Black Bird System Info Black Bird Cleaner Software     update

... Protocols. - All about your Motherboard, Memory and BIOS. And many more features... .... Free download of Black Bird System Info

ExtraMAME 17.9 WinTools Software Engineering     update

ExtraMAME - a small MS Windows compatible game GUI wrapper for MAME, the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator authored by Nicola Salmoria and the MAME team. MAME let's you play thousands of old-school arcade games on your computer. ExtraMAME is smaller and easier to use. It doesn't force you to fuss with .... Free download of ExtraMAME 17.9

PresenTense Time Server 5.0 Bytefusion Ltd.    

... shipped with GPS's. Configurable update of CMOS / BIOS clock to avoid time drifts which can occur when you reboot modern motherboards. .... Free download of PresenTense Time Server 5.0

CPU-Z 1.81.0 CPUID    

... Mainboard * Vendor, model and revision. * BIOS model and date. * Chipset (northbridge and southbridge) ... size, speed, technology. Motherboard information : name, vendor, BIOS, chipset, memory, AGP. Memory information : size, type, timings, specifications. CPU-Z also provides several tools : A complete report, that includes CPUID, .... Free download of CPU-Z 1.81.0

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SIW 7.6.0912 Topala Software Solutions    

... A utility that includes detailed specs for Motherboard, BIOS, CPU, Devices, Memory, Video, Drives, Ports, Printers. It displays information about Operating System, Installed Programs, Processes, Services, Product Key (CD key), Serial Numbers, Users, Open Files, System uptime, Users, Network, Network Shares, and more. SIW also displays currently active network connections, .... Free download of SIW 7.6.0912

SIW 2017 7.6.0912 Gabriel Topala    

... Recovery, Server Configuration. Hardware Information: Motherboard, CPU, Sensors, BIOS, chipset, PCI/AGP, USB and ISA/PnP Devices, Memory, Video Card, Monitor, Disk Drives, CD/DVD Devices, SCSI Devices, S.M.A.R.T., Ports, Printers. Network Information: Basic/Extended Information about Network Configuration, Network Statistics, Active Directory (Computers, Groups and Users), Network Cards, Network Shares, currently active Network .... Free download of SIW 2017 7.6.0912

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Easy2Boot 1.94 Easy2Boot    

... boot up a UEFI system with no Legacy Bios available. An additional feature also worthy of note is partitioning your boot device to not only boot a system but have an additional partition for customer data storage. Making an Easy2Boot Flash or HDD a highly useful tool for system migration, .... Free download of Easy2Boot 1.94

WinToHDD 2.7 The EasyUEFI Development Team    

... 10/8.1/8/7/vista/2016/2012/2008 from the same USB drive on both BIOS and UEFI computers. System requirements: Windows Vista/2008 or later (32/64-bit). Intel® Pentium® processor. 1GB of available RAM (2GB or more recommended). 500MB of free space on your hard drive. 1024x768 graphic device (higher resolution recommended). .... Free download of WinToHDD 2.7

Dr. Hardware 2017 17.5.0d Peter Gebhard Software    

... and XP. It provides detailed information about processor, BIOS, SDRAM modules, sensor chips, mainboard chipset, SCSI, EIDE and PCI devices; Windows specific stuff like in-depth-analysis of file and memory management, VCACHE statistics, system monitor; also provides benchmarks for CPU, video adapter, harddisks, CD ROM/DVD, ASPI and net drives. This new .... Free download of Dr. Hardware 2017 17.5.0d

DFX 9 Audio Enhancer 13.008 Power Technology    

... play music videos, view song lyrics, read artist bios, and get artist news. What's more, the content is based on the artist and song you're listening to, so it's relevant, and is automatically updated as you listen to your music. With Explore, music content comes to you with no effort. .... Free download of DFX 9 Audio Enhancer 13.008

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EasyUEFI 3.0 The EasyUEFI Development Team    

... all these operations done under Windows without entering BIOS setup. EasyUEFI also releases a feature which allows you to manage the EFI System Partitions, with this feature you can easily backup, restore, rebuild the EFI System Partition (ESP), or move EFI System Partition from one drive to another. With EasyUEFI .... Free download of EasyUEFI 3.0

Lazesoft Recover My Password Pro 4.2.1 Lazesoft    

... disk Recover Windows 8/8.1/10 OEM product key from BIOS Add Network Interface Card Drivers in the boot disk Set screen resolution in the boot disk Minor bug fixes Main Features of Lazesoft Recover My Password Professional Edition: * 100% recovery rate. * Let you recover your administrator's password with a .... Free download of Lazesoft Recover My Password Pro 4.2.1

WinUAE 3.5.0 Toni Wilen    

... A3000/A4000 motherboard RAM bank support. · Added Arcadia bios rom type selection. · New Windows Vista -style application icon added · Small CIA and custom chip emulation updates. .... Free download of WinUAE 3.5.0

RomCenter Portable 4.0.0 Beta 11    

RomCenter Portable is a useful application for the users that own a lot of games on ROM files and need to organize them. You can create a data base by loading the ROM list from a DAT file or directly from the emulator. The program allows you to filter the .... Free download of RomCenter Portable 4.0.0 Beta 11

MemTest 5.0 HCI Design    

... whether your machine will boot after your new BIOS tweaks is a poor way to determine the safety of your new settings. Use Mem Test as a true test of stability. New in version 5.0: 30% faster than 4.x! New in version 4.6: After detecting a memory error the .... Free download of MemTest 5.0

Shadow Defender x64    

... specify regions on disk for backup or use BIOS functions to reserve space for OS images. Shadow Mode is the most efficient and intelligent way to protect PCs. Shadow Defender provides non-restrictive, easy to use desktop security and protection for Windows operating systems. Shadow Defender is the best way .... Free download of Shadow Defender x64

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Rufus 2.14.1086 Pete Batard    

... an OS installed you need to flash a BIOS or other firmware from DOS you want to run a low-level utility Despite its small size, Rufus provides you with everything you need! .... Free download of Rufus 2.14.1086

O&O DiskRecovery 12.0 B63 O&O Software GmbH    

... disk or volume is no longer recognized by BIOS or the disk management, and partitioning tools can not address the disk, then usually the only option left is a data recovery in an appropriate data recovery laboratory. The costs involved however are invariably extremely high. Data recovery with the help .... Free download of O&O DiskRecovery 12.0 B63

MvPCinfo MVsoft Co    

... upgrade period; * detects the station components: processor, BIOS, memory, motherboard, CD-ROM, disks, video, sound, network cards, IP, MAC and e-mail addresses...; * detects computer details: model, manufacturer, service and asset tags; * detects the peripherals: modems, keyboards, monitor, mouse, printers...; * collects data on installed software, running processes .... Free download of MvPCinfo

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Remote System Monitor 2.0.3 Trigone    

... flow Raw SMART data and "Imminent failure" information BIOS description etc... .... Free download of Remote System Monitor 2.0.3

SAPPHIRE TriXX 6.3.0 Sapphire Technology Limited    

... and the user can save the current VGA BIOS. Updates will allow TriXX to support future ... Graphic Card including GPU, Interface, Memory, Driver Version, BIOS Version, Clocks, Shaders and more… Multi-GPU support (CrossFireX) Windows Sidebar Gadget option .... Free download of SAPPHIRE TriXX 6.3.0

UEFI BIOS Updater 1.65 LS_29 (SoniX)    

UEFI BIOS Updater is a BIOS modding toolkit that allows you to perform an ... OROM / UEFI modules of an AMI UEFI BIOS without requiring advanced knowledge on modding techniques. Developed by a modding expert, UEFI BIOS Updater has scarce competition, being one of the few tools on the market that can perform BIOS modding with low chances of BIOS failures. The .... Free download of UEFI BIOS Updater 1.65

Radmin 3.5.1 Famatech    

... enables the user to view and change the BIOS settings of the remote computer and to boot it from a local CD or disk image file. Radmin 3 demonstrates a remarkable increase of security due to its integration with professional developments such as Windows Security, 256 bit AES data encryption .... Free download of Radmin 3.5.1

FlashBoot 2.3b PrimeExpert Software    

... bootable. This option is very useful for upgrading BIOS on your notebook or motherboard, as well as ... such way that they are bootable regardless of BIOS settings (you don't need to enter BIOS setup to switch between USB-HDD or USB-ZIP boot .... Free download of FlashBoot 2.3b

CrystalCPUID (64 bit) hiyohiyo (Crystal Dew World)    

... shows detailed information about the processor, the chipset, bios and cache. It contains a real time clock ... * PCI Device List * Chipset/VGA information * BIOS Information * Change Dialog Font * Change Wallpaper .... Free download of CrystalCPUID (64 bit)

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