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ContourTrace 2021 2.0.17 KUHN ENGINEERING    

... a few clicks and used, for example, for design and manufacturing. The image filters and algorithms can be adapted and preset for a wide variety of applications, cameras and environments. The extracted contours can already be simplified in the program. These and many other features enable a fast, convenient and .... Free download of ContourTrace 2021 2.0.17

Sheet Lightning Pro 6.21/D Revcad Ltd    

Sheet Lightning is a specialised engineering 2D/3D CAD System for creating and unfolding sheet metal designs for fabrication or manufacture. It handles everything from ... segmented bend and very unusual or complex one-off designs. All pieces can have centre line offset and oblique or skewed sections. Simple designs are handled with ease through a second 'parametric' .... Free download of Sheet Lightning Pro 6.21/D

BPT-Pro for Mac 5.015 Baby Universe    

... BPT-Pro is an Illustrator plug-in loved by professional designers and artists over 30 countries in the world. .... Free download of BPT-Pro for Mac 5.015

nanoCAD Plus 20.0.5247.3538 Nanosoft    

nanoCAD Plus - easy-to-use low cost CAD software delivering great user experience by providing classic ... native .dwg support. Being the ultimate in 2D design tools, nanoCAD Plus has been built to deliver design and project documentation regardless of the industry or enterprise. nanoCAD Plus has been specifically designed to help enterprises experience a seamless transition to .... Free download of nanoCAD Plus 20.0.5247.3538

CADopia 21 Standard 20.2.3407 CADopia    

CADopia 21 Standard (PERPETUAL license) is a full-featured CAD solution. The advanced features in this edition include ... major features supported in CADopia Standard are: Powerful CAD functionality: AutoCAD 2.5-2018 DWG Support Export Adobe Acrobat ... DGN file Underlays A comprehensive suite of drafting, design, and detailing tools Supports standard CAD commands Supports .... Free download of CADopia 21 Standard 20.2.3407

CADopia 21 Professional 20.2.3407 CADopia    

CADopia 21 Professional (Perpetual license) is a full-featured CAD solution. The advanced features in this edition include ... major features supported in CADopia Professional are: Powerful CAD functionality: AutoCAD 2.5-2018 DWG Support Microstation DGN file Underlays A comprehensive suite of drafting, design, and detailing tools Supports standard CAD commands Supports standard menu (.MNU) files Optional Dark .... Free download of CADopia 21 Professional 20.2.3407

Home Plan Pro Home Plan Software    

Many CAD programs are designed for architects and engineers. These can be expensive, ... and difficult to use. Home Plan Pro is designed to quickly and easily draw good-quality, straightforward designs. --Integrated on-line help --Multiple drawing layers --Built-in fax .... Free download of Home Plan Pro

HighDesign 2020.1.0.1715 ILEXSOFT    

HighDesign is the full-featured, fast CAD and architectural design solution to create precise drawings, projects, layouts, and ... specifically for the needs of architects, engineers, and design professionals, HighDesign combines advanced drafting, project documentation and design tools with an elegant, easy and efficiency-oriented user interface designed to assist the user in all the phases .... Free download of HighDesign 2020.1.0.1715

AutoCAD 2020 2020.1.2 Autodesk, Inc.    

... any domain of activity. When it comes to designing and precision, no other tool is as accurate ... such as AutoCAD give you the possibility to design nearly anything ranging from art, to complex mechanical ... requiring the skill or assistance of a professional CAD manager. Users can quickly record a task, add .... Free download of AutoCAD 2020 2020.1.2

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ZWCAD+ 2020 SP1 ZWCAD Software Co., Ltd.    

... other items in order to create your own designs. ZWCAD+ is a cost-effective, DWG file format compatible CAD software for the AEC and MCAD industries. It ... dimension Mleaders Revision cloud External references Tool palettes Design center Layer properties manager Layer translator Block attribute .... Free download of ZWCAD+ 2020 SP1

VariCad for Linux 2020-1.7 VariCAD    

VariCAD is 3D/2D CAD system primarily intended for mechanical engineering design. In addition to powerful tools for 3D modeling and 2D drafting and dimensioning, the CAD system provides libraries of standard mechanical parts (ANSI, ... bills of materials (BOM) and blocks. The comprehensive CAD software enables designers to quickly create, evaluate, and .... Free download of VariCad for Linux 2020-1.7

Gmsh 4.5.6 Christophe Geuzaine    

... element grid generator (primarily Delaunay) with a build-in CAD engine and post-processor. Its design goal is to provide a simple meshing tool ... portable piece of software which features a built-in CAD engine and post-processing tool, enabling you to generate ... tools for advanced users. Gmsh is a CAD software that helps you to design 3D elements. .... Free download of Gmsh 4.5.6

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DipTrace Free Novarm, Ltd.    

DipTrace is an advanced PCB design software application that consists of 4 modules: PCB ... Capture, and Component/Pattern Editors that allow you to design custom component/footprint libraries. Besides being very simple to ... an entire PCB project in sync on all design stages. DipTrace provides manual and automatic placement tools ... tools allow the users to finalize complex high-density designs with differential pairs and high-speed data buses and .... Free download of DipTrace Free

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2020.3 Autodesk, Inc.    

Use AutoCAD® Civil 3D® civil engineering design and documentation software to support Building Information Modeling ... survey, base map creation, and new rail track design features. And, a host of transportation features have ... projects with AutoCAD Civil 3D software. Civil design #Corridor design (enhanced) Use corridor modeling functionality to create intelligent .... Free download of AutoCAD Civil 3D 2020.3

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Archicad 64bit 23 B4004 Graphisoft    

... increase productivity. From day one, ArchiCAD has been designed by architects for architects, and over the years ... of the project easier and allows you to design instead of draft. Even working from drafted lines, ... think and work 'live' in 3D: You can design and edit the model in 3D view, navigate .... Free download of Archicad 64bit 23 B4004

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RISAFloor 14.0.1 RISA Technologies, LLC.    

RISAFloor designs floor systems and works hand in hand with ... more complete structural engineering software solution for building design. RISAFloor will manage loads, design beams and columns, create quality CAD drawings, and constantly serve RISA-3D the information that it needs for the design of lateral systems. Working on one model, .... Free download of RISAFloor 14.0.1

AutoCAD Electrical 2021 Autodesk, Inc.    

CAD software for electrical design AutoCAD® Electrical software, part of the Digital ... AutoCAD software plus a complete set of electrical design CAD features. Desktop Subscription gives you access to ... licensing, and more. Features: AutoCAD® Electrical design software is AutoCAD® software with electrical engineering intelligence. ... bills of materials (BOM) reporting and PLC I/O design that make controls design fast and efficient. Key .... Free download of AutoCAD Electrical 2021

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Axdea 3D CAD, BIM based IBS Score 1.1.6 Innovacia Sdn Bhd    

Axdea 3D CAD, BIM-based IBS Score Software. Axdea is a FREE 3D CAD, BIM-based IBS Score software and was released by ... FREE with no limitation. Axdea is a 3D CAD modeler software with the following features:- 1) IBS ... and export to CSV format 4) Task Oriented Design: Specific tools for specific task such as arhictectural, .... Free download of Axdea 3D CAD, BIM based IBS Score 1.1.6

Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture 7 7.0.0 ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG    

Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture can turn even vague plans into real ... and visual realism than any previous Ashampoo home design and 3D construction software to enable extensive planning ... highlights: - User-friendly 3D architecture software & home design planner - Numerous new objects through SketchUp and Collada import - Area analysis .... Free download of Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture 7 7.0.0

GerbView 8.00 Software Companions    

... TIFF, RS-274X and more. Gerbview will visualize your design, on the screen or in hardcopy. No more ... your prototype circuit board, to see your true design. GerbView supports both RS-274D and RS-274X Gerber formats, ... use. The saved workspace will link to your design files, so only need to reload the workspace .... Free download of GerbView 8.00

CADinTools Macros for CorelDRAW CADinTools    

... This software was developed for architects, engineers, product designers, mechanics and people with knowledge of Corel Draw. FREE for 30 days, some tools are partially disabled after the trial period. .... Free download of CADinTools Macros for CorelDRAW

VideoCAD CCTVCAD Software    

... a multifunctional tool for professional video surveillance system design, modeling and measuring parameters of video image and ... help you dramatically increase the quality of CCTV design. Features: · Choose the most suitable ... location of cameras using the graphics window with CAD interface. · Locate cameras and cables on .... Free download of VideoCAD

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Ez-Architect 9.1 Infinisys Ltd    

... diagrams, Data Flow Diagrams, Stage Plans, Carpentry, Dress Design, Work Flows, Org Charts, Site Maps, Building Plans, Chore chart, Garden Plans, Christmas and Birthday cards, Invitations, Posters. .... Free download of Ez-Architect 9.1

Nitro PDF Professional x64 Nitro PDF Software    

... best product awards, Nitro Pro x64 is specifically designed for the business user and makes working with ... and easily using a robust set of form design and editing tools. In just a few clicks, turn static PDF documents into professional-looking PDF forms containing text fields, buttons, checkboxes, JavaScript and more. .... Free download of Nitro PDF Professional x64

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AutoCAD Mechanical 2021 Autodesk, Inc.    

AutoCAD® Mechanical design software is AutoCAD software built for manufacturing. Part ... standards-based parts and tools for automating common mechanical CAD tasks and accelerating the mechanical design process. View AutoCAD® Mechanical drawing software videos. Get tools that automate common design tasks and facilitate drafting productivity. AutoCAD Mechanical provides ... standards-based parts and tools for automating common mechanical CAD tasks. AutoCAD® Mechanical design and drafting software .... Free download of AutoCAD Mechanical 2021

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