CATraxx CD Player 9.44 FNProgramvare     new

CATraxx CD Player is a compact application that can help you ... The program is designed to work with the CATraxx application but it is not included in the ... offers all the basic features of a CD player plus the ability to edit the lyrics from .... Free download of CATraxx CD Player 9.44

HAPaudio Player 10.51 Thomas Hamstrup     update

HAPaudio Player is a compact application that is designed to be used with the CATraxx application in order to view more information about ... can also view the information stored in the CATraxx database. The player has a very flexible interface that allows you ... displayed information. If you run the program while CATraxx is running, the database open in CATraxx will .... Free download of HAPaudio Player 10.51

HAPclearPlayHistory 10.10 Thomas Hamstrup    

... a handy application designed to work with the CATraxx program in order to view and to clear ... program or you can add in to the CATraxx sites list. CATraxx must be running when you are using the .... Free download of HAPclearPlayHistory 10.10

CATraxx Audio Player 9.44 FNProgramvare    

CATraxx Audio Player is a separate program that will play audio files attached to your CATraxx database. While you can of course play audio files from within CATraxx, the audio player is a great alternative if you simply want ... You can use this program without having CATraxx installed on the computer since it uses less .... Free download of CATraxx Audio Player 9.44

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