Multiplayer Tochki 1.6.1 Novel Games Limited    

... most opponent dots so as to win. A board which consists of 38x31 intersections will be used ... place dots onto the empty intersections on the board. The first dots of both players must be ... the highlighted area in the middle of the board. During your turn, you can click to place .... Free download of Multiplayer Tochki 1.6.1

Multiplayer Pebbles 1.1.1 Novel Games Limited    

... repeat. Then you will be given an empty board, and 8 pebbles of different colors will be ... on the panel on the left of the board. The board is composed of 10 rows of small holes, ... onto the row at the bottom of the board, then click the Guess button on the right. .... Free download of Multiplayer Pebbles 1.1.1

Multiplayer Nine Men's Morris 1.3.1 Novel Games Limited    

... his pieces away in one of the earliest board games in recorded history! Emerged from the Roman ... is an indulging challenge for 2 players. The board consists of an inner square, a middle square ... can be placed onto the spots on the board and can be moved among the spots. The .... Free download of Multiplayer Nine Men's Morris 1.3.1

Multiplayer Okey 1.0.3 Novel Games Limited    

Showcase brilliant strategies to defeat your opponents in this intriguing Turkish game! Your goal is to form winning patterns so as to force the other players to lose points. 104 number tiles and 2 joker tiles will be used in the game, making a total of 106 tiles. The number tiles .... Free download of Multiplayer Okey 1.0.3

Multiplayer Nim 1.2.1 Novel Games Limited    

Play strategically and beware of your opponent's intrigue! Your goal in this game is to force your opponent to take the last match but prevent yourself from doing so. When the game starts, 4 rows of matches will be presented. You and your opponent will throw a die to determine the .... Free download of Multiplayer Nim 1.2.1

3D Ocean Travel Screensaver 1.0.5 Teddy Games    

... Ocean? This 3D Screensavers will take you on board a magnificent flagship. Named after Queen Victoria this beautiful vessel is the symbol of power and might of the Royal Navy. Feel the gentle breeze blowing in your face and enjoy the peaceful beauty of the boundless ocean. Armed with guns .... Free download of 3D Ocean Travel Screensaver 1.0.5

Ocean Journey 3D Screensaver 1.01.6 Digital Minds Software    

... Ocean? This 3D Screensavers will take you on board a magnificent flagship. Named after Queen Victoria this beautiful vessel is the symbol of power and might of the Royal Navy. Feel the gentle breeze blowing in your face and enjoy the peaceful beauty of the boundless ocean. Armed with guns .... Free download of Ocean Journey 3D Screensaver 1.01.6

Staff Scheduler for Workgroup 1.7 eDataset Software    

... the scanned documents can also be loaded on board to avoid the mess of data entry. It also provides you the feature of categorizing the data of your staff with respect to their designations that they hold or with respect to experience, age or other parameters. Work ranges can also .... Free download of Staff Scheduler for Workgroup 1.7

Baseball Scoreboard Pro 2.0.8 PC Scoreboards    

Use the computer and display you already have with our baseball scoreboard software to transform your pc into a virtual baseball scoreboard. Our scoreboard download is great for scorekeeping baseball games in gyms, on fields, or in multipurpose facilities. Baseball Scoreboard Pro features a simple to use mouse and keyboard interface, .... Free download of Baseball Scoreboard Pro 2.0.8

Color Sudoku 3.1 Petr Lastovicka    

... can choose letters or colors instead of digits. Board size can be from 4 to 20 (default size is 9). Every puzzle has unique solution. The right mouse button is used to draw pencil marks. This program also contains editor and solver and it can create PDF file which has .... Free download of Color Sudoku 3.1

Piskvork 8.9.1 Petr Lastovicka    

This game is often called GoMoku or Five in a row. You must make five symbols in a line and do that sooner than your opponent. You can choose a skin, set time limit for a move, set time limit for whole match, save positions to disk, undo all moves. The .... Free download of Piskvork 8.9.1

Multiplayer Dominoes 1.1.1 Novel Games Limited    

Ever wondered why dominoes is one of the most famous tile-based games in the world? Come and experience its unlimited fun now! Your goal in Multiplayer Dominoes is to place all tiles in your hand onto the table before your opponent does so. The game is played with a set of .... Free download of Multiplayer Dominoes 1.1.1

Electric Eddy Board Game 1.02 Engineering Adventures    

Electric Eddy educational science board game. Move around the circuit to learn about the components and how much energy they use. Answer the questions correctly and use the most efficient components to save energy and win the game. Based around the KU KS3 and KS3 National Curriculum for science. .... Free download of Electric Eddy Board Game 1.02

ZofzPCB 0.5.0012 Rafal Powierski    

... - to find design errors in a production board. You also know how difficult it is to ... CAD. So it's hard to visualize your finished board. Of course, with experience and as you gain ... CAD or a 2D Gerber viewer? -See your board just as it will look when it comes .... Free download of ZofzPCB 0.5.0012

Xeoma For Android 16.3.1 Felenasoft    

... used equally successfully for full-functional standalone work on board of Android devices or remote view of desktop version (Windows, Mac OS, Linux). Remember how you enjoyed playing with your construction set as a kid? How easy it was to make any of your ideas come true combining simple elements and .... Free download of Xeoma For Android 16.3.1

Tao ExDOS 10.0.420 Tao Software Development Company    

Full support for DOS on Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and Windows Terminal Server 2008, 2003. Printing from DOS and parallel port (LPT) to any printer, including fax, PDF, image files and Word document files. The Tao ExDOS line of products is a comprehensive and commercially proven solution for DOS .... Free download of Tao ExDOS 10.0.420

LineIt 1.67 SoftAKGames    

... to move gem through free cells on the board. When 4 or more gems with same color ... diagonal), these gems will be deleted from the board and you will earn points (4 points for 4 gems, 8 points for 5 gems, 16 points for 6 gems). New 3 gems appear .... Free download of LineIt 1.67

Bus Stop 2 3.9.6 Dieter Thau Grafikdesign    

... your own pictures or texts to the advertising board * Put your own text on the aeroplane banner. If you are deploying an e-mail program which uses the MAPI protocol (for example Outlook), a message can be displayed telling you that you have received new e-mails. .... Free download of Bus Stop 2 3.9.6

ALLOUT 1.42 NCBuy    

... is turn all of the lights on the board out. Sure, it sounds simple enough ... but ALLOUT is anything but. By clicking on a piece you will reverse the state of all adjacent pieces - from On to Off, or Off to On. If you're familiar with the classic .... Free download of ALLOUT 1.42

Blobs Peg Solitaire 2.052 NCBuy    

... up with only 1 Blob left on the board. Sounds simple enough, but there's a catch. You ... function will show you how to complete the board. * Unlimited Dynamic Levels: In addition to the 100 pre-fab levels to play with, players can generate new levels on the fly with a .... Free download of Blobs Peg Solitaire 2.052

Click N Slide 2.02 NCBuy    

... the pieces of a jumbled picture around the board and put them into the correct order. Although it sounds easy enough, it can most certainly prove to be a challenging task. In addition to a variety of pictures that can be played with, the more adventurous gamer will find 4 .... Free download of Click N Slide 2.02

Nutcache 9.2.2 Nutcache Technologies    

... let you organize your projects and ideas with boards, lists and cards to match your team's preferred project management method. Your imagination is your only limit. TRACK - Nutcache offers powerful project tracking features: track the time spent on specific assignments, make sure deadlines and budgets are respected, and always .... Free download of Nutcache 9.2.2 Job Board Software 2.3    

Job Board Application with ATS Ejobsitesoftware is a web-based application ... to quickly deploy a fully functional advanced job board or job site. It can be used in setting up niche Job Board for specific countries, regional Job Board or a general Job Board. Benefits Each job site customized to specific client .... Free download of Job Board Software 2.3

Free School Management software 10.0 Marvelsoft    

... admissions 2. Examination Module ( CBSE, ICSE, State Board Support) 3. Fees and Accounts Module 4. Inventory ... based Attendance 10.SMS and Email Communication 11. Dash Board 12. Activity module 13. Visitor Module 14. Time Table module 15. Students and Staff Achievement modules. .... Free download of Free School Management software 10.0

Multiplayer Aeroplane Race 1.5.1 Novel Games Limited    

... starting position, you can move it onto the board according to the roll. Note that you must ... need to move in counterclockwise direction around the board once, then move up the route of your ... at the destination in the middle of the board. If your plane lands on a block of .... Free download of Multiplayer Aeroplane Race 1.5.1

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