User Logon Audit Reports 15.2 User Logon Audit Reports    

... logons and multiple logons too. This Active Directory auditing solution is suitable for small, medium, and large ... Auditor Suite – Active Directory is designed for auditing Active Directory, Group Policy, and Exchange Server. It ... other important facilities in this tool. With this auditing tool, administrators can get ready-made user logon audit .... Free download of User Logon Audit Reports 15.2

Monitor Active Directory Changes 15.2 Monitor Active Directory Changes    

... changes, it is critical to use Active directory auditing tool to monitor Active directory changes. Lepide Auditor ... wish to continue monitoring AD changes with our auditing solution. For more details, please contact .... Free download of Monitor Active Directory Changes 15.2

Change Auditing Reports 15.2 Change Auditing Reports    

... Directory Auditor provides four different types of change auditing reports such as Active Directory Modification Reports, Active ... Reports. It’s a great tool for Active Directory Auditing. Its pre-defined auditing reports give details of every single change made .... Free download of Change Auditing Reports 15.2

Windows File Server Auditor 15.3    

Large enterprises are in continuous need of IT auditing tools to track inappropriate accesses, document shares and ... of data losses than those which practice continuous auditing. With Lepide Auditor for File Server, you get complete visibility about Who, What, Where and When Information about every bit of change done across .... Free download of Windows File Server Auditor 15.3

File Server Auditor Software 15.3 File Server Auditor    

File Server Auditing is important since most of the day-to-day tasks ... a tool that you can trust to perform auditing and track unauthorized accessed or unwanted document shares. ... wise to leave file servers unattended. For regular auditing & monitoring, enterprises look forward to adopt file server auditing tools like LepideAuditor for file server. More than .... Free download of File Server Auditor Software 15.3

Windows File Server Auditing 15.3    

... NetApp Filers. Windows File Server and NetApp filer auditing from a consolidated platform has many benefits. With ... simple tool with progressive features that provides modified auditing, report generation, report scheduling, real-time monitoring, and alert generation. With Windows File Server Auditing, you can keep file servers away from security ... easily. Automated Windows File Server and NetApp filers auditing is needed because it’s really very difficult to .... Free download of Windows File Server Auditing 15.3

File Server Auditor 15.3    

... File Server Auditor with numerous sophisticated features for auditing files servers and NetApp filers of a network. ... this is a tool with friendly interface. Customized auditing features of LAFS allows to create policies and perform auditing based on File server name, Drive, Directory, File ... Type, Process, Monitoring Time, and Events. Numerous pre-defined auditing reports from this tool can be saved in .... Free download of File Server Auditor 15.3

Gazelle Lite 12.37 B006540 Phostersoft    

... decisions. Gazelle is built as enterprise software, supporting auditing, access control enforcement and automated notification system, to keep your business under close watch. FEATURES Tracks Your Business End to End When your business starts to pace up, it is important to keep everything under close watch. Gazelle tracks .... Free download of Gazelle Lite 12.37 B006540

HomeWeb Personal Cloud 2.0.2 Cognitier, Inc.    

... HomeWeb product provides layers of authentication, encryption, and auditing. The user is authenticated to access the HomeWeb, and then the home computer performs separate authentication of any remote requests. Transmissions among the smart phone browser, the HomeWeb, and the home computer are encrypted using SSL. Data at rest is erased .... Free download of HomeWeb Personal Cloud 2.0.2

Secure SQL Auditor Secure Bytes, Inc    

... SQL security software that conducts database server security auditing & includes vulnerability assessment tools for SQL database ... to monetary, reputational and informational losses. Unlike traditional auditing practices, Secure SQL Auditor automates the process of vulnerability assessment on SQL Servers security and provides fast and accurate results within minutes. After vulnerabilities .... Free download of Secure SQL Auditor

Audit Exchange Mailbox 15.1    

Exchange Server auditing with LepideAuditor for Exchange Server lets an organization ... their security concerns are eliminated due to an auditing software that can perform Exchange auditing easily and quickly. This enables them to audit ... a centralized location. Also it can automate the auditing and data collection as per the requirement of .... Free download of Audit Exchange Mailbox 15.1

Exchange Audit Demo 15.1    

... can be applied with the usage of Exchange Auditing Software. LepideAuditor Suite – Exchange Server is one ... intense processing of comprehensive algorithms that help in auditing the crucial records of Exchange database. This includes ... Exchange Server collects all the logs regarding Exchange auditing data automatically from the added Exchange Servers at .... Free download of Exchange Audit Demo 15.1

Active Directory Change Tracker 15.1    

LepideAuditor Suite for Active Directory is an auditing and reporting tool which tracks the changes on ... application. LepideAuditor Suite offers a central platform for auditing and tracking Active Directory changes from a remote ... Besides all these features, it also provides unified auditing platform. It is a one solution for every ... is fully functional for 15 days. For long-term auditing and to experience all its features for extended .... Free download of Active Directory Change Tracker 15.1

File Server Change Auditor Software 15.2 File Server Change Auditor    

... like data theft, leakage, etc. Fortified with erudite auditing algorithms, it performs auditing and reporting tasks as per the requirements of ... that remedial actions are taken on time. By auditing all the file servers from a centralized location, ... and trial version of Enterprise edition have many auditing and reporting restrictions, you are recommended to buy .... Free download of File Server Change Auditor Software 15.2

File Server Change Reporter Software 15.2 File Server Change Reporting    

... a powerful Windows File Server and NetApp Filers auditing and reporting tool. This tool enables you to ... gives it an edge over native file server auditing tools. It offers default policy types like "Audit ... The Enterprise edition is fully functional and allows auditing unlimited file servers. For more info, visit: .... Free download of File Server Change Reporter Software 15.2

File Server Change Auditor 15.2    

... for File Server provides centralized facility for multiplatform auditing of file servers and NetApp filers. The audit ... of this LAFS is that it allows customized auditing. Administrators can decide the objects—users, groups, or events—that are to be audited. They can also set audit rules and audit policies according to which .... Free download of File Server Change Auditor 15.2

File Server Change Reporting 15.2 File Server Change Reporter    

LepideAuditor for File Server is a great change auditing tool for Windows File Server and NetApp Filers. ... security issues. It’s a real-time monitoring and automated auditing solution which helps in keeping track of all ... real time alert generation, comprehensive reporting, centralized data auditing and multi platform auditing. You can generate reports .... Free download of File Server Change Reporting 15.2

Auditing Exchange Server 15.1    

... administrators that is used for the purpose of Auditing Exchange Server through a centralized console. The software facilitates non-owner mailbox auditing which means that you can set various parameters ... for maintaining a central database to store the auditing logs that facilitate in restraining the long-term archiving. LepideAuditor Suite Exchange Server is an excellent auditing & reporting software to meet external security compliance .... Free download of Auditing Exchange Server 15.1

Exchange Audit Tool 15.1    

... is an intelligent software utility launched for effective auditing, reporting, and monitoring of Exchange Server without applying hard core efforts. Such an Exchange Auditing Tool is indispensable to prevent occurrence of any ... is that you can effortlessly perform the centralized auditing of Exchange mailboxes including your public folders, stores, ... Exchange Servers in the respective domains. The Exchange Auditing Tool can also facilitate non-owner mailbox auditing with .... Free download of Exchange Audit Tool 15.1

Exchange Auditing 15.1    

... Suite - Exchange Server is a multipurpose Exchange auditing solution that helps IT administrators to track all ... the domain. It automatically helps in the tracking, auditing, monitoring and reporting so that one can easily ... who changed what, when and where. This Exchange auditing tool provides 40+ graphical reports that keep a .... Free download of Exchange Auditing 15.1

Windows Server 2008 Auditing 15.1 Windows Server 2008 Auditing    

LepideAuditor Suite, a user-friendly Windows Server 2008 Auditing tool, helps you maintain stability within the Active ... SharePoint under surveillance from a centralized location. Manual auditing of the AD and associated components is a ... many undesired changes too. This Windows Server 2008 auditing tool comes with advanced auditing features that helps to drill-down the required data. .... Free download of Windows Server 2008 Auditing 15.1

Windows Server Auditing 15.1 Windows Server Auditing    

Windows Server Auditing is a complex task that requires a lot ... it difficult to perform it smoothly with native auditing tools. But with LepideAuditor Suite, one can easily ... installed components like AD, Exchange, Group Policy, etc. Auditing, change reporting, health monitoring, and alerting are the ... unwanted changes—a facility that is rarely found in auditing tools. Also, for auditing domains and SQL Server .... Free download of Windows Server Auditing 15.1

AD Auditing Software 15.1 AD Auditing Software    

... the organization? Then try LepideAuditor Suite, the AD Auditing Software that provides facilities for all these actions. LepideAuditor for Active Directory is an AD auditing software that tracks multiple AD domains simultaneously. It ... environment. An alert in time by the AD Auditing Software helps the organization to take counter actions.. Free download of AD Auditing Software 15.1

Active Directory Software 15.1 Active Directory Software    

... and malicious activities that are threatening them. For auditing all these products, you can use LepideAuditor Suite. ... details of all Active Directory activities. With this auditing tool, you can roll back unwanted changes immediately ... rollback AD to a previous state. Additionally, for auditing AD domains and SQL Server agent based and .... Free download of Active Directory Software 15.1

Track Active Directory 15.1 Track Active Directory    

Concerned about safety and security of AD environment? Track Active Directory changes using LepideAuditor Suite. This user-friendly tool generates easy-to-understand audit reports, creates real-time alerts, displays AD information on dashboards, and provides live feeds to help you eliminate security threats and unauthorized activities from the AD environment. AD administrators feel that .... Free download of Track Active Directory 15.1

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