The Reverse Experience 2019.09.10 Dynamic Applications     update

... Reversi / Othello player. It includes a powerful game-search engine allowing for customization of the game's various play strategies. The computer will select from ... you, depending on the level you choose. So game play will be different with each level. Everything ... could also serve as a nice example of board game evaluation theory. This will also introduce you .... Free download of The Reverse Experience 2019.09.10

RSchach 2.09 freeware-schach     new

... desired chessmen (chess riddle), Save and load of games in PGN, Provide FEN (Forsyth-Edwards Notation), Languages: English, French and German, Small and portabel (starting up from a USB-Stick), No installation needed (copy some files to a folder you like), No adware, no spyware, no advertising, Doesn't call home .... Free download of RSchach 2.09

Mahjong Ace 1.4 Aleksey Taranov     new

Play the real Mahjong puzzle game. Match up traditional Mahjong tiles until all of tiles are gone in this authentic Chinese style board game. Unlock new levels and zoom into the field, speeding through .... Free download of Mahjong Ace 1.4

Internet of Things Developer 4.48 Dynamic Applications     update

... it's worldwide deployment over time. This is the game. You are inside. Customer driven development: two user ... small house for the christmas market, up to board games, small machines, and even motorcycles. Create the perfect .... Free download of Internet of Things Developer 4.48

Box Keeper 1.0 Michalis Nicolaides     new

... Keeper is a very popular and addictive puzzle game. It is a Sokoban implementation in C# for ... in a plethora of platforms including computers, video game consoles and digital cameras. Solving the levels is ... to go to that level. Box Keeper is freeware and portable, this means that you don’t install .... Free download of Box Keeper 1.0

Game Downloader Client 4.0 Dev-Fire     update

Game Downloader is a portable and open source download ... with a server side library for downloading numerous games. With the help of this utility, you can download more than 200 games, by simply selecting a game category then selecting any game from the available list. This makes it easy to obtain games, without having to manually search and download the .... Free download of Game Downloader Client 4.0

Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek for iPad 1.2.1 Artifex Mundi     update

FANTASTIC HIDDEN OBJECT PUZZLE ADVENTURE GAME FROM THE CREATORS OF ENIGMATIS AND GRIM LEGENDS! ... Ghosts of Maple Creek,” an outstanding hidden-object puzzle-adventure game! - Features the unique Evidence Board: collect evidence and draw conclusions to run the ... extras. - Bonus Chapter awarded for completing the game. .... Free download of Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek for iPad 1.2.1

Ludo Chat 1.24 Priyanshi Goods And Services Pvt Ltd     new

... calling with their opponents. is the latest Ludo game which refreshes the childhood days in a modern ... LudoChat is one of the best online ludo game available on Google Play Store. #LudoChat is the multiple modes ludo game, you can play real ludo live online multiplayer ... of the best graphics and most entertaining experience game. You can play this game on even on .... Free download of Ludo Chat 1.24

Checkersland 2019.02.17 Pavel Porvatov     update

Checkersland allows you to enjoy the game of checkers with either a computerized opponent, or ... over the world. Not only that, but the game provides you with a whole array of different ... might need in order to enjoy their favorite board game. Hence, if you have a passion for checkers, ... to make own skins, see more details in board skins chapter Supported many look and feels. see .... Free download of Checkersland 2019.02.17

Ludo 2.0 Nirmit Kavaiya     update

Ludo is a depiction of the popular classic board game for two to four players, where the players ... your friends & family! Features: Two board themes, Six player colors! Play with upto 4 players, add Bot players if you want to Game handles the board game rules, dice turns and .... Free download of Ludo 2.0

Halloween Night Riddle 1.92     update

3D logic/puzzle board game. The Halloween night is a period of time when even the most unbelievable thing may happen. And this is my story that happened on the Halloween night. You may believe me or not but suddenly .... Free download of Halloween Night Riddle 1.92

AS Mahjongg Solitaire 0.2 Andreas Sauer     new

The AS Mahjongg Solitaire board game uses tilesets in eight different designs. This game for one person only is also known under ... neighbour to one side. You can restart a game as often as you want. You can undo ... matching stone. If you have success in the game, you get an entree to the highscore table. .... Free download of AS Mahjongg Solitaire 0.2

AS Peg Solitaire 1.2 Andreas Sauer     new

Solitaire board game with 190 challenging levels and 6 different designs ... form. Highscore is available for each level. The game resizes itself to your desktop height. A legal ... and then to remove the jumped peg. The game is won if only one peg stays on the board. The levels are on standard board, french board .... Free download of AS Peg Solitaire 1.2

AS Mahjongg 0.2 Andreas Sauer     new

Mahjongg board game with 8 designs. Hint, Undo, Restart. Highscore .... Free download of AS Mahjongg 0.2

Last Conundrum of Da Vinci Deluxe 1.93     update

3D logic/puzzle board game. Complete 67 levels of the ancient mechanical conundrum ... your PC power; -fullscreen and windowed modes; Puzzle games do not let your brain waste away; they provide excellent training for your logical thinking. These games are addictive, fun, and not boring. Download free puzzle games and enjoy the game without restrictions! Download and .... Free download of Last Conundrum of Da Vinci Deluxe 1.93

AS-Peg 1.2 Andreas Sauer     new

Solitaire board game with 190 levels and 6 designs for the pegs. Highscore for each level. .... Free download of AS-Peg 1.2

Super Words 1.0.9 DevNetPlanet     new

Super Words is a very funny word game completely free. Play to find hidden words on the board or to invent them with your imagination and ... especially useful for the toughest levels. In this game there is no time: you can relax and ... are longer words. If you find the word GAME, check if you can make GAMING or GAMER. .... Free download of Super Words 1.0.9

British Bingo 1.50 British Bingo     update

Play a free and easy game of 90-ball bingo with 3 by 9 boards. The game runs in your browser and is written in Javascript. The game simulates the other players. Players make mistakes. They ... Players leave, join and re-join between and during games. You can cheat and get the game to .... Free download of British Bingo 1.50

Cookies Crush Blast Sweet Delicious Ga 1.2.346.0 Kids Learn With Fun     new

... Jam Match 3 cookie & candy to create board and blast the puzzle! Cookie Jam crush Match 3 games is free to play and win the fun! ... about this Cookies Crush Blast - Sweet Delicious game but I want to say How are you ... superstar of Cookies Crush Blast - Sweet Delicious Game? Yes, you will be a superstar of Cookies .... Free download of Cookies Crush Blast Sweet Delicious Ga 1.2.346.0

Minesweeper for PC Download 1.0 Epic99     new

Minesweeper is a puzzle game where players goal is to clear all the mines in the field. The game starts with a board with a grid of undifferentiated grey squares, with ... a mine hiding under them. Goal of the game is to clear all the mines without stepping ... with a flag. Minesweeper features: Variable minefield. Classical gameplay. Adapted to the your PC. Play Minesweeper PC .... Free download of Minesweeper for PC Download 1.0

Voicemeeter Banana VB-Audio Software     new

... on sound quality. DVD players, USB MIC, ASIO board, Video Game, iTunes and audio pro DAW can be connected ... component. Originally developed for VOIP users and PC gamers, to mix voice and music on Skype, Google .... Free download of Voicemeeter Banana

Overboard 1.2 zxretrosoft     new

The game Overboard was the Czechoslovak board game from 1984. It was one of the modification ... row, for example in captains or rules. The board game was almost forgotten after velvet revolution in 1989 ... get it today. The PC version of the game has revived the game and it allows the .... Free download of Overboard 1.2

The Wall 12 GoldStar Games     new

... is a five-story-tall pegboard, similar to a pachinko game or bean machine; it also is similar to the Plinko board used for that pricing game of the same name on The Price is Right. The bottom of the board is divided into 15 slots marked with various dollar amounts, some of which increase as the game progresses. Seven numbered "drop zones" are centered at .... Free download of The Wall 12

Anna's Train 1.0 100% Cotton Software     new

... of a train: you move it around the board attaching letters to form a word. Nine word ... American, British and Contractions.. Save, load and print games. Four game levels. Two game modes. No opponent or human opponent. Search function. .... Free download of Anna's Train 1.0

Concatenate 1.0 100% Cotton Software     new

You move letters on the board connecting them to form a train in alphabetical ... letter you want to connect to. As the game progresses the train increases in length, making it ... easier to access unconnected letters. There are three game modes: 26, 52 or 78 letters. The tiles come in .... Free download of Concatenate 1.0

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