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Engineer General Tools 1.2 ChemEng Software Design    

Engineer General Tools contains equation calculations, unit conversions and ... equations in the following categories of Physics, Electrical Engineering, Maths - Geometry, Maths - Statics, Dimensionless Numbers, ... Volumes Decanters Pipes Distillation Hydrostatics Heat Transfer,Exchangers Vessel Design subjected to combine loading Unit Groups : ACCELERATION UNITS AREA UNITS CALORIFIC VALUE (VOL BASIS) .... Free download of Engineer General Tools 1.2

AEC 3D ReBar 1.0 AEC Logic Private Limited    

In a day of a civil engineer, his project needs quick and accurate rebar drawings ... application package. To meet the demands of value engineers regarding time, cost and effective, an automation manager ... Desired concrete elements are filled with reinforcement bars design requirements and per defined specifications. .... Free download of AEC 3D ReBar 1.0

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