CPU-Z 1.90 CPUID     update

CPU-Z is a freeware that gathers information on some of the main devices of your system. CPU-Z is a freeware utility that gathers information on some of the main devices of your system. CPU-Z does not need to be installed, just unzip ... Windows directory, nor write to the registry. CPU * Name and number. * Core stepping .... Free download of CPU-Z 1.90

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CPU-Tweaker 2.0 Herve Gournay     update

Same as MemSet but for CPU with Integrated Memory Controller only, CPU-Tweaker allow to change memory timings under Windows. You can read principal and secondary timings, and eventually change these timings values. The program will work only for .... Free download of CPU-Tweaker 2.0

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CPU Usage Rate Decrease/Reduction Tool 1.1 CPU Usage Rate Decrease/Reduction Tool    

CPU Usage Rate Decrease/Reduction Tool , This software is ... software can also reduce the usage rate of CPU in Process , high cpu usage 100 , reduce cpu usage , cpu usage rate decrease tool , freeware , free .... Free download of CPU Usage Rate Decrease/Reduction Tool 1.1

Bypass PDF Password Security 7.02 Bypass PDF Password Security    

... not have the slightest idea how you can Bypass PDF Password Security? If the PDF file is ... printing, then you can use Unrestrict PDF to Bypass PDF Password Security. This software removes all the restrictions from the PDF file, once you Bypass PDF Password Security you can easily copy/edit/extract/modify/print from. Free download of Bypass PDF Password Security 7.02

Bypass PDF Password Protection 7.01 Bypass PDF Password Protection    

... situation and want to know how you can Bypass PDF Password Protection. Your solution lays right here ... get Unrestrict PDF software and uses it to Bypass PDF Password Protection. The program removes the restrictions ... offer for $19 only and it helps to Bypass PDF Password Protection securely. .... Free download of Bypass PDF Password Protection 7.01

Bypass PDF Copy Restriction 7.02 Bypass PDF Copy Restriction    

Getting a trustworthy tool to Bypass PDF Copy Restriction is not easy, there are ... users the owner password but allows them to Bypass PDF Copy Restriction. It removes all the restrictions ... restriction form PDF file. It is very easy Bypass PDF Copy Restriction as the process to remove restriction from .... Free download of Bypass PDF Copy Restriction 7.02

Bypass PDF Protection 3.6 Bypass PDF Protection    

Bypass PDF Protection program has made the process to bypass pdf security, bypass pdf password, bypass pdf print security, bypass pdf copy protection easier & simpler. The program support to bypass all the pdf restrictions like: copy, edit, print, ... to enable users to use PDF files freely. Bypass PDF Protection software supports Acrobat version up to .... Free download of Bypass PDF Protection 3.6

Bypass PDF Security 7.1 Bypass PDF Security    

Are you looking for solutions to bypass PDF security? Unrestrict PDF software can help you to bypass PDF security in quick steps. This application enable users to bypass pdf security like: copy, edit, print, modify. With Bypass PDF Security program users can bypass pdf security settings at ease. Friendly user interface .... Free download of Bypass PDF Security 7.1

CPU Monitor Gadget 1.0 VOVSOFT     new

Simple little gadget for monitoring CPU performance from your desktop. It displays a real-time graph of CPU performance as well as current usage indicator. Features ... with a sophisticated processor detection toolkit which provides CPU information. Compact tool with tiny footprint. A lot ... the look and feel of the application. Monitoring CPU performance from your desktop without obstructions. Any type .... Free download of CPU Monitor Gadget 1.0

CPU Limiter 1.0.134 MartinK     update

Limits CPU power to applications. Description: User defined rules consisting of condition and action to limit CPU for specific processes. Condition consists of: - AND ... consists of: - list of processes to limit CPU (wildcard supported) - percentage CPU limit (per target process) or suspend target processes .... Free download of CPU Limiter 1.0.134

CPU-M Benchmark Major Share    

CPU benchmarking tools are designed to measure the computing ... of processor, enabling users to not only check CPU performance, but also share benchmark scores with others. ... check ability of all major system components including CPU, RAM, Disk etc., it doesn’t provide in-depth information ... component ability to withstand extreme stress. CPU-M is built to benchmark processor cores. It also .... Free download of CPU-M Benchmark

CPU Cooling Master - Laptop Cooler 7thShare Studio     new

7thShare CPU Cooling Master - Laptop Cooler is an easy ... Windows Vista and Windows XP. Powerful and Convenient CPU Cooling Software Better Than a Laptop Cooling Pad ... less portable. It is wise to use Intel CPU Cooler for systems if you are running some ... be cooler than before with help of 7thShare CPU Cool Master. User Friendly and Cool Down Your .... Free download of CPU Cooling Master - Laptop Cooler

Mz Cpu Accelerator 4.1.0 Michael Zacharias    

Mz CPU Accelerator is an application that automatically changes the priority of the foreground window, by allocating more CPU power to the currently active application (program-game). It automatically de-allocates CPU priority when a new active application is used. All this procedure, can lead to .... Free download of Mz Cpu Accelerator 4.1.0

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How To Bypass Windows 7 Password How To Bypass Windows 7 Password    

... an all-in-one Windows password recovery software, which can bypass forgotten or lost Windows password for Windows 7, ... easily use,friendly interface. 2. Simple and great effective, bypass Windows password in few second minutes. 3. reset all windows password quickly. 4. No need to reinstall Operation System and don't lose any data. .... Free download of How To Bypass Windows 7 Password

Average CPU Cycles 2.3.1 Boray Software    

The program is ideal for measuring the cpu usage for specific programs, to find out the total average cpu usage of a program for its entire uptime ... for example useful to find out how much cpu a program uses when idle. The Vista/7 ... QueryProcessCycleTime which makes it possible to measure smaller cpu bursts than with other more commonly used methods. .... Free download of Average CPU Cycles 2.3.1

C4 CPU 1.2 Update Me Today    

C4 CPU -CPU & Ram Meter is a small application which provides useful information about your computer’s processor and memory usage, allowing you to optimally utilize your PC resources and your PC performance and your hard drive usage and More. .... Free download of C4 CPU 1.2

All CPU Meter 4.7 AddGadgets    

All CPU Meter is a most popular and most wanted ... Core, Dual Core or Single Core), Ram usage, CPU Frequency, name of processor (Intel or AMD). For flyout features it will show you many of info include processor, operating system, base board, bios and computer system. .... Free download of All CPU Meter 4.7

Ashampoo Spectre Meltdown CPU Checker 1.0.0 ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG     new

... recently made the headlines. With Ashampoo Spectre Meltdown CPU Checker, you can determine at the click of ... work before you'd see results. Ashampoo Spectre Meltdown CPU Checker does it for you and checks both ... how to protect your computer. Ashampoo Spectre Meltdown CPU requires no registration or installation to work. .... Free download of Ashampoo Spectre Meltdown CPU Checker 1.0.0

Mean-CPU 0.97b Joe DF    

... files. it uses an aproximate 100% of your cpu. it also creates a file called 1.dmp. The ... safe unless modifed, etc...) Features High cpu usage File creator (size depending on time program running) Includes a hidden mode Includes a Stop all file .... Free download of Mean-CPU 0.97b

Advanced Monero (XMR) CPU/GPU Miner 1.0.100 Martin Pekar     new

... Monero Miner is a monero miner which support CPU and GPU mining with an effective graphic interface and Windows integration. It is designed for Windows 7/8/10+ 64bit versions of these operating systems. .... Free download of Advanced Monero (XMR) CPU/GPU Miner 1.0.100

RAM CPU Taskbar 2.2.2 Sammy Sammon    

RAM CPU Taskbar is a very lightweight and easy to ... on your system and also view the current CPU load. The program simply works behind the taskbar ... taskbars Different heights for the taskbar Added a CPU Meter from requests .... Free download of RAM CPU Taskbar 2.2.2

Core Temp 64bit 1.15.1 Arthur Liberman     update

Core Temp for Windows x64 is a compact, no fuss, small footprint, yet powerful program to monitor processor temperature and other vital information. What makes Core Temp unique is the way it works. It is capable of displaying a temperature of each individual core of every processor in your system! .... Free download of Core Temp 64bit 1.15.1

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System Monitor II 27.3 Bushin SOFTWARE     update

System Monitor II will shows you all core CPU usage (1 Core, 2 Core, 3 Core, 4 Core, 6 Core, 8 Core, 12 Core or 16 Core) and RAM (physical, page file and full, includes virtual) usage. It also displays all cores and RAM usage history. Have many settings to .... Free download of System Monitor II 27.3

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WebTemp 3.38 Daniel Karsubka    

... tool that will help you create statistics from CPU temperature meter readings measured by SpeedFan and other ... hardware remote monitoring features. WebTemp displays temperatures like CPU temperature as well as voltages and fan speeds ... other hardware. Monitoring tools and together with CPU and memory load, network traffic and notebook battery .... Free download of WebTemp 3.38

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SetFSB Abo    

... that gives you control and diagnosis of your CPU. Limitations: · Functional restriction: Set FSB button and Command Line Switch · invalidity .... Free download of SetFSB

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