Server Info 1.00 Mad-Monkey    

This windows desktop background information utility (originally based on the idea of bginfo), provides a compact information about a system or server. Clicking on the widget provides customisable information, including processor, motherboard, memory, disk as well as detection of physical .... Free download of Server Info 1.00

BGInfo 4.28 Microsoft    

... you probably need BGInfo. It automatically displays relevant information about a Windows computer on the desktop's background, ... Features: Appearance Buttons Fields: Selects what information appears on the desktop, and the order in ... system. Use the Custom button to add special information you define yourself. Background: Selects the color .... Free download of BGInfo 4.28

ArtSage 2.00.0001 Rick Xavier    

... save as, save on exit, save folder) * Info (F1 menu, menu pins, menu at cursor, help, about) * Drag and Drop in main window to exhibit (folders/files/shortcuts, Shift appends) * Command line (inifile, options, path) * Portable (no install, settings in program folder, relative paths) * Language support .... Free download of ArtSage 2.00.0001

Domain Checker 2.8 VOVSOFT    

... gd, gg, gi, hk, hn, ie, il, in, info, int, io, ir, is, it, je, jobs, jp, kr, kz, la, li, lt, lu, lv, ly, ma, mobi, net, nl, no, nu, org, pm, pro, re, ru, sc, sg, sh, si, st, tc, tf, tk, tm, tr, travel, tw, ug, uk, .... Free download of Domain Checker 2.8

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