Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Win 10 The Windows Club    

... Index from the main page. Click on Run assessment to recalculate the WEI. You can Run DISM ... Advertising ID, Bing search, Cortana, Windows Update sharing, Feedback requests, Password Reveal button, Steps Recorder, Inventory Collector, disable Wi-Fi Sense and Application Telemetry. Internet Explorer: Tweak your Internet Explorer 11 when you .... Free download of Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Win 10

Musition Avid Technology, Inc.    

... fun and easy. The structured drills and instant feedback create a stimulating learning environment, enabling students to ... * Makes theory fun & easy * Automatic assessment saves hours * For all ages & ability levels * Hundreds of exercises in 34 topics * Ideal for exam preparation * Create your .... Free download of Musition

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EZ Speak Linguistech Solutions Ltd.    

... the student's confidence with relatively low effort. Extensive feedback. The student will get instant feedback and will be able to hear him or herself and the teacher. User experience is easy and exciting. The student will have an intelligent .... Free download of EZ Speak

NewsMaker 1.6.4 EyePower Games Private Limited    

... of rubrics, NewsMaker provides individual student with immediate feedback for self-assessment of performance and it also facilitates peer critiquing, especially in the area of oral skills. Students frequently choose to rehearse and re-record in order to improve upon fluency, rhythm, pacing, intonation and expression. .... Free download of NewsMaker 1.6.4

eMarking Assistant 1.74 eGrading Solutions    

... helps teachers save time providing detailed and useful feedback when grading papers and marking assignments. It allows you to quickly build banks of reusable comments containing text, images, links, and tables and then to pick these from floating toolbars to insert into student assignments. The comments can also contain audio .... Free download of eMarking Assistant 1.74

Report4ME 4.5525 ByronSoftware    

... description in line with their attainment target level, assessment, test and exam records; and/or customised statement banks ... subjects, also PSHE and Head's comments. Parental feedback can also be accomodated. The design includes a number of novel concepts and is focused on reducing the Teacher's burden; the 'distributed processing' approach .... Free download of Report4ME 4.5525

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