Random Word Generator 28.0 Gammadyne Corporation     update

... time-saving creativity aid that creates lists of random, artificial words. Its sophisticated system of word construction generates ... checking dictionary can automatically ensure that words are artificial or real. Other features include a customizable word construction engine, output to screen or file, generation of random variations of a word, generation of .... Free download of Random Word Generator 28.0

Lotto Sorcerer for Mac OS X 9.2.1 Satori Publishing     update

... Lotto Sorcerer uses advanced statistical analysis and fifth-generation artificial intelligence (neural network) algorithms to detect winning patterns and weighted influences in prior lottery draws, and then advises you, based on the best winning strategy. If there is a pattern to previous winning numbers based on hot and cold numbers, .... Free download of Lotto Sorcerer for Mac OS X 9.2.1

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Lotto Sorcerer 9.2.1 Satori Publishing     update

... Lotto Sorcerer uses advanced statistical analysis and fifth-generation artificial intelligence (neural network) algorithms to detect winning patterns and weighted influences in prior lottery draws, and then advises you, based on the best winning strategy. Lotto Sorcerer is a piece of software especially created in order to help you analyze previous .... Free download of Lotto Sorcerer 9.2.1

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Pidro Challenge Green Table     update

... The release 2.5.0 runs on Windows 10. The artificial intelligence was also improved. The Game is based on the card game Pidro. The card game Pidro is a card game played by four persons. Pidro is a team game - two team members sitting opposite to each other compete against .... Free download of Pidro Challenge

WinStars 3.0.67 (01/27/2 Franck Richard     update

... the program, a notice of the visibility of artificial satellites, etc. automatic updates; a program developed entirely in C++ .... Free download of WinStars 3.0.67 (01/27/2

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The Intelligence System 1.22 Lightning Intelligence     update

... that can be used to create Windows programs, artificial intelligence agents, flowcharts, and prototypes. With point-and-click features such as threading, recursion, sockets, and neural networks, advanced programs can be created relatively easily, and the visual design increases development and maintenance efficiency. The Intelligence System can be used to develop in .... Free download of The Intelligence System 1.22

Adaptive Modeler 1.5.4 Altreva     update

Adaptive Modeler is an application for creating agent-based market simulation models for price forecasting of real world stocks, ETFs, forex currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, commodities or other markets. Thousands of trading agents are provided with real world market data and use their trading rules to compete and adapt on a simulated market. .... Free download of Adaptive Modeler 1.5.4

AVG Internet Security 19.1.3075 Grisoft     update

... wireless networks. Real-Time Outbreak Detection Uses advanced artificial intelligence on your PC to proactively identify malware samples that haven't yet been catalogued by our AVG ThreatLabs team. AI Detection is being constantly trained through telemetry data from our users. AI Detection We’ve added crowd intelligence to our existing .... Free download of AVG Internet Security 19.1.3075

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AI RoboForm Siber Systems, Inc.     update

... a push-button web form filler with some serious Artificial Intelligence (AI) inside. AI RoboForm allows you to define your personal profile or "usual" responses to a web form. This information is then saved within AI RoboForm, and when you need to fill a form, just click "Fill Forms" button, and .... Free download of AI RoboForm

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AI Article Spinner 2.0.4 AI Article Spinner     new

AI Article Spinner Automatically Rewrites Entire Paragraphs and Sentences Unlike additional spinners, AI Article Spinner understands what each word content means fully. It generally does not view sentences as simply a set of words, it sights them as real points that connect to each other. This human being like understanding enables .... Free download of AI Article Spinner 2.0.4

FM Free PDF To Word Converter 3.22 FM Software Studio     new

... DOC documents. Free PDF To Word Converter uses artificial intelligence and also allows inputs from the user code to accurately recognize and convert paragraphs, tables, bullets, numbered lists, newspaper columns, and other standard document formatting features. It is free for any use! .... Free download of FM Free PDF To Word Converter 3.22

flChess Steam 1.3 FWRetranslator     update

Chess game with advanced artificial intellect of player's opponent in 3D environment. Main feature is smart artificial intellect, which can give you hard work for ... and "undo turn" function. Chess game with advanced artificial intellect of player's opponent in 3D environment. Main feature is smart artificial intellect, which can give you hard work for .... Free download of flChess Steam 1.3

MSS Code Factory 2.9.14206 Mark Sobkow     update

... genetic expert system that achieves the level of artificial intelligence by producing an adaptation of it's own ... for both client-server and JEE applications Achieved genetic artificial intelligence on 10-DEC-2011 by producing business domain specializations of GEL grammar and syntax Commercial support and delivery will be provided by Singularity One, Inc. .... Free download of MSS Code Factory 2.9.14206

Acronis True Image 2019.14110 Acronis, LLC     update

... data was lost. Acronis Active Protection 2.0 - Artificial intelligence-based technology that protects original data, backup files, and the backup application from ransomware attacks. Active Disk Cloning - Clone an active Windows system directly to a USB external drive or local drive without stopping your system and restarting Windows using .... Free download of Acronis True Image 2019.14110

SMT1 2018-10 Addaptron Software Inc     new

... from technical indicators, waves, and cycles data by Artificial Intelligence (AI) module. Also based on prediction accuracy, AI decides what time-frame signals to include. There are three types of output: (1) positive numbers for up trending symbols, (2) negative numbers for down trending ones, and (3) zero numbers for uncertain .... Free download of SMT1 2018-10

Earth HD 3D 1.0 Alex Gor     new

... place and dissolve in another. A swarm of artificial satellites enveloped the earth. Periodically fly comets that threaten the planet. .... Free download of Earth HD 3D 1.0

Crazy Face Swap 1.0 AlphaPlugins     new

... and fantastically creatures (sometimes). This smart app uses artificial intelligence and neural networks for detect and replace ... dogs, teddy bear and etc. - It uses artificial intelligence and neural networks for more accurately faces detection - App lets to export processed photo into social media, send by email, store in .... Free download of Crazy Face Swap 1.0

CorelDRAW 2018 Corel Corporation     new

... new tool based on the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Free form sketching converts into precise vector curves on a touch-enabled device. Custom node shapes CorelDRAW 2017 simplifies shaping curves and objects by assigning each node type a unique shape, making it easy to identify smooth, .... Free download of CorelDRAW 2018

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AlphaBlur Effects 1.0 AlphaPlugins     new

AlphaBlur Effects iOS App uses neural network and artificial intelligence for smart automatic splitting background and foreground ... automatically split background and foreground objects with using artificial intelligence - many kinds of blur and focus effects, include zooming blur, motion blur, radial and etc. - different bokeh effects with different shapes .... Free download of AlphaBlur Effects 1.0

Easy Photo Unblur 2.0 SoftOrbits     new

... sharpens misfocused images. The image gets analyzed with artificial intelligence, the program finds misfocused objects or motion ... relatively easy to fix. Easy Photo Unblur applies artificial intelligence and works with shake pattern, re-aligns the image for a clean and shiny look. The handshake reduction technique is unique, instead of just .... Free download of Easy Photo Unblur 2.0

Easy Photo Denoise 2.0 SoftOrbits     new

... how noisy the original was, the program applies artificial intelligence and reduces digital noise. The program allows taking photos in the available light and cleaning the noise afterwards, when editing the photo. It offers a number of presets that help to clean the noise in a couple of clicks. The .... Free download of Easy Photo Denoise 2.0

The vOICe for Android 2.23 The vOICe (CEO Peter B.L. Meijer)     update

The vOICe for Android augmented reality application translates live views from an Android camera phone or tablet into sounds that you hear via the device's speaker or headset, thus targeting sensory substitution applications for the blind, and even synthetic vision. For low-vision users it may offer augmented vision. The vOICe uses .... Free download of The vOICe for Android 2.23

Acronis Ransomware Protection 2018.1340 Acronis, LLC     new

... is a free, lightweight version of Acronis proven, artificial intelligence-based anti-ransomware technology, which protects users against attacks from both known and unknown ransomware variants. Unlike traditional AV software options, Acronis Ransomware Protection monitors for suspicious activities in real-time, blocks detected processes, and allows users to recover any affected files from .... Free download of Acronis Ransomware Protection 2018.1340

Avast Free Antivirus 17.9.2322 AVAST Software s.r.o.     update

Powered by artificial intelligence and a community of 400m users worldwide, Avast Free Antivirus shields you from all types of malware, completely for free. We make no compromise when it comes to keeping you safe our essential protection uses the same smart engine as our premium offers. With machine learning .... Free download of Avast Free Antivirus 17.9.2322


... experience, is to access to some sort of artificial intelligence that can seamlessly analyze chunks of data and earn more money. .... Free download of ARTHUR 18.0

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