RebelBetting 6.13.1906.1309 ClaroBet AB     update

... increasing your investment by 10-20% every month. By betting on so called arbitrage odds, you can turn ... shown, and the participant and odds highlighted. Betting Browser: · Betting on an arbitrage is extremely easy. All information you need is gathered on one single Betting Browser! No more switching constantly between browser windows, .... Free download of RebelBetting 6.13.1906.1309

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MentoLiga LeBe     update

... the first and second division, as well as betting data for the first and second division by ... names, points, international competitions, relegation, play off and betting. Create all files for tracking the league. Clubs, ... results, standings, scorers, assists, disciplinary, substitutions, injuries and betting. Easy Data Entry System. (Multi-Select and Automatic) Data .... Free download of MentoLiga

Odds Wizard 2.70 Newhaven Software Ltd.     update

Sports prediction and betting software. Generates performance-based odds for the upcoming games ... Stake Wizard 4, decision-making software generating an optimal betting strategy. Using sophisticated probability analysis, it does directly ... is preferable, as well as of the specific betting fund distribution. Based upon new theorem, Stake Wizard 4 allows to use .... Free download of Odds Wizard 2.70

extra1x2 3.01 Extra1x2     update

... types of conditions To reduce the original Forecast betting Take advantage of an innovative and unique reduction ... the correct guess Keep track of all your betting history .... Free download of extra1x2 3.01

Freebitcoin bot 1.0.14 Bestmacros     update

... Can play Multiply BTC bid game using Martingale betting system (paid version). This will help you on your daily free bitcoin activity. If you are even thinking about getting free Bitcoins, youll want this bot. Get free Bitcoin easy and fully automatically. .... Free download of Freebitcoin bot 1.0.14

Blackjack System Trainer 2.1 BlackjackSim     update

... win, or Pre-Set wagers according to a progression betting system. Practice your system by monitoring the simulation as bets are wagered, cards are displayed, decisions are made and results are shown according to your strategy setup. Adjust simulator speed to suit your skill level. Adjust play strategy in separate tables .... Free download of Blackjack System Trainer 2.1

Blackjack Bet and Play Simulator 7.1 BlackjackSim     update

... game using Basic Play Strategy and a progression betting system, rather than by counting cards. .... Free download of Blackjack Bet and Play Simulator 7.1

Lucky Days 2.3 Adrian Fourie    

... Can be used for casino gambling, horseracing, sports betting and stock markets. This software was successfully tested on the BBC TV program "Dave Gorman's Important Astrological Experiment", over a six-week period. It can be used freely to look back at your past to confirm its ability to pick out lucky .... Free download of Lucky Days 2.3

OddStorm 1.2.0 OddStorm Ltd.    

... into clever investment. You will make profit by betting on sports results and win no matter the ... sure bet, it navigates you automatically to the betting event page with a single click. You just have to enter the amount and click 'bet'. OddStorm is the global fastest sure bets delivery .... Free download of OddStorm 1.2.0

SureSportsBetting 0.7.7 SureSportsBetting    

Will guide you through betting process with its market-leading auto-navigate and auto-login features. Placing Arbitrage bets was never easier before! - Real-time updates : updates arbitrage bet list every minute; - Integrated arbitrage calculator : automatically recalculate profits, individual stakes, change total stake, rounding factors and commisions; - Bookmaker, minimum .... Free download of SureSportsBetting 0.7.7

BetViewer 3 BetViewer    

The free program for search surebet on android phone. I laid out the program for search of surebets of BetViewer on a site homepage Yet such the good interface and functions isn't a lot of, but the program does the first mission. I will develop and add further functions and various .... Free download of BetViewer 3

Expert Easter Sudoku 1.0 Easter Sudoku    

... can you play Expert Easter Sudoku? We are betting pretty quickly if you are a good enough sudoku player to try your hand at Expert Easter Sudoku! Expert Easter Sudoku is for the best sudoku players around, it is challenging and fun! While Expert Easter Sudoku is a difficult puzzle .... Free download of Expert Easter Sudoku 1.0

NFL Forecaster 7.23 100% Cotton Software    

Using only scores, it ranks teams and predicts winners & spreads. Over the last 29 seasons it predicted winners correctly 65% of the time (71% for 1998) and spreads 57%. It also predicted 21 out of the last 25 Super Bowl winners. View and print team, division, and category rankings as .... Free download of NFL Forecaster 7.23

Lucky Days 2.3 Customised Systems    

... Can be used for casino gambling, horseracing, sports betting and stock markets. This software was successfully tested on the BBC TV program "Dave Gorman's Important Astrological Experiment", over a six-week period. It can be used freely to look back at your past to confirm its ability to pick out lucky .... Free download of Lucky Days 2.3

OLSOFT Neural Network Library OLSOFT    

... fields, such as finance, science, education, medicine, sport betting, etc. Main features of the library: written as a COM object that may be used inside any application; library is fast because it is written in C++; supports multilayer artificial networks (Back Propagation and SOFM); forward Propagation Network with user defined .... Free download of OLSOFT Neural Network Library

MathBet - Ultimate Arbitrage Tool DSMB Services Limited    

Mathbet gives a new perspective to sports arbitrage betting offering the widest range of cross-markets and middles. If you are new to sports arbitrage betting, check our Sports Arbitrage Article. FEATURES: · Powerful arb finding engine · Cross-market arbs combining 100+ markets · Thousands of arbs .... Free download of MathBet - Ultimate Arbitrage Tool

Wipeout YPout Ltd    

The Essential Browser for Guys. Sports, Dating, Casino, Betting, & NO HISTORY. There's even a panic button! In Private & Always Enabled. Use it to surf as well as IE, Firefox or Chrome. Only 1mb. No install. One-click delete. .... Free download of Wipeout

FutAnaliz 5.0.7 ProNosa    

... modes, strategies and other gadzhitami, for football and betting on football. More than 68 world championships and detailed information on any team, great statistics, goal difference, shape, status, condition, the current strength of the team, and much more, allow you to have comprehensive information on football. .... Free download of FutAnaliz 5.0.7

Magic Roulette Intuition 1.3 Magic Intuition    

... the software uses an advanced random number generator. Betting systems show you how much you can win. Is it possible to win playing roulette? Yes, it actually is, in the teeth of the 2.7% house edge. That has been proved experimentally using this intuition trainer, and later on real and .... Free download of Magic Roulette Intuition 1.3


reduced systems for soccer betting games like lotofoot, lotosportif, totto, totobola, quiniela and near all 1x2 games (soccer betting games on 7 to 15 soccer matchs). It can print direcly on the many tickets ( lotofoot , quiniela ,totogoal , totocalcio , loteca , progol , 13er-wette .... Free download of ECOLOTOFOOT 3.87

FreeSweetGames Poker 1.0.40 FreeSweetGames    

... new ones. After changing, there is a final betting among opponets. The betting round ends when all players have either matched ... bet or folded. At the end of the betting, if more than one player remains, there is .... Free download of FreeSweetGames Poker 1.0.40

extra1x2 3.0 Extra-chance    

... conditions jand filtering To reduce the original Forecast betting Get information for your winning odds Enjoy a ... the correct guess Keep track of all your betting history .... Free download of extra1x2 3.0

OnCourt 5.5 KAN-Soft    

... get the freshest and most precise results for betting. All ATP and WTA tournaments are stored and processed with the built-in statistics engine to help you with complex match. No real tennis fan should go without OnCourt! .... Free download of OnCourt 5.5

FantasyBetting 80227-1905 Inc.    

New Version: Fantasy Betting 2I've just released a new version of this ... amazing community features. Check it out here. Fantasy Betting 1This Fantasy Betting is a just-for-fun way to manage fantasy betting on your site. Every user who logs in ... for baseball, football, or other sports for fun betting. When a team wins, log in, announce the .... Free download of FantasyBetting 80227-1905

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