Fast Spell Checker    

... open dictionaries as in LibreOffice, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, so you can install a dictionary for almost any language. It can check the entire site, one of its pages or one directory. Fast Link Checker includes a feature-rich web .... Free download of Fast Spell Checker

Javascript Hashset 1.0 Search Turbine    

... IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11. Node, NPM, Chrome. FireFox, Opera, Konqueror. It has 'close to universal' ... already exists in a Hashset. It uses a dictionary like lookup - which does not get slower as the set grows in size. This is ideal for situations which we want avoid duplicate .... Free download of Javascript Hashset 1.0

PROMT Professional Multilingual 9.5 PROMT    

... in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome browsers. Messages in ICQ, Skype, QIP, Windows Live Messenger. The texts containing specialized or industry lexicon and terminology. PROMT Professional 9.5 translates between the following languages: English - Russian and Russian - English English - German and German- English; English-Spanish and .... Free download of PROMT Professional Multilingual 9.5

PROMT Personal Multilingual translator 9.5 PROMT    

... Don’t spend time looking words up in a dictionary. Translate texts in a matter of seconds. High ... for texts on the most popular topics. Global dictionary update already built in The dictionaries have been ... in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome. Communicate with people in international social networks and .... Free download of PROMT Personal Multilingual translator 9.5

Quickrr Dictionary 1.1 Quickrr    

Quickrr Dictionary is a small Chrome extension that will quickly look up word definitions in the dictionary. Including quick Google Dictionary, Images & Wikipedia search to better define terms. .... Free download of Quickrr Dictionary 1.1

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