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Pretty Good MahJongg 2.60 Goodsol Development Inc.    

... you can play the classic MahJongg solitaire tile matching game, MahJongg puzzle games, and original MahJongg solitaire tile games found nowhere else. The classic MahJongg solitaire tile matching game begins with a layout of MahJongg tiles. The ... all. Pretty Good MahJongg has 345 different tile matching layouts. The 55 MahJongg puzzle games and original .... Free download of Pretty Good MahJongg 2.60

Match Pairs 1.6 VOVSOFT    

Match Pairs is a memory game which you need to match pair of cards. You can play the game against computer (CPU) or your friend. There are ... most difficult computer. Match Pairs is a memory game developed by VOVSOFT. Memory games are very suitable for children and other age .... Free download of Match Pairs 1.6

Wutch 1.5 Whizical.com    

Wutch is an unusual card game that involves matching picture cards in various combinations to score points. You (a ... side of you. The ultimate winner of a game is the player who has collected the most ... easy to learn, with visual cues and all game actions controlled with just mouse clicks. However, as .... Free download of Wutch 1.5

Manic Maching 1.12 LastEnd    

Manic Matching is a great way to test your memory ... and recall limits. The goal is to match cards before the timer runs out and don't waste ... remaining turns. Some of the levels move the cards up, down, and some times zoom in an ... you can follow them. In later levels special cards start to appear that give more time, remaining .... Free download of Manic Maching 1.12

Lucky Farm 1.2 LastEnd    

... speed and recall limits as they have fun matching cows, pigs, and other animals cards, and is also somewhat challenging for adults. The goal is to match cards before the timer runs out and don't waste ... remaining turns. Some of the levels move the cards up, down, and some times zoom in an .... Free download of Lucky Farm 1.2

St. Patricks Day 2 Suit Spider Solitaire 1.0 St. Patrick's Day Solitaire    

... 2 Suit Spider Solitaire is to stack all cards according to suit in descending order to make them disappear from the game. Once all card stacks are gone, you win! You can stack cards without matching the suit, but the lower cards will no longer be usable. Use the extra solitaire cards in the bottom to add cards to the .... Free download of St. Patricks Day 2 Suit Spider Solitaire 1.0

Memory Matches for Win8 UI IDC Projects    

The classic card matching game to test and improve your memory! Great for any age, just flip the cards to reveal a matching pair. Race against the clock to beat your ... high scores. Check out hundreds of different card images as you explore the different themes. For an additional challenge, play with more cards at a time (boards from 16 up to .... Free download of Memory Matches for Win8 UI

Got It! Red Aria Games    

... it! is a fast and fun little math game designed by Jolly Games. This game is also available in a physical format (homepage The objective of the game is to find expressions fast; first, a grid ... number. This can be any 5 adjacent cards in the grid (3 numbers and 2 operators), .... Free download of Got It!

Plus Sign Mah Jongg 1.0 Mahjongg    

... and play this Addition style Mah Jongg board game, or show your kids how fun adding can be with Plus Sign Mah Jongg! Match open mah jongg tiles to open up tiles below or beside them. Once all matches have been made, you are the mah jongg champion. Flower and .... Free download of Plus Sign Mah Jongg 1.0

Decuple Mah Jongg 1.0 Mahjongg    

... such because of its ten layers at the game's highest peaks. This game is for the most seasoned mah jongg player, ... to navigate through to win this mah jongg game. The rules are the same as all mah jongg games. Match pairs of tiles to get rid of .... Free download of Decuple Mah Jongg 1.0

Flag Mah Jongg 1.0 Mahjongg    

Mah Jongg is going patriotic with puzzle game Flag Mah Jongg. Celebrate your nationality (if you ... Jongg is one of the hardest mah jongg games out there, but the wonderful thing about this board game is that on 247 Mah Jongg.com you can .... Free download of Flag Mah Jongg 1.0

Mahjongg Arrow 1.0 Mahjongg    

... love with this one of a kind board game. Get those ma jongg tiles outta there by clicking them in matching pairs. Use the hints if you are having ... the mah jongg tiles and you win puzzle game Mahjongg Arrow! Keep coming back to beat your .... Free download of Mahjongg Arrow 1.0

City Mahjongg 1.0 Mahjongg    

... long. Mahjongg tiles can be removed by clicking matching pairs off the board. Only open tiles can be clicked in this puzzle game. Mahjongg tiles are open when one vertical side is not blocked by anything. Season Mahjongg tiles can be matched with any other seasonal tile, .... Free download of City Mahjongg 1.0

Mah Jongg Diamond 1.0 Mahjongg    

... your finger to admire this amazing diamond mahjongg game! The rules of Mahjongg are simple, and this Diamond Mah Jongg game is a good for beginners. Eliminate all mahjongg ... Screen capability helps to make this mah jongg game more visually satisfying if you are unable to .... Free download of Mah Jongg Diamond 1.0

Hourglass Mah Jongg 1.0 Mahjongg    

... Solitaire, time is on your side. Click on matching mah jongg tiles to eliminate them from the ... Use the "Full Screen" button to make the game larger on your screen and to give yourself a minor mah jongg advantage! Look for season and flower mah jongg tiles which can be .... Free download of Hourglass Mah Jongg 1.0

Sailboat Mah Jongg 1.0 Mahjongg    

... the sailboat as you play this popular tile matching mah jongg game. Mah Jongg is easy and fun to play. Just select open matching tiles to remove them from the playing surface. .... Free download of Sailboat Mah Jongg 1.0

Mahjong Solitaire 1 Mahjong Solitaire    

Match tiles in puzzle game Mahjong Solitaire. Mahjong is a traditional Chinese tile game, and solitaire is an American card game played by one's self. Put the two together ... have Mahjong Solitaire: a limitlessly entertaining strategy board game. Beat Mahjong Solitaire by matching tiles together to remove them from the board. .... Free download of Mahjong Solitaire 1

FreeSweetGames Pairs Parade 2.0.40 FreeSweetGames    

The lot of pair cards is mixed up on the game area. Your task to open all cards in pairs for allocated time or attempts. It is simultaneously possible to open only two cards. If opened cards are not pair, they will close. The found ... time. Time countdown begins after opening the first card. Move limit - open all pairs for allocated .... Free download of FreeSweetGames Pairs Parade 2.0.40

Golf Tamera A Shaw-McGuire    

In this version, you receive nine cards. Swap out higher scoring cards with lower scoring cards out to create the lowest total score. Three matching cards in a column equal 0. Jokers are worth .... Free download of Golf

Tams11 Quence Tamera A Shaw-McGuire    

Play a card from your hand and then place a chip on the matching square on the board. Get five chips in a row to get a Quence. Special cards, such at bombs and wild cards, make the game unpredictable. It's easy enough for a child to .... Free download of Tams11 Quence

Catalyst Deluxe 1.2 Lost Luggage Studios    

Catalyst Deluxe is an engaging solitaire card game based on the 10-20-30 game. The game consists of matching sets of three cards whose face values total 10, 20, or 30 ... the Ace worth one point, and all face cards worth ten points each, this is a great game for all ages to build your math skills .... Free download of Catalyst Deluxe 1.2

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