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Cut optimizer : Cutting Planner 9.68 TubakuroSoft    

... efficiently cuts rectangular materials such as panels, plywood, boards, sheets, glass, coil materials, metal and saves time ... processing, and other manufacturing industries. When cutting out board material from plywood or aluminum plate, are not you suffering like a puzzle? With Cutting Planner, you do not have to rely on skilled .... Free download of Cut optimizer : Cutting Planner 9.68

GoNest 1D 2014 XY Soft.    

... calculating errors and drastically reduces operator mistakes. Optimizer objective, as well as some other optimizer settings, such as saw blade width (gaps between ... water pipe, aluminum water pipe, water tube, wood, board, beam, wire, iron, strip, fence, timber, channel, rod, ... or any other measure of limited capacity. Typically optimizer reduces stock material waste by a factor of .... Free download of GoNest 1D 2014

Astra R-Nesting 5.6 Technos LLC    

... be used for optimized nesting and cutting particle board, metal, glass and plastics. With remarkable ease and simplicity, the user can create the order and produce the cutting layouts of the best quality. Its intuitive tools enable you to: - Quickly create a nesting order. - Perform automatic nesting. - .... Free download of Astra R-Nesting 5.6

CabinetCut 3.04 ITF Software    

... cut a collection of panels from sheets of board. CabinetCut helps you choose the most efficient board size for each job, calculates exactly how much board will be required and the percentage of wastage .... Free download of CabinetCut 3.04

Maxcut 2 Maxima Software    

MaxCut v2 is the leader in board optimisation technology and uses advanced computer software to produce optimal cutting plans. MaxCut v2 is absolutely free to use. We encourage you to run as many copies as you want and to tell your friends about it. .... Free download of Maxcut 2

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