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MusiLearner 1.2 Schroech Software    

... intervals Read and write functions Read and write chords Note names in different clefs (treble clef, alto clef, tenor clef, bass clef) Cadences in different keys (main cadence and extended cadence) Different scales (Major, minor, modes, etc.) Transposing (Transpose a short melody to another key) More functions: Multiple .... Free download of MusiLearner 1.2

Music theory / Solfège 9.0 dol88    

... bass clefs. Listening and dictation (notes, intervals and chords) modules allow to train your ear. In addition, ... / or their fundamental •Chords Dictation, to listen chords and to try to find their type and / or their fundamental •Sound recording, to record the selected notes either with voice or from .... Free download of Music theory / Solfège 9.0

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