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NetBull NetBull    

... can be used for a personal purpose (monitoring children, spouses) and as well for business purposes (monitoring ... effective parental control software that can protect your children from all online threats. NetBull monitoring program can be used in all Windows environments (Guest or Administrator accounts, 32-bit or 64-bit systems) and in .... Free download of NetBull

Stop PORN 9.09 PB Software, LLC    

... aimed at parents who want to protect their children from loading inappropriate content while browsing the Internet, STOP P-O-R-N doesn't assault users with an avalanche of features. WORKS ON ALL WEB BROWSERS! SHUTS DOWN BROWSERS FAST WHEN PORN IS DETECTED! Prevent file sharing and chat programs from running Instead, the .... Free download of Stop PORN 9.09

Ghost Keylogger 4.11 Keylogger    

... you are away, retrieve lost information, monitor your children activity, monitor what and when programs are opened or even find out what you actually wrote. .... Free download of Ghost Keylogger 4.11

Dr.Web Security Space Doctor Web    

... - instant messenger traffic filtering. Efficient protection of children against exposure to objectionable content. Prevent unauthorized use of removable devices and the computer. Dr.Web Cloud - check URLs on Doctor Web's servers. Protects against unauthorized access by a network; prevents data leaks; blocks suspicious connections on package and application layers. .... Free download of Dr.Web Security Space

Dr.Web Security Space for Android 12.6.8 Doctor Web    

... be restored, if needed. Parental Control - protects children from dangerous websites, from calls and sms from strangers, from downloading or launch of unwanted apps, protects antivirus settings from unauthorized changes by kids with a password. Calls and SMS filter - helps avoid unwanted calls and SMS messages. Anti-theft - .... Free download of Dr.Web Security Space for Android 12.6.8

Sababa Kindergarten Mathematics 1,9 Sababa    

... With Fun Learning App Many preschool and kindergarten children love numbers but lose interest due to boring ... With this kids math game, we want preschool children to continue enjoying math and learn counting with ... math games for kids and activities from which children can learn and have fun. The app makes .... Free download of Sababa Kindergarten Mathematics 1,9

www.kidsafety.site 1.0 www.kidsafety.site    

... all want to be able to protect our children and keep them safe from harm. KidSafety.site lets you do ALL of this and lots more besides. Our software allows you to descreetly monitor everything that your child does online .... Free download of www.kidsafety.site 1.0

Kids Colouring Book 1.0 KidsColouringBook.com    

... a brilliant way to spend time with your children, or grand children. You can either colour in the pages within ... put together a fantastic little application designed for children of ALL ages, from 1 to 100!. The ... a fantastic NEW interactive Windows software designed for children. Coronavirus!! - In this day and age we .... Free download of Kids Colouring Book 1.0

Remote Surveillance Pro PCWinSoft Software    

Do remote surveillance on your webcam, desktop screen, and microphone. Remote Surveillance Pro has a professional web server to publish a secure website to be your eyes and ears from a distance. You can connect to your private surveillance website from anywhere using any browser. On your private surveillance website you .... Free download of Remote Surveillance Pro

FotoWorks XL 2020 20.0.1 IN MEDIAKG TI    

... for beginners, photographers, as well as seniors and children. Get the Photo Editing Software Free Download that meets the highest quality standards, and includes a complete Image Editing Package. The Photo Editor has all known functions needed to edit, enhance, or improve photos; create collages, manipulate or retouch images, or .... Free download of FotoWorks XL 2020 20.0.1

ChrisPC DNS Switch 4.20 Chris P.C. srl    

... (avoiding viruses, malware, trojans etc). Furthermore with your children browsing the internet you might choose to switch to a Family Safe DNS server to steer clear of harmful websites like adult ones, or those that encourage violence, drugs and/or indecent behavior. In the end it might be that you just .... Free download of ChrisPC DNS Switch 4.20

O&O MediaRecovery 14.1.137 O&O Software GmbH    

O&O MediaRecovery rescues deleted multi-media files lost through virus attack, program crash or simply through pressing the wrong button. User-friendly: accidentally deleted multi-media files, such as baby photos, wedding photos or music, can be recovered directly from digital cameras, memory cards and USB Sticks. They must simply be supported by .... Free download of O&O MediaRecovery 14.1.137

Coloring Book 14: Robots 1.00.18 Dataware    

Coloring book software filled with 50 pages of robots! It includes a huge variety of robots that will entertain sci-fi fans for hours. These kooky robots are in scenes that depict them doing activities at home, work, and play. Published by Dataware. .... Free download of Coloring Book 14: Robots 1.00.18

Netcam Studio Moonware Studios    

... can monitor your home, your office or your children using a single utility. No license or membership is required to use features such as motion detection and remote monitoring from another computer, a phone or a tablet. The only limitations of the free version are 4 sources limit .... Free download of Netcam Studio

LightLogger Keylogger HeavenWard    

... parents who want to keep tabs on their children's computer use, LightLogger also comes in a FREE trial evaluation version. See HeavenWard's articles about children and internet dangers. .... Free download of LightLogger Keylogger

Ivideon Mobile Video Solutions    

... with your property; you can watch over your children even while you're away; your flat and country house are always protected. .... Free download of Ivideon

Free Mac Keylogger 4.2.41 HeavenWard    

... parents who want to monitor the messages their children send and the applications they run. Free Mac Keylogger is Mac OS X keylogging made easy! .... Free download of Free Mac Keylogger 4.2.41

GCompris 0.96 Bruno Coudoin    

... educational software suite comprising of numerous activities for children aged 2 to 10. Some of the activities ... improve it and, most importantly, share it with children everywhere. .... Free download of GCompris 0.96

Free Keylogger für Windows HeavenWard    

... for parents who want to monitor messages their children send on the family PC. Designed for simplicity and ease of use, Free Keylogger also features a choice of many interface languages. .... Free download of Free Keylogger für Windows

KeyMusic 3.0 TriSun Software Limited    

... music when typing, just for entertainment, girls or children might like it. It is very easy to use, just install and run it, your keyboard will sing while you typing. You can set the Device, Instrument, Volume and Tone to get a wide variety of music, and all settings will .... Free download of KeyMusic 3.0

Xeoma 20.4.28 Felenasoft    

... only depend on your imagination. Like a children's construction set, Xeoma is tinker-toy-easy to build, manage, adjust to your goals or change using quick scheme change option with the help of visual editor. Three operating modes make Xeoma suitable for solving various tasks. Xeoma is a video surveillance .... Free download of Xeoma 20.4.28

Coloring Book 6.00.18 Dataware    

Children will have hours of fun with this coloring ... make it easy to use even for young children. No more broken or lost crayons with this computer version and the pages can be colored over and over again with the dozens of available colors. Download a free trial version of .... Free download of Coloring Book 6.00.18

WinLock Professional 8.36 Crystal Office Systems    

... parents install WinLock on every computer that their children use. It also lets you deny access to selected files, applications, and Explorer windows (Recycle Bin, My Computer, etc.), usb and hard drives, filter Internet content and prohibit access to questionable websites. When enabled, there is no way around it without .... Free download of WinLock Professional 8.36

Bingo Card Maker 4.3 CorkSoft    

... to make educational bingo cards for students and children. It can also be used to make entertaiment bingo cards. There are about 200 bingo sample lists in Bingo Card Maker and users can directly use them to make bingo cards. What's more, users can easily create, save and print their .... Free download of Bingo Card Maker 4.3

Sticker Activity Pages 2: Fantasy World 1.00.18 Dataware    

Find the correct stickers to complete scenes from medieval times in this second set of Sticker Activity Pages. With dozens of pages and hundreds of missing stickers to find, kids will have hours of fun while improving their matching skills. Sticker categories include knights and wizards, kings, queens, princes, and princesses, .... Free download of Sticker Activity Pages 2: Fantasy World 1.00.18

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