BankTree Personal Finance 3.19.5 BankTree     update

... of helpful tools, including a loan and mortgage calculator. Get BankTree Desktop Personal Finance Software, and manage multiple accounts. .... Free download of BankTree Personal Finance 3.19.5

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Piggy 2.7.3 Really Friendly Software     new

Piggy is simple yet powerful personal monthly budget planner. + Simple and intuitive just five-column chart for calculating monthly incomes and expenditures + Rows are automatically sorted by Day, In/Out, Description + Extremely fast -- shows your plan on the screen within a fraction of a second + You can share .... Free download of Piggy 2.7.3

Simple Home Budget ProperSoft     update

... time the program closes, comes with a built-in calculator and you can easily export your data to an Excel-compatible document. You can also move your data to another computer if you wish. Simple Home Budget is an easy to use application that doesn't come with advertising bells and whistles, flashy .... Free download of Simple Home Budget

Cashiya Personal Finance 1.0.20 Cashiya - Finance/ Asvi Mobisol    

... two wheeler, mediclaim, personal accident). - Inbuilt Financial Calculators (EMI, wealth, savings, loan eligibility, insurance, saving target, investment returns). We absolutely do NOT read messages or collect call logs. Cashiya only analyse your SMS inbox to track spends and ATM withdrawals. This app does not read or save your personal .... Free download of Cashiya Personal Finance 1.0.20

J and L Retirement Planner 22.0 J&L Software LLC    

... The program includes budgeting features and many financial calculators including a rule72 calculator. It also includes RMD distributions. .... Free download of J and L Retirement Planner 22.0

akaEasyMoney Resonator Ltd.    

... with further import them into the program Credit calculator for a detailed analysis of existing or new loans Complete list Contacts (organizations, persons ...), with the ability to attach any number of documents and photos to each contact. Application - multilingual. All translations are stored in one file - aemLocalization.xlsx, .... Free download of akaEasyMoney

Moneyble Personal Finance 3.4.55 Moneyble    

Optimized for performance and ease of use. The app is designed for those who are using Excel today to track personal finances. All screens are spreadsheet-based to allow quick data entry and editing. You can customize what columns you want to see and how to name them. You can adjust Moneyble .... Free download of Moneyble Personal Finance 3.4.55

Portfolio Tracker Pro 3.3.06 MoneyThumb    

... ought to be changed. Use the advanced rebalancing calculator to rebalance your investments against asset allocation targets. ... calculates Rate Of Return with an accurate IRR calculator that includes all investments. Free Trial Download: Full install for Microsoft and Windows Max OS X, Portable version for, Linux, and Unix. .... Free download of Portfolio Tracker Pro 3.3.06

Mortgage Prelude NorthStar Solutions, LLC    

This easy-to-use program will save you countless time and hassle by determining how much of a loan you are qualified for BEFORE you ever have to fill out a loan application. It uses the guidelines set forth by the Federal National Mortgage Association (a.k.a. Fannie Mae) to determine the loan amount .... Free download of Mortgage Prelude

Loan Calc 2.7.7 Max Programming, S.L.    

Loan Calc is an easy-to-use tool intended to calculate loans and mortgages repayments in a very simple way. Loan Calc calculates repayments amount, monthly and total interest, total repayments and generates a full repayment list from a start date. Loan Calc is currency-independent so it can be used with Dollars, Francs, .... Free download of Loan Calc 2.7.7

Energy Costs Calculator 1.3.4 GmbH    

... so high? This free power and water consumption calculator will allow a quick and easy calculation of ... monthly costs of utilities. Features of Energy Costs Calculator at a glance: - Free power and water consumption calculator. - Many tips on energy savings are included. .... Free download of Energy Costs Calculator 1.3.4

Friscal 1.6 Blue Leaf Concepts    

Friscal is both a FOREX risk calculator as well as a useful toolkit for assisting you with your FOREX currency trading. Calculate Lot size, Pip value and other currency trading stats from one screen. Friscal has been designed to be used in conjunction with your trading strategy to assist with .... Free download of Friscal 1.6

MyCash 6.14.10 RAD Software    

... to the penny-- and you'll never touch a calculator again! With MyCash, you have complete control over access protection for your accounts, using a unique, but very easy to use, query/response methodology that virtually guarantees that you will never forget a 'password' ever again. MyCash can maintain an unlimited number .... Free download of MyCash 6.14.10

Energy Saving 1.3.1 GmbH    

... more efficient?"). The program also has a cost calculator for electricity and water, allowing an efficient and easy calculation of the resource consumption of a selectable appliance. In addition, the software has many tips on energy savings which will allow you to reduce monthly expenditure on electricity, water, gas and .... Free download of Energy Saving 1.3.1

Currency Converter FX 1.3 Abhisoft Technologies    

... are always current. It comes with an in-build calculator so you can quickly perform any calculations. Its features conversion history to save a conversion rate for future reference and allows exporting the history to HTML or Excel file. It features a complete skinable interface so you can completely change the .... Free download of Currency Converter FX 1.3

My Checkbook for Mac 3.0.8 Surprise Software    

... My Checkbook is like having a checkbook calculator that automatically computes your actual balance; no math errors! Banks are behind and may not include the most recent checks you've written or point-of-sale transactions that have not yet been fully processed. Our checkbook balancing tools help stop overdrafts by showing .... Free download of My Checkbook for Mac 3.0.8

MortgageCalc 1.0    

Quickly calculate essential mortgage related figures with MortgageCalc. Enter the amount to be financed, interest rate, duration and payment frequency of the loan and get the payment amount you will need to pay back each period. More home load information at homepage .... Free download of MortgageCalc 1.0

MortgageCalc for mobile 1.0    

Quickly calculate essential mortgage related figures with MortgageCalc. Enter the amount to be financed, interest rate, duration and payment frequency of the loan and get the payment amount you will need to pay back each period. More home load information at homepage .... Free download of MortgageCalc for mobile 1.0

Home Buyers Calculator Suite 4.1 TedCo Software    

... amortization schedules to monthly payment calculations, Home Buyers Calculator Suite is a Windows-based collection of 12 real estate calculators for home buyers that lets you play with ... home. In addition to a dozen real estate calculators, Home Buyer's Calculator Suite includes sample text for closing credit accounts, ... to help you plan your move. Home Buyer's Calculator Suite includes 2 Quick Calculators, a Mortgage Qualifier, .... Free download of Home Buyers Calculator Suite 4.1

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