Recording Studio Pro Glauco     update

... music productions. You can record up to 24 audio and/or virtual instrument tracks. The audio tracks can be recorded using the built-in microphone, ... connecting an external microphone or using an USB audio interface. The virtual instument tracks can be recorded ... be. Now you can import mp3,wma and wav audio files from your hard drive. Recording studio .... Free download of Recording Studio Pro

TuneIn Radio for Win8 UI TuneIn     update

... radio from around the world. Listen to the audio you love and let the moments move you. Hear every MLB game and the NBA and NHL Playoffs with TuneIn. Stream your favorite radio stations, music, news, talk, podcasts and more. Top 5 Reasons to Download TuneIn: 1. Live .... Free download of TuneIn Radio for Win8 UI

Recording Studio Glauco     update

... tracks with the Pro version) by choosing between audio recordings or by using the instruments Grand Piano, ... or using the computer keyboard and mouse. The audio tracks can be recorded using the built-in microphone, ... connecting an external microphone or using a USB audio interface. After recording your tracks, you may want .... Free download of Recording Studio

Media Player Plus Best Software Applications    

... seems to be dragging - all without changing audio pitch. For even finer control, try pausing ... would be elusive otherwise. Features Play audio and video files Play YouTube video Select YouTube quality (scales to best match) Slow audio and video speed down from 100% to 0% (paused) without changing pitch Speed up audio and video to 200% (2x normal speed) without .... Free download of Media Player Plus

TKS Media-Player tkrdme    

... multimedia files. The "TKS-media player" can play both audio and video, others focus only on one media ... the other. Features It supports many audio and video compression methods and file formats, including DVD-video, video CD and streaming protocols. It is able to stream over computer network and to .... Free download of TKS Media-Player

Audio Analyzer Mario Goebbels    

Audio Analyzer is a handy tool to get literally a deeper look at various sounds. Peek at the frequency make-up, the sound pressure or the actual waveform. Use it to find unwanted frequencies or harmonics in your environment, or to calibrate your volume levels of your surround stereo. The .... Free download of Audio Analyzer

TWiT View 1.0.6 RLB Labs    

... Watch live and recorded shows in HD or Audio. Download episodes to view locally on your device. Background audio (show continues to play even when you switch apps!). Bookmark favorite shows to easily keep track of new episodes. Integrated IRC chatroom. Media Controls .... Free download of TWiT View 1.0.6

Twit Tv F-Con Software    

... and listen to live and recorded video and audio streams from on your Windows 8/RT devices. Twit is Leo Laporte's Internet Broadcasting Network. The application includes support for play-to that allows you to push the video streams to your play-to ready devices such as the XBox 360. It also .... Free download of Twit Tv

modTronome for Win8 UI Release 3 Burnt Fuse Pty Ltd    

... Sounds have been carefully selected to provide clear audio cues for timing, to suit your personal preferences and to better complement your instrument. Sound options include a classic clockwork metronome as well as various electronic tones and beeps. Critical settings such as tempo, time signatures, play/pause and mute are .... Free download of modTronome for Win8 UI Release 3

Musical Sketch Pad McCalla    

... to the complexity of most sequencers and digital audio workstations - the intention of Musical Sketch Pad is to bridge the gap with minimal setup and simplicity. Over 100 categorized samples have been included in the App to get you going, these can be combined with your own imported .... Free download of Musical Sketch Pad

Gobble 1.11 Virtual Island, Inc.    

Gobble is an online video podcast player designed to focus on video RSS feeds available over the internet. Since finding good video feeds are part of the challenge, Gobble is pre-loaded with a set of popular podcast video feeds that have been tested to work with the application. In addition to .... Free download of Gobble 1.11

Nepali FM Deepak Dhakal    

... program while listening to the radio. Nepali Audio section where you find Nepali stories and novels. Video section ( Nepali Video) with popular TV Serial from Nepal eg: Tito Satya, Meri Basai, Nepali Movies and so many other stuff. Nepali Jokes in Misc stuff section Type .... Free download of Nepali FM

VMG Player mathan    

... Features •Supports most popular video and audio formats (no MKV yet) .... Free download of VMG Player

Mobile SmartHub Audio CD Player Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Korea    

... use this app normally. Mobile SmartHub Audio CD Player (app) delivers good news for music ... or PC wirelessly when you use Mobile SmartHub Audio CD Player(app) with it. * Remarks - Mobile SmartHub Audio CD Player (app) does not work when Optical ... iSCSI when you need to use Mobile SmartHub Audio CD Player (app). - To use full .... Free download of Mobile SmartHub Audio CD Player

Vongplayer Frankensound    

... is the world’s first and... well currently only audiovisual multi-track recorder allowing you to record webcams with ... button? Vongplayer is designed as a modern-day audiovisual sketchpad and collaboration tool for quickly getting musical ... to the Youtube upload page. Features audio/video webcam recorder synchronised 4-channel AV playback volume, mute .... Free download of Vongplayer

BS HD PLAYER VijayNagarathinam    

... playlist control.The user can add more number of audio and video in the playlist. Then some controls are added in the application.Then fullscreen mode is also added.It support the fullscreen mode in the real time experience to view the movies. .... Free download of BS HD PLAYER

PhonicScore lite phonicscore GmbH    

... music sheets Navigate directly to measures via measure-number Audio playback: playback the sheet with piano (and percussion) sounds. Choose the audible instruments. Choose the playback speed and the impact of tempo- and dynamic-instructions on the playback Audible metronome: Enable or disable an audible metronome Choose between manual and autoscroll/playback mode .... Free download of PhonicScore lite

Clips FX for Movie Maker Mosa Motion Graphics LLC    

... appear in tabbed tables. Clips contain video & audio, are royalty free, and will turbo-charge any video project. Keep your audience alert and interested, add a new look to your videos. •720P HD format •Shots are all 20 seconds long •Works in any editing .... Free download of Clips FX for Movie Maker

Dynamic Synthesizer SoundDesigner    

... or as wave samples and SoundFonts for other audio programs and synthesizers. The sounds can also be used to produce songs with the build in producer. Features Synthesizer with 4 parallel oscillators ADSR Modulator 10 sound effect chains with 100 parameters Sound Presets, wave samples and SoundFonts .... Free download of Dynamic Synthesizer

iMedia Player for Win8 UI Nikki Punjabi    

In iMusic Player you can play audio/video files where there are shortcuts to all the controls that are need to play and view file easily and quickly. You can control this app on your finger tips. Features Supports Multiple File Formats Shortcuts : O : Open File Spacebar .... Free download of iMedia Player for Win8 UI

Modern Video Player Prodigy    

... MP4, MPG, MPEG, TS, M2V Select language / audio stream for video Browse your Video Library .... Free download of Modern Video Player

CameraKaze ByteMosher Software L.L.C.    

... .JPG file, including time stamp in EXIF header Audio level meter (select camera models only) Motion detection that can trigger audio alarm, video recording, and/or taking a picture Camera administration allows managing your camera's network and user access settings (no need to use other software) .... Free download of CameraKaze

Digital Clapperboard Purple Wizard    

... to aid you in synchronizing your video and audio in post production. Capture Snapshot List - When enabled in settings every time you activate the clapper it will snow the data in the snapshot list. This can be used in post. This list is shareable via the Share Charm. .... Free download of Digital Clapperboard

modTronome Pro for Win8 UI Release 3 Burnt Fuse Pty Ltd    

... Sounds have been carefully selected to provide clear audio cues for timing, to suit your personal preferences ... signatures Great collections of sounds to provide strong audio cues for timing, to suit your personal preferences and to better complement your instrument Make the background or whole screen pulse on the first .... Free download of modTronome Pro for Win8 UI Release 3

mobile.HD Media Player Dorin Damaschin    

... files .sub and .srt external subtitles PlayTo DLNA Audio player Playlists .... Free download of mobile.HD Media Player

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