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Container Loading Calculator 3.4 Bee Interactive s.r.o.    

... your own, and click the "Load" button. The calculation is done within one minute. 10,000+ cargo items can be inserted into your container load optimization. 250 different types of boxes can be prioritized in 50 groups. Items can be put into groups and prioritized based on their final destination. Also, .... Free download of Container Loading Calculator 3.4

EasyCargo 3.1 Bee Interactive s.r.o.    

... customers or vendors. EasyCargo also supports weight distribution calculation for 2 or 3 axles trailers and trucks with semitrailer. And also import from MS Excel file. Available online without any additional installation. How it works, see YouTube video: homepage Or learn more here: homepage EasyCargo calculator is provided as a .... Free download of EasyCargo 3.1

SEVENPAR 11.04 Killet GeoSoftware Ing.-GbR    

SEVENPAR is a tool for the calculation of highly exact transformation parameters for the Spatial ... software, e.g. TRANSDAT Coordinate Transformations, or into the calculation software of GPS receivers to do exact coordinate transformations. The seven or three transformation parameters are computed with a set of individual identical points. Those are .... Free download of SEVENPAR 11.04

ORTWIN 17.03 Killet GeoSoftware Ing.-GbR    

... domicile. The program performs perimeter searches and distance calculations. It finds landscapes on different levels, natural units ... conversions between different coordinate systems and the distance calculation between the places. It calculates with Gauss Krueger coordinates referring to the Potsdam Datum (Bessel ellipsoid, Rauenberg) and with Geographic Coordinates on the geodetic .... Free download of ORTWIN 17.03

Geodata International 13.03 Killet GeoSoftware Ing.-GbR    

... and elevations for geocoding, proximity search, navigation, distance calculation. Often is it necessarily, for an address characteristic, e.g. the place name or the postal code, to establish a local relationship - a georeference. The georeference can be used e.g. to show a customer the nearest chain store by doing a .... Free download of Geodata International 13.03

Smart Grid Simulations 6.48 Dynamic Applications    

... as Cost/Profit of Public Infrastructure in relation, all Calculations are fully Transparent via ToolTips with Formulas and live calculation in Numbers. Privacy Protection - no data gathering, no Server behind you. It's your data. We respect that. Traditional Desktop Client. To introduce the .... Free download of Smart Grid Simulations 6.48

Geodata Germany 25.02 Killet GeoSoftware Ing.-GbR    

The database tables contains geodata of the Federal Republic of Germany with geo referenced towns, municipalities, town quarters and other administrative units, postal codes, telephone preselections, nature areas, landscapes, climatic zones and official topographical cartographies. The data contain coordinates for navigation and geo-coding, proximity searches and distance computations and are prepered .... Free download of Geodata Germany 25.02

Storecalc 1.42 Ivan Kurchenko    

... warehouse calculator. It allows to organize elementary warehouse calculation for a small own business. Its assignment is keeping private bookings on a warehouse. Just a few keystrokes execute the following actions: Adding products to a warehouse; Subtracting products from a warehouse; Changing product price; Product search; Sorting product list; Reviewing .... Free download of Storecalc 1.42

Happytime Stream2File 3.2 Happytimesoft    

... RTSP/RTMP stream to file with simple configuration. Automatic calculation of frame rate, video resolution and other parameters. The generated file supports most media players, supports index lookup, and supports reverse playback. Supports simultaneous rtsp/rtmp stream to file, up to 100 streams simultaneously Support MPEG4, MJPEG, H264, H265 video formats Support .... Free download of Happytime Stream2File 3.2

Mighty Desktop 1.0 Atlas Informatik    

... - Backup of files - Scheduling events - Calculation of Numbers, dates, times - Conversion of units ... file copying, renaming, concatenating, splitting, scanning and checksum calculation - Duplicate file cleaner - Device management and repair - Intranet scan - Internet functions Ping, Trace Route, Reverse IP Lookup, DNS cache clear .... Free download of Mighty Desktop 1.0

Molar Mass / Molecular Weight Calculator 0.5.1 NewPast    

... Molecular Weight of formula using Excel sheet. The calculation is done via pure Excel macro written in pure VB code without any additional reference or library with extremely simple code an error handler and line numbering is added to simplify debugging the code. * Using the Excel Sheet - Download .... Free download of Molar Mass / Molecular Weight Calculator 0.5.1

Easyboost Photo Print Toolmedias Software    

... comes with this software is technique of smart calculation in which best quality picture are produces by ... size, flexibility, zoom etc according to the proper calculation, edge, border frame can be added to photo before it printed. The interface of the software is designed in simple and clear manner and .... Free download of Easyboost Photo Print

Water Supply 5.96 Dynamic Applications    

... example of what's possible with Dynamic Applications. All calculations are fully transparent via the integrated ToolTip system, documenting all formula and values in live calculation. Dynamic Applications are gathering no data at all, perfectly protecting all your plans. And finally, Dynamic Applications are participative. Two voting competitions on Twitter, .... Free download of Water Supply 5.96

Pirate Desire 5.96 Dynamic Applications    

... Revolution. Pirate Desire can project any kind of calculation in x / y / t, and it ... like, Water Supply, Apple Tree, a Tool Builder calculation model, Small Busines Developments, the 21st century Truck ... simulation, and even a realistic Photovoltaic System cost/profit calculation over 25..40 years. Transparency. Privacy Protection. and Participation. .... Free download of Pirate Desire 5.96

Photovoltaic System 5.96 Dynamic Applications    

... of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Invest (RoI) calculations, a Prosumer Electricity Trading simulation allows to determine ... century business models. Through automated ToolTips, the whole calculation is Transparent and fully self-explanatory, showing all formulas in live number calculation. We're also protecting your privacy. No data gathering, ... Photovoltaic System is a reliable simulation with professional calculation models that can save you hundreds of Euro .... Free download of Photovoltaic System 5.96

Startup Product Manager 5.96 Dynamic Applications    

... via ToolTips, showing formulas and numbers in live calculation. Extensive user documentation is available on the product's website documentation. In a pursuit of Customer Driven Development, two user competitions allow everyone to vote on our best simulation ideas, as well as the platform's public roadmap. The work of Dynamic Applications .... Free download of Startup Product Manager 5.96

Internet of Things Developer 5.96 Dynamic Applications    

... automated ToolTips, explaining all formulas in live number calculation. Dynamic Appliacitons gathering no data at all. It's ... client, all you need. The simulation includes various calculation models from the most basic company producing candles, ... small machines, and even motorcycles. Create the perfect calculation model for your personal device by opening the .... Free download of Internet of Things Developer 5.96

Apple Tree 5.96 Dynamic Applications    

... self-explanatory through automated, interactive ToolTips, including your live calculation to verify in numbers. Overall, Apple Tree is ... it is very well capable of professional business calculations of any kind. .... Free download of Apple Tree 5.96

App Developer 5.96 Dynamic Applications    

SocialMedia driven App Developer is an interactive business planner for the 21st century Freeware, Shareware or App developer. Fine-tune cost-driving, reach, efficiency and sales parameters as you want. See their combined effect on Downloads, Sales, Net Profit and Total Cost. Fine-tune any value over time in various modes, including exponential growth, .... Free download of App Developer 5.96

Healthcare Simulations 5.96 Dynamic Applications    

... number of Input Parameters and Target Formula. All calculations are fully Transparent through interactive ToolTips, explaining all Formula in live calculation. With every Input Parameter, there is a small ... Simulations is a reliable product that features interesting calculation models that are fully functional to load, save, .... Free download of Healthcare Simulations 5.96

Just Color Picker 5.5 Anny    

... position, handy when working with video and animation; calculation of the pixel distance between points; colour list for saving and re-using the picked colours; the ability to open, edit and save Photoshop's .aco colour swatches (Adobe color files) and GIMP's .gpl palette files; user's comments and notes for each picked .... Free download of Just Color Picker 5.5

Jade Diabetes Insulin Dose Calculator 2.5.2 DataMystic    

Insulin Dose Calculation with Jade makes managing diabetes far easier and dramatically less random. Jade simplifies blood glucose management and insulin dosing with tracking of insulin on board, variable ratios/targets throughout the day, live sharing between multiple devices. It is designed for people with Type 1 diabetes and those using .... Free download of Jade Diabetes Insulin Dose Calculator 2.5.2

Cross Section Analysis and Design 4.8 ENGISSOL Ltd.    

... can perform a wide range of cross section calculations, including the design of reinforced concrete sections. It ... as per the defined Analysis Parameters Sets. Thus calculations can be performed for many design situations, such as Ultimate/Serviceability or custom defined Limit States, with an automatic adjustment of the material properties, safety .... Free download of Cross Section Analysis and Design 4.8

Business Process Manager 5.50 Dynamic Applications    

... what's their impact on your company's net profit calculation? - See their combined effect on Total Cost, Net Profit and Bank Account Balance. BPM allows for a complete Return-on-Invest analysis. Quickly check any possibilities and options. Let go of the past. Start today and think only about what's possible to .... Free download of Business Process Manager 5.50

AttendHRM-Payroll-Professional 7.0 Lenvica Computer Solutions Pvt Ltd    

... your employees, and let them access payslips online. Calculation History for each Payslip: Zoom in to payslips to understand how each payslip is processed. The formulae that were used to calculate individual heads, and the values of each item in formulae helps you to ensure accuracy! .... Free download of AttendHRM-Payroll-Professional 7.0

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