Easy Photo Sketcher Lite 1.61 Filipe Rosado da Fonseca    

Software to easily convert photos into either black- or white-board sketches. The sketching phase is preceeded by steps where the user can select both the part of the image to be sketched and whether or not to apply color-enhancing filters to it. At the sketching phase, besides being possible to choose .... Free download of Easy Photo Sketcher Lite 1.61

Easy Photo Cartoonizer Lite 1.61 Filipe Rosado da Fonseca    

... where the part of the image to be cartoonized is choosen and where color enhancing filters (for instance, contrast and brightnance ones) can be applied to it. Cartoons are created as the result of joining two images together, the background and the foreground ones, which creation is controlled by the .... Free download of Easy Photo Cartoonizer Lite 1.61

Prima Cartoonizer 1.0.8 Convertdaily Inc    

The ultimate Cartoonizer for your favourites photos, Prima Cartoonizer is the best cartoonizing software for windows device ... many features. Enjoy an Automatic conversion process! Prima cartoonizer convert any image to cartoon automatically, and it ... the software license is for life! With Prima Cartoonizer you can cartoon yourself without any knowledge and .... Free download of Prima Cartoonizer 1.0.8

FXCartoonizer 1.0.2 Convertdaily    

... sharing your actual photo but a cartoon of yourself. You can make cartoons of your friends, pets, house, neighborhood and especially the celebrities and the politicians. Cartoons will be the best gift for your family and friends. You can also use them on mugs and T-shirts. Undoubtedly, this software is .... Free download of FXCartoonizer 1.0.2

iToon 1.0.1 Convertdaily    

... apply cartoon filter automatically to your photo! Cartoon yourself with iToon like a real artist! Not need to be a photoshop expert, with iToon apply cartoon filter automatically to your photo! Require Windows PC. No need internet connection! Turning your photo to GTA Cartoon character in one click, select your .... Free download of iToon 1.0.1

Image Cartoonizer 3.9.0 Convertdaily    

Now you will be able to cartoonize your photos from your desktop with our new Image Cartoonizer Desktop Software for Windows. You can convert all ... add color, change the contrast and brightness... Features: Cartoonize your personal photos! Convert more quickly! Convert large ... parts of an image! Edit your photos before cartoonize them, and add some adjustments! Cartoonize your photo .... Free download of Image Cartoonizer 3.9.0

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