UCL Depthmap 0.30 University College London     update

... aim of the software is to produce a map of open space elements, connect them via some ... Depthmap can be used to derive an ‘axial map’ of a layout. That is, derive a reduced ... the open space in an environment. The axial map has been the staple of space syntax research .... Free download of UCL Depthmap 0.30

TNTatlas 2017 B20171004 MicroImages, Inc.    

... — from a single geodata file to complex map layouts prepared using TNTmips. TNTatlas lets you display ... have to rapidly assemble and distribute existing electronic map and database materials for those working in natural ... of maps, pictures, and reference tables. Where the map runs off the side of the page, you .... Free download of TNTatlas 2017 B20171004

HoudahGeo 5.1.10 Houdah Software s.à r.l    

... add GPS track logs. * Use the built-in map to assign or adjust photo locations. Use reverse geocoding to add city, state / province and country names. * Write ... * Geocoding without a GPS. Use the built-in map to double-check, adjust, or assign locations to your photos * Reverse geocoding fills in city, state / province and country names * Notify .... Free download of HoudahGeo 5.1.10

Google Maps Downloader 8.412 allmapsoft.com    

... mbtiles database. If you want to make a map of your city by yourself, it is very useful for you. .... Free download of Google Maps Downloader 8.412

Google Satellite Maps Downloader 8.07 allmapsoft.com    

... images and then combine them into one big map image. It supports multithreads, so the download speed ... Isn't it very cool that you make your city's high precision satellite map by yourself?! .... Free download of Google Satellite Maps Downloader 8.07

ZIP Express Insight Software Solutions    

... provides easy look up of U.S. ZIP Code, city, state, county, area code and time zone information. ... you desire. Search ZIP Express by ZIP Code, city, county, state or area code. As you key ... to create. Select information such as ZIP Code, city, state, state abbreviation, area code and time zone. .... Free download of ZIP Express

Easy Yahoo Maps Downloader 6.301 getallmaps.com    

... can combine the small images into one big map image. If you want to make a map of your city by yourself, it is very useful for you. .... Free download of Easy Yahoo Maps Downloader 6.301

Flagfox 5.1.22 Dave Garrett    

... Clicking the icon loads Geotool, which provides a map of the location as well as more information such as the ISP and city. The context menu also provides quick access to information about the country of origin, as well as the ability to lookup the site's registrant .... Free download of Flagfox 5.1.22

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EarthTime 5.5.32 DeskSoft    

... be set on the local time of any city in the world. A beautiful map of the earth shows the current day / night areas and the current weather. The cloud data can be updated every three hours. Many .... Free download of EarthTime 5.5.32

EarthView 5.5.32 DeskSoft    

... resolution - even beyond 3840x2160! The program supports map and globe views, urban areas, city lights, atmospheric effects, clouds, weather information, local time display and much more. EarthView supports different maps that show our planet earth in different ways, .... Free download of EarthView 5.5.32

GEOPoint 3.07 Gunamoi Software    

... Basic Features (Free) After selecting a city on the Major City Selection Tool, the city name will be displayed in brackets above the ... station coordinates on the main dialog. The displayed city name will be cleared if the coordinates are manually edited. The Map Window now shows the latitude and longitude coordinates .... Free download of GEOPoint 3.07

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PixGPS 1.1.7 BR Software    

... or you can use whe simple 'View on map' function in PixGPS to view the location in ... trip. Let's say you take photos in a city. Will you remember were you took the photo of that building? PixGPS Geotagger can tag the photos location within 10 meters/30 ft. For .... Free download of PixGPS 1.1.7

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Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs Microsoft    

... style, and a distinct approach to its Home City feature. Gripping new single-player campaign. "Age of Empires: ... additions to existing European civilizations, with new Home City content, new units including new mercenaries, and new ways to look at your card deck. Extended gameplay. Experience more of everything, including new random .... Free download of Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs

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Find Distance Between Multiple World Cities Software 7.0 Sobolsoft    

This software offers a solution to users who want to find the distance between one or more cities in the world. You can add cities individually or load a set from a text file. The application displays the results in a list, which you can save as a text file, Excel .... Free download of Find Distance Between Multiple World Cities Software 7.0

Google Toolbar 7.5.5111.1712 Google    

... new restaurant has the place's address but no map. You could type the restaurant's street, city, and ZIP code into the search box, but ... will automatically create a link to an online map (US addresses only)? AutoLink can also link package .... Free download of Google Toolbar 7.5.5111.1712

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ZIP Pointer 2.01 ArmCode    

... name and show them on a North American map. This helps you to check customer information, verify ... Code, and the program gives you the matching city, state, latitude, and longitude. .... Free download of ZIP Pointer 2.01

Alien IP 2.41 ArmCode    

... the location of remote hosts on the world map. It supplies detailed information about remote domains, email ... the geographical location and show it on the map. The program will help you pin down unwanted ... doesn't bog down the user. The detailed world map, toolbar and a status bar are the key .... Free download of Alien IP 2.41

World Clock Portable 8.0 John T. Haller    

... the time of. You can select using the map directly or lookup city and country names on each continent. A solar terminator and flags over selected countries can optionally be displayed as well. World Clock needs an .... Free download of World Clock Portable 8.0

Convert Multiple Zip Codes To City, State or City, State To Zip Codes Software 7.0 Sobolsoft    

... or zip codes. Now you can search for city and state information based on zip code, or vice versa. Simply enter data one at a time or load a text file containing one entry per line. This software saves you time by processing multiple queries simultaneously. .... Free download of Convert Multiple Zip Codes To City, State or City, State To Zip Codes Software 7.0

Angels Among US Red Aria Games    

... as you see them. Then look at the map to see how your community compares with those around you (the map can be filtered to show acts by category). ... make your neighborhood a bright spot on the map!). The map is dynamic...only events reported over the last few ... capability (otherwise, general GPS data based on the city and state of the person reporting it will .... Free download of Angels Among US

Arm Map Explorer 2.2 ArmCode    

Arm Map Explorer recreates all the functionalities of Google Maps ... your desktop while expanding them with new extras. Map Explorer lets you locate and view any place ... you want to view adjacent parts of a map. Basically, viewing locations on maps in Map Explorer resembles the way you use a regular .... Free download of Arm Map Explorer 2.2

Standard Stadt Icons 2013.2 iconempire.de    

Create city maps that look perfect on screen and on paper. Standard City Icons come in a variety of sizes and resolutions, making city plans perfectly legible on any media from PDA ... largest-resolution versions are in 1200x1200 pixels. Objects of city infrastructure are depicted in isometric projection, allowing for ... look without using 3D programming or acceleration. Standard City Icons help designers, architects and students create perfectly .... Free download of Standard Stadt Icons 2013.2

Standard Transport Icons 2013.3 Aha-Soft    

... Standard Transport Icons help marketing specialists, designers and city planners illustrate Web sites, brochures and handouts, create presentations and lay out plans of city transport network. Making a great transport map becomes simple with Standard Transport Icons. Plans created .... Free download of Standard Transport Icons 2013.3

A World of Keflings Microsoft    

... witch get even creepier in this exciting, friendly, city-building adventure! Features Play as your Xbox ... allows you to quickly explore and view the map while your Avatar completes other tasks. Easy-to-use touch or mouse controls. Travel between forest, desert and ice themed kingdoms to build elaborate cities! Create .... Free download of A World of Keflings

Large Home Icons 2013.2 large-icons.com    

... bright colored matching icons for any architecture or map project. The set is available in 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 256x256 and 512x512 sizes in True Color with semi-transparency channel. It can be delivered in ICO, PNG or BMP formats. .... Free download of Large Home Icons 2013.2

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