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... keyboard. It comes with chord recognition, based auto arranger, LeadSheet editor, recording section, up to 16 fingered and 10 two-finger chord types, MIDI-Export, about 30 demo styles and much more. In addition it contains a chord progressions random generator: Depending on various options it randomly chooses matching chords from specific .... Free download of Jam partner

ChordPulse Lite 2.0 Flextron Bt.    

... and press play. ChordPulse Lite will play your automatic accompaniment with drums, bass and chords that you ... seconds. You can jam along with a complete automatic arrangement, a drum machine with bass or a ... with your custom backing tracks. This freeware midi automatic arranger will work with any General Midi compatible .... Free download of ChordPulse Lite 2.0

ChordPulse 2.0 Flextron Bt.    

... pop, jazz, Latin, dance, etc.). ChordPulse is an automatic accompaniment generator, a music arranger program, a songwriting tool, a music trainer, a ... software or midi file editor. ChordPulse is an automatic accompaniment program you can install in seconds and .... Free download of ChordPulse 2.0

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