BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger 1.98 BlazingTools Software     new

... more directly to your email. Remote user activity monitoring - as easy as never before! Works great on latest Windows 10. Recent changes: support for Windows 10 tablets and ultra hi-res screens, updated support of latest web browsers, updated Chats tracking. Attention: you may need to configure your security software .... Free download of BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger 1.98

Undetectable Keylogger 1.2.48 Undetectable Keylogger     update

Undetectable Keylogger - new version released! It's like a hidden surveillance camera pointed directly at your computer monitor! Undetectable Keylogger takes screenshots every minute and stores them secretly. You can get detailed visual recordings of all chat conversations, instant messages, e-mails sent and received, all websites visited, all programs run, all .... Free download of Undetectable Keylogger 1.2.48

REFOG Employee Monitor Refog    

Real-Time Remote Monitoring Employees perform better under constant control with real-time ... feeling and improves discipline and productivity. Refog Employee Monitoring Software allows managers and supervisors to monitor multiple ... their activities! Save Screens and Keystrokes While real-time monitoring is essential to improve employee productivity, it does ... FTP reports You can easily configure Employee Computer Monitoring Software to alert you about certain events via .... Free download of REFOG Employee Monitor

REFOG Keylogger Refog    

... of molesters. The solution? Violate their anonymity by monitoring your kids' activities! REFOG Keylogger is designed to deal with extended families, but it fits small families just as easy. Allowing you to monitor your children activities remotely over the Internet, REFOG Keylogger does not even require your close presence in .... Free download of REFOG Keylogger

Parental Control software review 1.1    

... or offline (using available programs, playing games). These monitoring programs provide you with indispensable assistance to stop ... alerts are sent to your email regularly. So, monitoring programs provide parents with a constant control of PC activity of their kids. It is a great solution to prevent your family member from .... Free download of Parental Control software review 1.1

Best monitoring software review 1.1    

... kind of disaster in the modern society. Computer monitoring software offset detrimental effects on ourselves and the ... about. Taking into account the rising demand for monitoring programs, we carried out a study in this ... facts we investigated. The first feature is a monitoring ability. This ability to permanently control any user’s .... Free download of Best monitoring software review 1.1

Employee monitoring software review 1.1    

... of both individual employees and the entire office. Monitoring programs keep an eye on the applications launched ... in social networks, and many other things. Employee monitoring software review is a comparative table of the best solutions for monitoring. All the programs were tested by our experts according to such criteria as OS Support, Security, Monitoring, Online Monitoring, Reports. Every criterion is represented by .... Free download of Employee monitoring software review 1.1

REFOG Personal Monitor Refog    

... company's time. Multiple monitor configurations are supported! Application monitoring and file tracking Refog is able to record ... reveal inappropriate interest in specific confidential documents. IM monitoring Refog is also compatible with all major instant messaging software (e.g. AIM, Facebook®,Yahoo! messenger, Skype, ICQ, Google Talk, MSN). It is not only able .... Free download of REFOG Personal Monitor

Free Keylogger 4.0 Iwantsoft    

... is designed for covert surveillance and PC activity monitoring. With this program you will know what other users are doing on a computer and track their Internet usage. It intercepts everything that is typed on keyboard (including passwords, emails, chats, documents etc), monitors clipboard changes and all internet navigation. Then .... Free download of Free Keylogger 4.0

StaffCop Standart Edition 5.8.855 StaffCop    

... a result of web sites sessions and chat monitoring. This functional allows to conduct complex analysis of staff activities when employees are working on PCs. The master enables to send reports via FTP and email. Additionally, its functional includes Report Generation Scheduler. Local events The solution controls launched processes and .... Free download of StaffCop Standart Edition 5.8.855

StaffCop Home Edition 5.7.795 StaffCop    

... Home Edition - parental control software with unique monitoring features. This version of StaffCop is designed specifically ... installed applications and much more. - Social Network Monitoring - all actions performed in Facebook, Classmates or VK are tracked and analyzed. You are able to see private messages, photos and other materials .... Free download of StaffCop Home Edition 5.7.795

Keystroke Spy 8.52 Spytech    

... powerful cost-effective alternative to our robust, all-in-one computer monitoring product - SpyAgent. Keystroke Spy, while being able to log all keystrokes typed by users without them knowing, can also be set to log keystrokes typed only in specific applications. While allowing you to see who users are talking to, what .... Free download of Keystroke Spy 8.52

Spy Suite 9.1.1 Spytech    

... solution, becomes the most powerful and robust remote monitoring and administration software available anywhere. SpyAgent integrates seamlessly with SpyAnywhere, allowing you to gain total control of the remote PC with SpyAgent and SpyAnywhere. SpyAnywhere allows you to view and manage all of SpyAgent's activity logs; as well as view the .... Free download of Spy Suite 9.1.1

Personal Monitor 10.6.2 Spyrix    

... a powerful multifunctional program for full and detailed monitoring of user activity, including activity on social networks. ... Monitor will help you solve the problem of monitoring your children without being caught. You will always know what you child was doing while using the PC. Spyrix Personal Monitor is a powerful .... Free download of Personal Monitor 10.6.2

Parental Control PRO 2.31 Parental Control    

Parental Control PRO is a stealth application that can secretly record information on your PC: records websites visited, usernames, passwords, screenshots, incoming and outgoing emails, both sides of chat conversations and more. Parental Control PRO allows you to specify what days and hours your children may access the computer, internet, or .... Free download of Parental Control PRO 2.31

Copy9 6.10 Copy9    

... especially when you have doubts on your kids, spouse or employees. Sometimes, you need to find the ... to help people to track their kids or spouse, or employees' mobile phone and help you take ... this Copy9 to find the truth about their spouses as it helps them track their mobile phone .... Free download of Copy9 6.10

Amac Keylogger for Mac OS X 3.0.3 Amac Software    

... almost all the activities and fully supports multiple-user monitoring. Catch a Cheating Spouse Amac Keylogger for Mac OS X is a ... Mac users to gain the trail of a cheating spouse by secretly recording chat conversations and website visits ... Mac OS X will help managers for employee monitoring. Office leaders will receive log reports of keystrokes, .... Free download of Amac Keylogger for Mac OS X 3.0.3

Big Brother Pro 1.3.29 Big Brother Software    

... control software. BigBrother Pro is a PC stealth monitoring software that works in total secrecy, undetectable by ... With the best cost/performance ratio yet full featured monitoring software, BigBrother Pro records all PC activities. The official Big Brother website is BigBrother Pro is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, .... Free download of Big Brother Pro 1.3.29

Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger Professional 4.0.3-1 Aobo Software    

... visiting bad websites? Do you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you? Are your employees working or playing ... Keylogger Professional. Running Features - Stealth and undetectable Monitoring and Recording - Password protection - Easy to .... Free download of Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger Professional 4.0.3-1

Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger 3.4 Keylogger Spy Monitor ,Inc.    

... and screenshots captured; Moreover, it supports to remote monitoring through logs report delivery via email without any ... almost all username and passwords as a keystroke monitoring software. 3, Logs delivery via email It supports ... is an excellent spy tool for long-term child monitoring or catching a cheating spouse. It compatible with .... Free download of Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger 3.4

Spy PC Keylogger 3.31 PC Spy Monitor, Inc.    

... the best choice of home or office computer monitoring. This spy software allows you to secretly monitor ... and so on. This stealthy keylogger supports remote monitoring through logs report delivery with email. So you ... keylogger is truly spy expert for suspicious kids, cheating spouse, ill-disposed or sluggish employees. Key features of .... Free download of Spy PC Keylogger 3.31

Keylog Monitor for Win7 2012 SharewareBoss Software    

... It is widely used for parental control, employee monitoring and private detective service. By using Keylog Monitor, ... you solve these parental control problems. Catch A Cheating Spouse: Keylog Monitor help you know that whether your spouse is cheating on you. Sometimes you have felt that your ... agencies using Keylog Monitor in their works. Business Monitoring: Keylog Monitor helps you monitor your employees. It .... Free download of Keylog Monitor for Win7 2012

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