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MITCalc Plates design and calculation 1.15 MITCalc    

... and variation of forces in the loaded flat plates. The calculation is designed for plates that are flat, homogeneous, with the same thickness and made from one material. The plates may be circular, annular circular and rectangular. The plates may be loaded evenly (unevenly) on the whole ... the circle. The programme enables: - Selection from circular, annular circular or rectangular plates - Selection of .... Free download of MITCalc Plates design and calculation 1.15

VisualFoundation 4.00.0009 IES, Inc.    

... and design · Complex mat boundaries · New! Circular and Polygonal foundation templates and boundaries · New! ... Generate Copies of modeling elements using rectangular or circular patterns · Multiple mat thicknesses or soil properties · Holes in mats · Combined footings · Wall footings · Walls, grade beams, columns and .... Free download of VisualFoundation 4.00.0009

RISAFoundation 4.0.0 RISA Technologies, LLC.    

... of foundation systems. Automatic mesh generation, thick plate modeling and comprehensive rebar calculations and detailing are ... mesh size. Beams are automatically discretized. Thick Plate Modeling The thick plate method of RISAFoundation provides more realistic results than the thin plate modeling procedure found in other products. Comprehensive ... only or tension-compression spring * Automatic generation of circular mat slabs * Comprehensive CAD-like graphic drawing/editing capabilities .... Free download of RISAFoundation 4.0.0

PipeDrop 1.2.6 GP Engineering Software    

... for single lines, a pump network, and orifice plates: Single Line Pressure Drop Calculations: * ... and vapor/gas flow, the conduit can have a circular, rectangular, or annular cross-section. * Supported 2-Phase flow ... data sheet print-out of calculation results. Orifice Plate Calculations: * Interactively solve the liquid/gas orifice .... Free download of PipeDrop 1.2.6

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