C# Web Scraping Library The Iron Web Scraper Development Team    

The web-scraper for C# allows .Net developers to create logical that extract content from web ... the .Net 4.5 and Core platform which allows developers to use clean, simple logic to reverse any ... back into useful structured data. This leaves the developer with clean, efficient web-scraping applications which are easy ... In addition, it can obey robots.txt directives including bot specific crawl rates and limitation. The exact urls .... Free download of C# Web Scraping Library

AIMLpad 1.53 Gary Dubuque    

AIMLpad, created by Gary Dubuque, is an AIML interpreter. It was mainly designed to be used as a "personal assistant" chatter-bot. AIMLpad uses a text interface for communicating with the user. It also takes advantage of a Graphic User Interface to allow you to program and maintain the chatterbot's so-called "intelligence". .... Free download of AIMLpad 1.53

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