Dolby Axon Desktop Client DOLBY     update

... on its feet: Dolby Axon sets a new benchmark for crystal clear audio quality on a low-bandwidth diet. Additional Features with Surround Pass Chat in surround sound: Multiparty chat just got a lot easier. With Dolby Axon you can instantly tell who’s talking because the chat takes place .... Free download of Dolby Axon Desktop Client

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SiSoftware Sandra Lite 2018.12.28.61 SiSoftware     update

... for complete computer performance evaluation While each benchmark measures the performance of a specific device (CPU, ... etc.), there is a real need for a benchmark to evaluate the overall computer performance: this new benchmark is a weighted average of the individual scores of the existing benchmarks: - (Native) CPU Arithmetic/Multi-Media: measures native processor .... Free download of SiSoftware Sandra Lite 2018.12.28.61

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PerformanceTest 9.0.1019 PassMark Software    

PerformanceTest enables anyone to objectively benchmark their computer by putting it through six test suites comprising of twenty-eight unique tests, each carefully designed to cover all aspects of computing performance. It can help you assess if your computer is performing at its peak, whether it's time to upgrade or to .... Free download of PerformanceTest 9.0.1019

HTTP Test Tool 2.4.12 Christian Liesch    

... is a script based tool for testing and benchmarking web applications, web servers, proxy servers and web ... a client/server multithreaded · ICAP support · Simple bandwidth definition · Loops · Simple if clauses · Calling defined functions · URL encoding .... Free download of HTTP Test Tool 2.4.12

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PC Wizard 2014 2.13 CPUID    

... PC-Wizard is an utility designed to analyze and benchmark your computer system. It can analyze and benchmark many kinds of hardware, such as CPU performance, ... (.ini, .log, .bat, .nt, .dos ...) System Benchmarks * Processor (Dhrystone (MIPS), Whetstone (MFLOPS), Mandelbrot .... Free download of PC Wizard 2014 2.13

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SpeedTest 2.0 RaccoonWorks    

... easy to use graphical interface and a comparative bandwidth graph. Find out how fast your network or internet transfer speed is. This is an easy to use program that allows you to measure networks transfer speeds between your computer and any website or networked computer by targeting a website .... Free download of SpeedTest 2.0

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