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Pidro Challenge Green Table    

The Pidro Challenge card game is a game of daring and skill. ... also improved. The Game is based on the card game Pidro. The card game Pidro is a card game played by four persons. Pidro is a ... the overall idea of Pidro is similar to Bridge meaning that the game consists of two phases .... Free download of Pidro Challenge

BRIDGE Card Game From Special K 4.13 Special K Software    

Bridge From Special K This program plays the enduringly popular card game of Bridge. Use Windows to achieve the realistic atmosphere of a Bridge game with animation and sound. Playing and bidding ... animation, and supports various screen resolutions and sound cards. Pre-empt bidding and playing logic has been enhanced. .... Free download of BRIDGE Card Game From Special K 4.13

TCP Port Forwarding 1.1.5 Nsasoft US LLC    

... Port Forwarding software also can work as network bridge for redirecting TCP network traffic from one network card to another one. This tool is used for testing some services, firewall and intrusion detection systems. The program can also be used for debugging .... Free download of TCP Port Forwarding 1.1.5

Multiplayer Belote 1.4.1 Novel Games Limited    

... necessary tricks for your team? In this 4-player card game, the two players sitting opposite to each ... partnerships are formed. A deck of standard playing cards will be used, with all 2, 3, 4, ... 6 removed, resulting in a total of 32 cards. The deck is never shuffled and will only .... Free download of Multiplayer Belote 1.4.1

XContractBridge 16.00 Bibase POS Software    

Linux Contract Bridge simulation software with random deal, Acol bidding, score to rubber, Blackwood, Baron, Jacoby and Stayman conventions. .... Free download of XContractBridge 16.00

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