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WinRock R.A.Kanen    

... titles, fonts and fields, plus a choice of symbols and colors. Data can be marked and labeled ... selected from a list of classification diagrams and symbol descriptions can be entered for printing with the ... data sets can be classified and compared using symbols and colors and individual points can be identified .... Free download of WinRock

Chemistry Add-in for Word 3.0.27 Microsoft    

... to easily author documents in the language of chemistry is at the heart of the Chemistry Add-in for Word. Every discipline has its own ... environment characterized by staggering volumes of data. In chemistry, not only is there a specific language, but a specific language with specific symbols and conventions. By giving these symbols meaning, the .... Free download of Chemistry Add-in for Word 3.0.27

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Chemical Data 2.9 ChemEng Software Design    

... Periodic Table (118) (Info types : Element Name,Atomic Symbol,Atomic No.,Year Discovered,Atomic Mass,Melting Point, C,Boiling Point, C,State at Room Temp, Density g/ml,Electronegativity (Pauling),Electron Affinity (eV),Common Oxidation States,Ions Commonly Formed,Electron Configuration, Atomic Radius (),Ionic Radius (),Covalent Radius (),Atomic Volume (cm^3 mol),Crystal Structure,Electrical Conductivity (mho cm), Specific Heat (J/gK),Heat of Fusion (kJ/mol),Heat of .... Free download of Chemical Data 2.9

Ingatan 1.5.3 Tom Everin    

... learning languages, labelling anatomical diagrams, and practising organic chemistry mechanisms. Instead of choosing a question type from ... those with a low historical grade. An inline symbol menu makes it easy to insert non-keyboard characters. Questions are intelligently organised into libraries, and libraries into groups, and can easily be shared. .... Free download of Ingatan 1.5.3

StudyMinder Flash Cards 2.1 StudyMinder Software    

... dates and places - Formulas for science and chemistry class - Any subjects that require memorization and ... when printed. - Use any font, including special symbols and foreign language characters - Select from bold, italic, underline and strike out styles - Change font colors and add highlight colors StudyMinder Flash .... Free download of StudyMinder Flash Cards 2.1

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