DetectWORKS License plate recognition so 1.1 DetectWORKS     new

... LPR Solution is the optimal solution for vehicle license plate recognition on video streams of different surveillance cameras and registration the recognized plates and photos of the vehicles in central database. This License Plate Recognition Solution is based on latest technologies and consist ... types of ANPR Automation Solutions. Key Features •Realtime license plates recognition from multiple Analog or IP cameras .... Free download of DetectWORKS License plate recognition so 1.1

MyALPR 4.1.1 Pergel Attila    

... reliable software that helps you to check the license number for the scanned car and find out who the car belongs to. Taking advantage of maximizing the using of the computer vision we developed our vehicle license plate recognizer and we made an application which can ... way to induce event controls. LPR (License Plate Recognition) is an image-processing technology used to identify .... Free download of MyALPR 4.1.1

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