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Fractal Science Kit 1.24 Hilbert, LLC    

... fractals and fractal geometry. Kleinian Group (Orbit Trap)Like other mathematical ideas, fractals involve numbers and equations. ... accumulate statistics and map the resulting data to colors, creating the fractal image. By varying the equation ... create Mandelbrot Fractals, Orbital Fractals, L-System Fractals, Orbit Traps, and more. Mandelbrot FractalThe Fractal Science Kit .... Free download of Fractal Science Kit 1.24

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Multiplayer Tochki 1.6.1 Novel Games Limited    

Trap your opponent to conquer the entire area! Your ... you will lose. 2 dots of the same color which are horizontally, vertically or diagonally adjacent will ... your opponent agrees, the game will end. Which color will become the conqueror on the board? .... Free download of Multiplayer Tochki 1.6.1

Marble Lines Battle 1.0.2 Novel Games Limited    

... of at least 3 marbles of the same color so as to destroy them and clear the lines. When the game starts, a line of color marbles will be rolling on the path of ... of at least 3 marbles of the same color are formed after launching, those pieces will be .... Free download of Marble Lines Battle 1.0.2

Math Lines 1.4.3 Novel Games Limited    

... the balls can be sorted according to their colors for a while. If the balls reach the hole at the end of the path, you lose the game. Ease into the arithmetic mazes and experience the excitement of non-stop calculations and actions! .... Free download of Math Lines 1.4.3

Onepoint Project Professional 10.3 Onepoint Software GmbH    

... · Do not get caught in the "time trap". Focusing too early on the schedule is known ... tool for you. Onepoint's GANTT chart feature adds color in order to let you categorize your phases and work packages and improve the clear view of your schedule. · Plan/Actual Comparisons · .... Free download of Onepoint Project Professional 10.3

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Fractal ViZion 3.056.021510 Mystic Fractal    

... · Octonion 1 · Octonion 2 · Quat Trap · Height Fields · 3D Landscape (random displacement) ... for creating your own custom formulas · Palette-based coloring methods · Perlin noise generator for realistic textures · Adjustable lighting model with Phong highlights · Integrated video routines allow easy morphing and rotating .... Free download of Fractal ViZion 3.056.021510

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