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The project management software in-STEP BLUE supports teams with by providing powerful business processes, customizable workflows and templates, with included versioning of docments, requirements, changes etc. The individual design of a business process is dependet on the environment you are working in, be it aviation, the railway industry, automotive, medical technology, .... Free download of in-STEP BLUE


With REQCHECKER, get back to simplicity. While remaining non-intrusive and without specific environment, it checks the coverage of the requirements between your documents. REQCHECKER gives you the benefit of requirement engineering to projects with an inexpensive tool. You don't want to waste time and money with a complex tool? - Are .... Free download of REQCHECKER 1.10

Eunomia Process Builder 2.8.4 Eunomia Business Process Modeling    

Eunomia Process Builder is an easy-to-use method and business process modeling tool (BPM tool). It allows the designing of method, manufacturing or business processes and generation of process web sites with great look and feel and easy access to the information. Two product editions exist: the free community edition to model .... Free download of Eunomia Process Builder 2.8.4

JTime Manager 1.5.3 Eduardo Vidal    

... those who has to work under PSP/TSP or CMMI process. Features: Multiple timers Time adjust Language selector (English/Spanish) OS look and feel integration Export to CSV file .... Free download of JTime Manager 1.5.3

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