CATraxx 9.50 FNProgramvare     new

... It supports CDDB2, the world's largest Internet music database. You can catalog CDs by downloading data from the Internet. .... Free download of CATraxx 9.50

CATraxx CD Player 9.44 FNProgramvare     new

CATraxx CD Player is a compact application that can ... The program is designed to work with the CATraxx application but it is not included in the ... the ability to edit the lyrics from the database. .... Free download of CATraxx CD Player 9.44

HAPdataServer 10.10 Thomas Hamstrup     update

... allows you to view the information from the CATraxx database. You can use it as a standalone program and connect to a certain database. It is recommended that you backup you .... Free download of HAPdataServer 10.10

HAPaudio Player 10.51 Thomas Hamstrup     update

... that is designed to be used with the CATraxx application in order to view more information about ... can also view the information stored in the CATraxx database. The player has a very flexible interface ... displayed information. If you run the program while CATraxx is running, the database open in CATraxx will .... Free download of HAPaudio Player 10.51

HAPbirthDates 10.52 Thomas Hamstrup    

... allows you to extract the birthdays from your CATraxx database. You can use the default CATraxx database or you can open an older database of your choosing. The application can be used from inside the CATraxx application by making an entry in the Sites .... Free download of HAPbirthDates 10.52

HAPupdateTags 10.51 Thomas Hamstrup    

... reliable application that allows you to work with CATraxx album database and to change the tags for a certain ... entry in the Sites menu available in the CATraxx application. The program allows you to process ... album or for all the albums from the database. .... Free download of HAPupdateTags 10.51

HAPcheckFolders 10.51 Thomas Hamstrup    

... verify the integrity of the albums from the CATraxx database. You can use the program from the CATraxx application or as a standalone application. In order to use the program from the CATraxx interface you need to add a new entry .... Free download of HAPcheckFolders 10.51

HAPrenameAudioFiles 10.11 Thomas Hamstrup    

... and performant application designed to work with the CATraxx database and to rename your files. You can change ... run from the Sites menu available from the CATraxx interface. You can also use it to create .... Free download of HAPrenameAudioFiles 10.11

HAPsyncItunes 10.20 Thomas Hamstrup    

... designed to work with the playlists created with CATraxx and to transfer them to iTunes. iTunes is ... the program to transfer a playlist from the CATraxx database to the iTunes application. .... Free download of HAPsyncItunes 10.20

HAPquery 10.10 Thomas Hamstrup    

... useful application that allows you to work with CATraxx databases and to create queries for extracting information. The used can load a certain CATraxx database and create a custom SQL query. The .... Free download of HAPquery 10.10

HAPsaveImageToFolder 10.10 Thomas Hamstrup    

... you to export the album images from the CATraxx program. The user ca save the image for one or more albums from the CATraxx database. The application extracts the image market as .... Free download of HAPsaveImageToFolder 10.10

HAPupdatePersonRoles 10.10 Thomas Hamstrup    

... information about a person's role stored in a CATraxx database. You can use it to see all the ... no need to preview or to explore the database for the role of the artist. The role-field .... Free download of HAPupdatePersonRoles 10.10

HAPtemplateOverview 10.10 Thomas Hamstrup    

... the details of the templates used by the CATraxx application. For each template, you can see which Classes, HREFs, IMG's etc. are used. For each of these items, you can see in which templates they are used. You can see an analysis of templates to see unused templates and .... Free download of HAPtemplateOverview 10.10

HAPclearPlayHistory 10.10 Thomas Hamstrup    

... a handy application designed to work with the CATraxx program in order to view and to clear ... program or you can add in to the CATraxx sites list. CATraxx must be running when you are using the ... history for certain artists or for the entire database. It is recommended to perform a simulation before .... Free download of HAPclearPlayHistory 10.10

CreateM3U 10.10 Thomas Hamstrup    

... playlist files from the albums saved in the CATraxx database. The program is integrated in CATraxx and allows you to select the albums or ... menu item in the Sites menu from the CATraxx interface. .... Free download of CreateM3U 10.10

CATraxx Audio Player 9.44 FNProgramvare    

CATraxx Audio Player is a separate program that will play audio files attached to your CATraxx database. While you can of course play audio files from within CATraxx, the audio player is a great alternative if ... You can use this program without having CATraxx installed on the computer since it uses less .... Free download of CATraxx Audio Player 9.44

CATraxx Importer 27.01 FNProgramvare    

CATraxx Importer is a compact program designed to help you import information from other programs into the database of the CATraxx application. CATraxx Importer can import data from the following applications: ... Trustee Davilex Music Manager 98/2000 ERG Music Database Music Catalogue Master Music Collector Music Database 2000 Music Library MusicManager MusicWise OrangeCD VisiTrax .... Free download of CATraxx Importer 27.01

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