USB Virus Scan 2.4 USB Virus Scan Inc    

USB Virus Scan provides 100% antivirus protection against any usb viruses trying to attack via USB flash drive. When an USB device such pen drive is inserted into your computer, it will automatically scan it, block and remove virus(newfolder.exe virus), also it can remove ... antivirus solutions, you will find out its highlights: USB Virus Scanner provides 100% protection against any threats .... Free download of USB Virus Scan 2.4

eScan Internet Security Suite 11.x MicroWorld Technologies Inc.    

... the Files & Folders Residing in the Computer Block Notifications & Alerts while Playing Favorite Games Prevent ... Administration Prevent Data Theft and Virus Infections through USB Drives Lock Files and Folders that are very Critical and Confidential Eradicate Rootkits and File Infectors that cannot be Cleaned in the Normal Windows .... Free download of eScan Internet Security Suite 11.x

Restorer Ultimate for Mac 1.5.1033 Bitmart Inc.    

... spanned volumes. Support for custom-created RAID layouts. Customizable block size and order, as well as offsets. Support for custom stripe block tables. Custom-created RAID layouts can be saved and loaded for different jobs. Network data recovery (for Restorer Ultimate for Windows Network) Save .... Free download of Restorer Ultimate for Mac 1.5.1033

USB Security 2.6 USB Security Software    

... malware on your home or business computers using USB Security, a powerful solution which helps users to ... centralized deployment and management, network administrators will find USB Security an easy and efficient solution to use, ... of its size. Restricting the use of certain USB devices, USB security software helps to protect your .... Free download of USB Security 2.6

Desktop Patrol 2.0 B1.1 Hkeylocal Executables    

... simple application that allows you to restrict and block access to most of the computer's features including: ... programs Denies access to external media such as USB devices and CD-ROM/DVD drives Stops user access to ... Internet on a global or per user basis Blocks users from saving email file attachments Custom entries .... Free download of Desktop Patrol 2.0 B1.1

RRT Sergiwa Antiviral Toolkit Personal iSergiwa Software    

... we implemented RRT with the ability of monitoring, blocking and removing any type of malware that uses ... as soon as it gets plugged into the USB port. The generic technique will work in less ... any infection in the flash disk, it will block it and remove the infection before it makes .... Free download of RRT Sergiwa Antiviral Toolkit Personal

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Network Administrator 3.0 IntelliAdmin, LLC    

... to many machines in just a few clicks. Block IE 7 Automatic Install Need to keep IE ... users install IE 7? Use the IE 7 blocker to prevent the automatic install of IE 7. Block IE 8 Automatic Install Keep IE 7 standard on your network by blocking the automatic install of IE 8 Block IE .... Free download of Network Administrator 3.0

No Autorun Qiyi Caitian    

... Autorun is an easy to use application that blocks virus in USB flash / disk from auto-running. When a USB disk is inserted, this tool not only locks .... Free download of No Autorun

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My Endpoint Protector CoSoSys    

... to centrally manage and control the use of USB, FireWire and other ports and portable storage device ... place. Controlled Device Types: -USB Flash Drives (Normal USB Drives, U3, etc.) -Wireless USB -Memory Cards (SD, MMC, CF, etc.) -Card Readers .... Free download of My Endpoint Protector

Mail Commander Home 10.61 InternetSoft Corporation    

... program from removable storage device such as a USB flash drive. Sending and receiving emails in ... rules to file and filter incoming mail to block out the irritation of spam. · Fast, Powerful Search · Message searches based on key words. Search through thousands of messages in seconds, .... Free download of Mail Commander Home 10.61

LanAudit Employee Computer Monitoring 2.84 Lan Audit Group    

... and mouse of their own. Built-In Portable Drive Blocking ,Control, and the lowest total cost-of-ownership to stop data leakage.To stop data leakage with block include: floppy drive, CD Rom/DVD Rom, CD-R/RW drive, tape drive, COM port and printer port, modem, USB port, USB storage device, SCSI device, 1394 port, infrared device .... Free download of LanAudit Employee Computer Monitoring 2.84

StopUSB Everstrike Software    

Block Unauthorized USB Devices Prevent unauthorized USB devices from being connected to your PC! StopUSB blocks unauthorized USB devices such as memory card readers and USB flash drives, removable storage and USB hard disks while allowing devices such as keyboards, ... prevents virus infections. Work as Usual Blocking unauthorized USB devices is only a part of .... Free download of StopUSB

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Steel USB Sentry 2.0 SteelSonic Technical Services    

Steel Usb Sentry offers an simple yet effective control of ... crime possibilities through misuse of corporate data. Steel Usb Sentry effectively keeps a tight control of the ... from copying confidential data from their workstations. Steel Usb Sentry actively prevents users from using portable medias such as * Pen drives, Flash drives, Usb sticks * Mp3 players * IPods * Portable .... Free download of Steel USB Sentry 2.0

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