Fayetracker 4.0 isn    

... Using a single click, the user can immediately block suspicious applications, making them impossible to connect to the Internet and transmit the user's personal data, for example. The IP used by an application can be checked online and can have its location verified, by showing it on a map. Besides .... Free download of Fayetracker 4.0

Starus Partition Recovery 2.2 Starus Recovery    

... read the disk in low level one data block after another, identifying known types of files such ... types of magnetic and solid-state disks, flash and USB drives. .... Free download of Starus Partition Recovery 2.2

FT 4.0 FayeTRACKER    

... good news for users running portable applications from USB memory sticks. After running FayeTRACKER, clicking on the ... Using a single click, the user can immediately block suspicious applications, making them impossible to connect to the Internet and transmit the user's personal data, for example. Besides that, the IP used by .... Free download of FT 4.0

WriteMonkey Pomarancha    

... in size. PORTABLE Put Writemonkey installation on USB key and use it on any Windows computer. ... you visually discern semantic chunks of texts (headings, block quotes, lists and comments). Writemonkey suports Markdown. Start any paragraph with two slashes "//" and the whole paragraph will be regarded as a comment. .... Free download of WriteMonkey

Krisan Cafe Alexander Prado    

... postpaid system. You can use Krisan Cafe to block websites and programs or to restrict access to USB drive functionality. It also enables or disables more than 20 Window functions for added security. It even comes with a promo feature that can .... Free download of Krisan Cafe

USB Drive Guard 3.5.0 Service Master Software    

USB Drive Guard is a data leak prevention (DLP) ... solution that enables network administrators to centrally control USB drives on the network. This application runs silently ... prevent users from bringing in viruses on their USB or CD/DVD storage drives. Ejecting a drive doesn't ... The drive will still be plugged into the USB port. This application does NOT turn off the .... Free download of USB Drive Guard 3.5.0

G DATA TotalProtection 2015 G DATA Software AG    

... first day NEW: Device control controls use of USB devices or DVDs NEW: Completely re-engineered user interface ... cloud protects against false positives Parental controls to block inappropriate content, subscription offers, etc. Saves resources thanks to fingerprinting, idle scanning, and active hybrid protection System tuning for a fast PC Service Center: .... Free download of G DATA TotalProtection 2015

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Snappy Program Lock Snappy Fox Software    

... computer, portable computer or storage media. Easily restrict, block, deny access to applications, programs and exe files on your pc, laptop and usb drive. Key features: - Password Protect Any Program ... the appliction is added to Snappy Program Lock's blocked list, any attempt to run the locked exe ... correct password the program will not start. - Block Applications Quickly With Easy Drag & Drop Support .... Free download of Snappy Program Lock

GFI EndPointSecurity 6.0 B20130719 GFI Software    

... to media players (including iPod and Creative Zen), USB sticks, and other storage devices. With GFI ... gives administrators greater control by being able to block devices by class, file extensions, physical port or ... Log the activity of portable storage media like USB memory sticks, SD cards and more · Easily .... Free download of GFI EndPointSecurity 6.0 B20130719

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BenchMe build 906 www.ReclaiMe.com    

... state drives (SSD), RAID arrays, memory cards, and USB thumb drives. BenchMe measures the following characteristics: access ... speed in MB/s, and IOPS for a 512-byte block and queue depth (QD) 1 and 32. Maximum, minimum, and average values of access time and linear speed are also provided. BenchMe displays the .... Free download of BenchMe build 906

TrustPort Internet Security TrustPort a. s.    

... to scan. Typical phishing sites are identified and blocked. Mail Protection Electronic mail is checked ... Internet is permitted. Unknown or suspicious applications are blocked or in some cases you will be asked whether you would like to permit or block them. The program enables a wide range of ... or gambling sites which it is possible to block using the family lock feature. Individual users are .... Free download of TrustPort Internet Security

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McAfee Internet Security 2013 Mcafee    

... and malware it might pick up from email, USB sticks, removable hard drives, or simply browsing online. ... you need it, invisible when you don't. Block Spam and Dangerous Email Unwanted email is ... to screen out unwanted email. Features Block Spam and Dangerous Email Who needs an .... Free download of McAfee Internet Security 2013

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McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2013 Mcafee    

... and malware it might pick up from email, USB sticks, removable hard drives, or simply browsing online. With McAfee security software working in real time, security is there when you need it, invisible when you don't. Features: Protect Against Viruses and Malware Our powerful combination of performance, .... Free download of McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2013

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InfBlocker PRO 4.0 RCPsoft.net    

... Software protects the computer against virus from infected USB flash drive. It has an ability to lock ... executable files in a multiple instance of plugging USB flash drive. It also removes or disables the suspicious files in a USB flash drive. InfBlocker can immunize any drive to ... InfBlocker automatically recognizes the insertion of new USB devices and it scans for files that can .... Free download of InfBlocker PRO 4.0

Belkasoft RAM Capturer 1.0 Belkasoft    

... tools, and malware implement anti-debugging measures to actively block third-party tools from accessing their memory sets. In ... and can be launched in seconds from a USB flash drive. Memory dumps acquired with Belkasoft RAM Capturer can be then analyzed with Belkasoft Evidence Center Live RAM Analysis. .... Free download of Belkasoft RAM Capturer 1.0

SystemRescueCd 3.5.0 Sysresccd.org    

... rescue disk available as a bootable CD-ROM or USB stick for administrating or repairing your system and ... disk image software which works at the disk block level * FSArchiver flexible archiver that can be ... is very easy to install SystemRescueCd on an USB stick. That's very useful in case you can't .... Free download of SystemRescueCd 3.5.0

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EditPad Lite 7.2.3 Just Great Software    

... edit structured text files quickly with the many block functions. save parts of your text to disk ... insert a file in the current text. Rectangular blocks are supported as well. You will save paper ... own file types. Install EditPad Lite on a USB stick or other removable device, and carry your .... Free download of EditPad Lite 7.2.3

InTouch Lock 3.7 Lovelysoft    

... it. This password-protected security utility allows you to block access to files, folders, disks, applications, Web resources, ... users from plugging and using (file copying, etc.) USB flash devices, removable HDDs and CD/DVD drives and ... to prevent inserting disks into it NEW Block cable or xDSL connection to the network .... Free download of InTouch Lock 3.7

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JMCAD 09.157 Yuriy Mikhaylovskiy    

... This includes the ability to construct and simulate block diagrams. The visual block diagram interface offers a simple method for constructing, ... user builds his system model by selecting predefined blocks from a block library and simply wiring the blocks together. Each block of the diagram performs a function. Users can also create custom blocks in Java and add them to the JMCAD .... Free download of JMCAD 09.157

Disable USB Ports Tool 1.0.3 1USBSoft    

Disable USB Ports Tool is the best software that helps an individual or a system administrator control USB storage devices(USB FLASH DISK, USB DISK, IPOD, etc.). You can control a standalone ... many computers on a computer network. For each USB storage device, you can set three statuses: Disabled ... All the above-mentioned settings will not affect your USB mouse or keyboard. .... Free download of Disable USB Ports Tool 1.0.3

Restorer Ultimate 7.7 build 70740 Bitmart Inc.    

... spanned volumes. Support for custom-created RAID layouts. Customizable block size and order, as well as offsets. Support for custom stripe block tables. Custom-created RAID layouts can be saved and loaded for different jobs. Network data recovery (for Restorer Ultimate for Windows Network) Save .... Free download of Restorer Ultimate 7.7 build 70740

M File Anti-Copy 5.5 Mohsen Ektefa    

... folders from being copied. M File Anti-Copy can block USB devices, files run or rename or deletion and much more. It also blocks unwanted files from being installed into your computer ... of programs installed on the PC. Additionally, cutting USB drive access to the system is done in ... titles), as well as an anti-run system for USB devices (make the USB storage read-only, close USB .... Free download of M File Anti-Copy 5.5

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Unerase File Unerase File    

... file gets deleted from Windows due to Volume Block Manipulation during Boot, Deletion of files due to Media failure and Data structure corruption, due to Partitioning errors, due to improper system shut down and Accidental deletion. File recovery software is the best file recovery software in order to unerase all .... Free download of Unerase File


... software app that allows you to very easily block specific types of USB device on your PC. This is useful in ... variety of scenarios were you might prefer certain USB devices not to available to the OS. ... data theft could be a worry, you can block each PCs access to storage devices, making it .... Free download of GIGABYTE USB Blocker B12.0807.1

R-Studio for Linux 2.0 R-tools technology Inc.    

... layouts (user can specify and save presets for block size, order, offsets, stripe blocks, etc.). Bootable R-Studio Emergency Disk. R-Studio Emergency version can boot directly from an external USB drive, optical disc or several floppy disks. Useful .... Free download of R-Studio for Linux 2.0

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