standard Windows command line tools can even be intermixed within the UNIX/Linux shell script environment to administer the Windows system. Over .... Free download of Cygwin 64-bit 2.8.0

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7-Zip (x64 bit) 16.04 7-zip    

7-Zip for Windows x64 is a file archiver with a high compression ratio. 7-Zip for Windows x64 is open source software. Most of the source ... Self-extracting capability for 7z format Integration with Windows Shell Powerful File Manager Powerful command line version Plugin for FAR Manager Localizations for ... and password protection. The program also has a command line module. Though the main interface is overly .... Free download of 7-Zip (x64 bit) 16.04

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Total Commander 64-bit 9.0 Ghisler Software GmbH    

Total Commander 64-bit (former Wincmd) is an Explorer replacement for Windows. Total Commander handles archives like subdirectories. It supports ZIP/ARJ/LHA/RAR/UC2/TAR/GZ/CAB/ACE archives, ... for files inside archives, even for text. A command line helps starting programs with parameters, and a ... button bar allows to launch programs and internal commands. The built-in viewer can show files in text,hex, .... Free download of Total Commander 64-bit 9.0

ConsoleZ x64 1.17.1 Christophe Bucher    

... Windows console window enhancement. ConsoleZ is NOT a shell. Therefore, it does not implement shell features like command-line completion, syntax coloring, command history, etc. ConsoleZ is simply a nice-looking front end for a shell of your choice (cmd.exe, 4NT, bash, etc.) Other command-line utilities can also be used as 'shells' by .... Free download of ConsoleZ x64 1.17.1

Areca Backup x64 7.5 Oliver Petrucci    

Areca Backup x64 is an Open Source personal backup solution which ... sending backup reports by email or launching custom shell scripts). Areca Backup also includes a transaction ... · Post backup scripts : Areca can launch shell scripts after backup. · Files permissions and symbolic ... you in the everyday management of your archives. Command-Line Interface: · Areca comes with a command-line interface .... Free download of Areca Backup x64 7.5

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Veracity 64-bit 2.5 SourceGear LLC    

Veracity x64 is a reliable, private collaboration server for your ... and synching between machines are done via familiar command-line tools, or Tortoise shell integration on Windows, as well as our automated ... to be pushed, pulled and merged at your command. And, Access It All From Your iPad .... Free download of Veracity 64-bit 2.5

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FireCMD x64 1.2 Brainasoft    

... package containing a set of tools such as command shell (command interpreter), console emulator, text editor and various other bundled programs. FireCMD command shell has features like command auto-completion, recursive aliases, command substitution using files, HTML and CSS support, file ... autocompletion etc. which makes it a next generation command shell. It also remembers command history and last .... Free download of FireCMD x64 1.2

AB Commander 7.5.5 WinAbility Software Corp.    

AB Commander is a powerful yet easy to use tool ... the convenient dual-panel user interface (pioneered in Norton Commander), while maintaining tight integration with the standard Windows shell. AB Commander has the following features: - The main window of AB Commander hosts two panels, independently displaying the contents of ... the drive bar and drive list, etc. - Commands to directly manipulate files and folders (copy, move, .... Free download of AB Commander 7.5.5

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