Kintecus 6.80 Ianni Consulting    

... J. Chem. It is an Industrial Strength/Research Grade chemical modeling, chemical kinetics and equilibrium software for simulation of combustion, nuclear, .... Free download of Kintecus 6.80

COCO amsterchem    

... a data bank of over 430 commonly used chemicals. The package exhibits more than 100 property calculation ... comes with COCO facilitates specifying any kind of kinetic or equilibrium reaction. Simple reactor units, like conversion reactors, CSTRs and plug flow reactors that can use the CORN package come with the COUSCOUS .... Free download of COCO

DynaFit 4.04.061 Beta BioKin, Ltd.    

... was developed to perform nonlinear least-squares regression of chemical kinetic, enzyme kinetic, or ligand-receptor binding data. The experimental data can ... Enzyme : k7 k8 The names of chemical species ("Monomer", "Enzyme", etc.) are entirely arbitrary and .... Free download of DynaFit 4.04.061 Beta

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